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  1. Good news ! Also, i have seend an email to Paul aboit the rear arms and the upper links that he miss me After i have receveid a news parts form my projet ! And i have order the rims .
  2. I see that ... RC channel don't sell all the parts for own kit He misses me the rears arms and the uppers links.. I send an email to paul and i hope that he could make a new mould
  3. yesterday morning, i begin the build of the SC
  4. I'm agree with you. This isn't the same model
  5. Not really but at the final, i could paid a new kit for the final price ... But this isn't the same thinks , this is my old RC cars not a recreation Who arrived to find all the parts to search on internet. I find parts on ebay and RC dealer in France, Germany, United states, england ...
  6. With the new confinement ... I can start the build on my projet I have receveid some tuning parts for build the RC Car And some accessories for complet the project (new tires, engine "porsche", roof rack and the paints.... For the moment, i stay the original rims but with a new colors.
  7. First Drive on the "road" No problems, good run but the fin support hasn't support a somesault (old plastic) I order nexs parts for to repair And after i work on the detail He stay me paint of the body (next week-end)
  8. Hello I have rebuild my old boomerang this year. It stay me the paint of the body to finish ( "good" activity for own new confinement period..) When you don't find parts on a classic seller same Tamico, ebay is your friend ! Front arms for boomerang https://www.ebay.fr/itm/New-Tamiya-F-Part-Tree-Boomerang-Hot-Shot-Super-Hot-Shot-Front-Arm-9005867/224131964877?hash=item342f4e5fcd:g:DxkAAMXQLs5RuyiQ.
  9. Thanks for the advice I just pass the order with some acessories
  10. After 25 years of "silence" ..... electric car First "drive" ... on my apartment I finish the body (preparation / paint / stickers) before to do the true first drive
  11. Actually I restore my old Boomerang on an original configuration. During the time where a search some parts , i have rediscover the famous Sand Scrocher... I have decide to make a "great Sand Scorcher" with some modification: - new paint and stickers - some accessories - news rims I have received a news orginal kit last month With some equipements (batteries, servo, receiver) And some Options or accesories the differentials (cheap ...) Wheel Arch
  12. Just a mistake I try to do a dust protect of the whell axe but it doesn't run..
  13. I have received last month the missed parts And this morning, i take the time to advence On its own wheels The end is near Nota: For my winter, i have order an other 1/10 RC Tamiya, the famous Sand Scrocher I'll build a beautifull car with some modifications (body, rims, accessory). I open a new subjet when i'll begin
  14. New parts (front tire) The rebuild of the chassis he miss me the front arms …. blocked to the Post agent..
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