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  1. Good news ! Also, i have seend an email to Paul aboit the rear arms and the upper links that he miss me After i have receveid a news parts form my projet ! And i have order the rims .
  2. I see that ... RC channel don't sell all the parts for own kit He misses me the rears arms and the uppers links.. I send an email to paul and i hope that he could make a new mould
  3. yesterday morning, i begin the build of the SC
  4. I'm agree with you. This isn't the same model
  5. Not really but at the final, i could paid a new kit for the final price ... But this isn't the same thinks , this is my old RC cars not a recreation Who arrived to find all the parts to search on internet. I find parts on ebay and RC dealer in France, Germany, United states, england ...
  6. With the new confinement ... I can start the build on my projet I have receveid some tuning parts for build the RC Car And some accessories for complet the project (new tires, engine "porsche", roof rack and the paints.... For the moment, i stay the original rims but with a new colors.
  7. First Drive on the "road" No problems, good run but the fin support hasn't support a somesault (old plastic) I order nexs parts for to repair And after i work on the detail He stay me paint of the body (next week-end)
  8. Hello I have rebuild my old boomerang this year. It stay me the paint of the body to finish ( "good" activity for own new confinement period..) When you don't find parts on a classic seller same Tamico, ebay is your friend ! Front arms for boomerang https://www.ebay.fr/itm/New-Tamiya-F-Part-Tree-Boomerang-Hot-Shot-Super-Hot-Shot-Front-Arm-9005867/224131964877?hash=item342f4e5fcd:g:DxkAAMXQLs5RuyiQ.
  9. Thanks for the advice I just pass the order with some acessories
  10. After 25 years of "silence" ..... electric car First "drive" ... on my apartment I finish the body (preparation / paint / stickers) before to do the true first drive
  11. Actually I restore my old Boomerang on an original configuration. During the time where a search some parts , i have rediscover the famous Sand Scrocher... I have decide to make a "great Sand Scorcher" with some modification: - new paint and stickers - some accessories - news rims I have received a news orginal kit last month With some equipements (batteries, servo, receiver) And some Options or accesories the differentials (cheap ...) Wheel Arch
  12. Just a mistake I try to do a dust protect of the whell axe but it doesn't run..
  13. I have received last month the missed parts And this morning, i take the time to advence On its own wheels The end is near Nota: For my winter, i have order an other 1/10 RC Tamiya, the famous Sand Scrocher I'll build a beautifull car with some modifications (body, rims, accessory). I open a new subjet when i'll begin
  14. New parts (front tire) The rebuild of the chassis he miss me the front arms …. blocked to the Post agent..
  15. This is not the same parts but you can use a news drive shaft with old Gear box joint ….. but not the way around
  16. I think that you search this bearing (internal to the differential: need 1 on the front and 1 on the rear differential) https://www.modellbau-seidel.de/index.php?firma=Tamiya&best=53136 https://tamico.de/navi.php?a=498&lang=eng
  17. I think that it is not the same parts . The original are a larger diameter than the re-release. I can confirme it tonight
  18. Some news of this week-ends Delevery some news parts Rebuild front differential Rebuild rear differential Rear arms Actually result
  19. Me when i was young, the RC dreamer car's was the Porsche 959 1/12. This is the good period of the Dakar. Otherwise, I am waiting additionnal delevery for continue the rebuild of the Boomerang The delevery time are so long during this covid's period I have order some parts in: - US on eBay: fronts arms + antenna (not good … my last order at the US took 2 months to arrived ) - UK on eBay: front tire - Tamico: Parts A (rebuild the differential) + pilot + Rear tire + new rims + paints
  20. Some news I have rebuilt the shock absorber (new piston rod, o-ring, oil and oilseal) Cleaning the differentials I used a brake cleaner for the internals parts Reception some part Comparaison with old and news parts Definitely more efficient
  21. I buy a Tamiya for build a complet Tamiya RC… and i hope that i can install without problem on the car. My expertise with the RC car is too small… with 25 years behind If i have a problem, i could used a TEU-101BK. It is more compact ! The advantage with the TBLE-02S is that you can install a brushless engine (more performant). I discover it when i try to run it Brunshless motor = 3 connections electrics files https://tamico.de/mediafiles/manuals/service/300045057_TBLE-02S.pdf Classic motor = 2 connections electrics files https://tamico.de/mediafiles/manuals/service/300045029_TEU-101BK.pdf Sorry
  22. Beautifull jobs The 959 is the dream vintage RC car for me
  23. Before to attack, i see if i can find some parts for rebuild it… I'm a happy man because the continuation model was sell in 2008 and we can find all the parts ! I'm beginnig the disassemble for identifie the problems Mecanic variator … i tried to run it but i have order an electonic Need news parts Not bad just a good washing and some balls bearing First réception with some news parts: - new engine (Tamiya RS 540) - new electronic variator (Tamiya TBLE-02S) - Receptor/servo/ Radio (Tamiya FM 27Hz) . I tried to use my old DASH Radio (more vintage) - balls bearing - new body and stickers I'm awaiting additionnal delevery (US / UK /DE) to attack the reassembly (not easy currently with the Covid).
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