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  1. This is what I can't understand it's not got any fuel or even batteries to be a hazard to post Trying to find a store or company that can remove the engine so I can at least get the chassis back In the meantime I am accumulating quite a few new parts ,by the time i finish I wont need the one in "storage" Bodyshells seem to be a bit of an expensive item though I have a question about the shocks as at this stage I don't have any there are none on the chassis so can any of the alloy buggy ones from Tamiya fit like the Big Bore or Aeration ones 'hard to find as well but just interested if i have to build this from scratch might throw some goodies at it . Cheers Paul .
  2. Hi everyone first time on here as well.Your cars look brilliant love a project build .Just won an auction for one of these cool cars but having a shipping issue with the engine in it not being allowed to be shipped I’m really hoping they can sort this for me 😫 In the meantime I will accumulate some new spares for it if the worst happens I guess I’ll look for another 🤪
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