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  1. Hello I sell my Tamiya Kit RC 47477 , TA-02SW Porche Vaillant (1976), new / never open Price: 450 euros + delevery Nb: I live in France next to Paris !
  2. For your information, i sell my Tamiya Porsche 934 Vaillant Kit (new - not open) Tamiya RC 47477 TA-02SW Porsche 934 Vaillant (1976) 45 anniversary - Sales, trades & wanted - Tamiyaclub.com
  3. I woud say with my bad english that we don't see the build and the use of this model.... just in the box
  4. A horrible mistake Thanks for your note.
  5. This week, i have decided to continue the build of the Sand Scorcher with the body
  6. Nice "vintage" RC car ! I just order one for complet my little collection.
  7. Good run this week on the ice and snow The 4 RWD are efficient on this weather condition and fun
  8. Good news ! Also, i have seend an email to Paul aboit the rear arms and the upper links that he miss me After i have receveid a news parts form my projet ! And i have order the rims .
  9. I see that ... RC channel don't sell all the parts for own kit He misses me the rears arms and the uppers links.. I send an email to paul and i hope that he could make a new mould
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