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  1. Fitted a roof rack with lights to my CC01 D90. Just need to sort a driver now
  2. I was surprised myself lol. Took it out today and had some fun on a local farm track, it was quite steep and rutted. Just a bit tricky downhill cos it wanted to roll
  3. Fitted new wheels/tyres, ally steering rack, u/j drive shafts and 55 turn motor..quick 5 minutes in garden to test and am much impressed with the changes. Tackled obstacles far better than in box built condition.. what to change next?
  4. Finally arrived today, wheels/tyres, thread lock and 55 turn motor. So I can now fit alloy steering and u/j drive shafts that’s been sitting for over a week.
  5. Yoda67


    Thanks for the warm welcome and comments. Will let you know how the mods go and perform.
  6. Hi all, thanks for letting me in. I was using this whilst building my first RC kit in around 13 years. Back in the late 90,s 2000 era I built a TLO1 wrc focus and a Suburu, think that’s was TT01. For various reasons I dropped out of the hobby. Now with having been furloughed( retired but still working) I felt the urge to get back into this hobby. So after much deliberation I settled on the CC01 Landrover. I enjoyed the build fitting bearings from the off but on running it in the garden realised the restricted steering so am improving that with alloy parts(rack and drive shafts), wheels and tyres on order and possibly a high turn motor to slow it down.
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