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  1. So I had the Longheroni conversion delivered end of April and been of work this week so thought I’d have a go at it. First issue is that are no nice printed instructions as in normal kits, this relies on a video which can be viewed from their website or YouTube..If your not studying the video then you miss the screen shot showing which size of screw to use on that section of build. It may have been verbal but I had the sound muted Next issue was my fault by not installing 4th gear to lock the front diff so the diff was too tight a fit in the new gearcase, this forum provided me with video on correct installation but after installing all the gears it was binding on the output shaft which I cured by packing the cover plate using an m3 washer under each of the 4 screws..At this point I also found that the slots for adjusting the motor were about 1/2 mm short hence the gap between pinion and spur gear is slightly bigger than I would like- something to tackle later. Maybe a slightly larger pinion ? Front suspension requires that you reverse the steering knuckles and you only use 1screw on the lower arms, second hole is for mounting the shocks. After that it is fairly plain sailing although I didn’t have enough screws for the body mounts and forward battery tray. On their way via Ebay, lol. So I’ve not fixed electronics but did connect them to test and set steering. Still need to mount my D90 body which will result in extra holes in it but may invest in another body in the future( non Tamiya). First impressions it needs 90mm shocks to lift it and give a bit more travel( already got CVDs)and may fiddle with the steering hubs and arms to gain a little more steering which is already improved with the servo mounted at the front.
  2. This arrived today from Italy, Longheroni CC01 chassis conversion. Ordered Monday evening and delivered today. Also received a Hobbywing 1080 Speed controller. Looking forward to the build and hopefully improvements in drivability . will probably get some 90 mm shocks later.
  3. Have a great and safe Xmas everyone, best wishes for 2021from Cornwall
  4. some larger diameter tyres and longer shocks should help
  5. I’ve seen this video and this is what got me interested, but it be great to here from any fellow tc,ers if they’ve got one. Good points are better steering and easy to fit longer shocks
  6. I was looking to see if anyone was considering or bought one these conversion kits and what there thought of them. It appears to be a good way of improving the CC01 to make it a better trailer/crawler without the expense of a complete new kit. Can be viewed here https://www.3drap.it/product/cc-01-conversion-kit-longheroni-scaler/
  7. There is no overspray film and my thoughts are that I may trim the wheel arches off and fit an aftermarket set
  8. I think your referring to my not so great decals on the wheel arches? I may remove them if I need to trim the arches
  9. Got these beadlocks fitted. Had to use 15mm spacers as the inner bead fouled on the upright screws and also had to drill the wheels out to allow the wheel bolts to fit. I was a bit concerned doing this as I had to drill free hand, but they all spin true. Now I have to trial it as I may have to trim the arches.
  10. I made a basic interior and all wires concealed. Roof lights come down C pillar. hope his helps
  11. Got it registered with DVLA. 😂😂
  12. Had a look myself and postage is quoted at 13.90 euros with UPS 1-4 days
  13. Hi Wetman the seller is noveltysigns15 on eBay. £6.69 delivered. Aluminium with a double side sticky pad attached.. Cant fit the wheels as the inner bead ring binds on the Steering upright screws, gonna have to get some spacers and widen the track
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