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  1. I've just bought some Sand Scorcher decals from MCI Racing, they arrived with me in the UK in around a week. With postage they were only about £1-2 more than the ones off Ebay and they are excellent quality.
  2. Technipower is a 23 turn motor, not particularly high revving or amp load, it may be that your ESC is struggling with it but to be honest, I would be surprised if it was that. Its a real head scratcher ! As a reference, I have used a Team Orion 17 turn motor, 28.5k rpm on that speed controller without a problem. Admittedly I may have just been lucky, it did get a bit hot!
  3. Good point, no your steering servo should still work if the ESC gets too hot. Transmitter batteries ? loose wire connection somewhere?
  4. Every day's a school day, thanks, and apologies for daft questions.
  5. Thanks. I get you. So with the motor on the other side, as on my Blitzer Beetle, it turns in the same direction but the gears operate in a different way to turn the wheels forward?
  6. Sorry , this might be classed as a noob question...as the motor is on the left hand side on the DT02 (Sand Viper in my case) then rotational motors, such as Tamiya Sport Tuned, will be running in reverse. What are the consequences, will they run but just be slower? How about brushed motors with advanced timing, I have an Orion 19t modified that I might put in but will advanced timing motors run okay in a DT02 ?
  7. I reckon the ESC is thermalling. I would try it with the 1060 and the 13t pinion and see how you get on.
  8. Simon Mitchell on the DT02 FB group has just sold me one of those simple carbon braces. Not sure if he has anymore.
  9. Hi I'm actually using Schumacher 80wt silicone oil in the back of mine and its pretty good, if anything a tad hard but certainly preferable to being too soft and I can adjust the damper collar if need be. Before I was using 50wt oil and I found it too soft, it was bottoming out everywhere.
  10. Hi I have just upgraded mine. The CVA shocks should be fine if you disassemble and rebuild, use some new oil, I use 50wt HPI oil in mine and they are perfect. I have a Sport Tuned motor in mine and it is plenty quick enough for a 25 year old car. I have the standard 13 tooth pinion but have swapped it for a R W Racing steel one. One thing though, as the shaft on the Sport Tuned is quite short the pinion doesn't fully reach the spur gear even positioned right at the end of the shaft. Hopefully it will be okay. You can also do this simple mod that eliminates any bump steer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cihE4BGFfA They are great fun for bashing but I have found that the plastics on the car being so old are very fragile and things break often!
  11. Thanks for the reply. I will try it with the 101bk but in all honesty will probably upgrade it soon anyway.
  12. Hi all , I am running a TEU 101bk speed control in my Sand Viper (what it came with) and I have just had one of my motors Igified (engine guru Andy Smith). It is a Trinity Revenge of the Monster Stock Pro 27 turn. After a rebuild he has measured it at 29,500 rpm at 8v and 28,500 at 7.2v. These at 3.20amp off load. Am i right in thinking the 101bk ESC will struggle to cope with it? If not what sort of replacement should I look for, is it dependant on turn limit or amp draw ?
  13. I have an old Trinity Revenger of the Monster horsepower, 27 turn. It needs a good service, clean, it needs shimming as there aren't any in it and there is a bit of play, the comm needs resurfacing, there is a bit of life left in the brushes. Are you saying you would be willing to look at all of this for free? If so, could you DM me your address please !
  14. please advise what facilities you have, can you skim the commutator? can you fit new bushes ? Thank you
  15. You can check out Igified on Facebook, if you have it, expert motor rebuilder, but he is not taking on work at the moment due to coronavirus. I am on the waiting list !
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