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  1. My Quicrun 1060 will not run my Parma 14 turn brushed motor. After about 1 minute it either shuts down or slows to half speed. I would take the 12 turn limit with a pinch of salt. This is in my super light Sand Viper with the smallest pinion.
  2. Might be worth investing in one of the cheap 15 turn motors such as Core RC or Absima Thrust, both under a tenner . I presume your speedo will be able to handle them okay.
  3. Really interesting, thanks for posting. That Sanyo 9.6v, no loss after 18 years !
  4. I reckon the 22 turn brushed will be pretty quick, you might find it is enough and that is a very good price (goes off searching the internet...)
  5. I've also recently had 2 x 1060's do exactly the same, run for a minute or so then shut down , turn on and off and the the process is repeated. I managed to exchange both from the seller and touch wood, the replacements have been fine. I was using 17 turn motors at the time of the problem.
  6. Schumacher Vee 2 or Vee 4 on the back I've not really found a good fitting alternative to standard for the front
  7. I think its pot luck with the Quicrun 1060, I have had two now that have thermalled using 15 and 17 turn brushed motors, but the other one I have is fine with them.
  8. JK RC sell genuine 1060s for £18.99 minus the box (so they can post large letter) https://www.jk-rc.co.uk/search?keyword=hobbywing&limitstart=0&option=com_virtuemart&view=category&virtuemart_category_id=0&0fc27ffcf37e41fe6ec65fb505653c41=
  9. Interesting, so why do Hobbywing put a 30k rpm limit on 7.2v in the instruction manual then ?
  10. Thanks for the reply, the Parma motor is in excellent condition, brushes hardly worn, comm almost immaculate. But its probably near or over 30k rpm which is the stated rev limit for the 1060 so that may be it.
  11. Does anyone know where the white compound fits in the Schumacher tyre range, I can't seem to find any reference online. Thanks
  12. I have just started to experience this myself, on a nearly new 1060 using a 17turn Parma motor after about 2 minutes of use the car just stops. Steering works fine, just a clicking from the ESC. I am suprised if it is the ESC as it is supposed to have a 12 turn limit but don't know what else it could be, battery fully charged (Nimh) all connections good, a real head scratcher ...
  13. I did the same on my DT02 using the Tamiya 5mm shim set on the axles, some assorted shims (3mm?) i had lying around in the front uprights and i eliminated play in the dampers by wrapping the screws in tape. Miles better now !
  14. Could you punch a couple of small holes in the tyres with a leather punch?
  15. I've just bought some Sand Scorcher decals from MCI Racing, they arrived with me in the UK in around a week. With postage they were only about £1-2 more than the ones off Ebay and they are excellent quality.
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