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  1. No, got it. Just need to play with the settings - when I used to do this there were two sticks with a trim on each, not braking, etc.! Lol
  2. Thanks Turnip - forward / rev sorted. Pretty sure I have all the right bits (and remember back in the day that you got some odd spares - normally none of them the most likely to break items!). Just need to sort the left right thing as I cannot seem to reverse the steering control (they all seem to be channel and trim buttons, not a switch back) - back to the manual but at least one problem is solved, thanks.
  3. I have finally received and built the Aqroshot and I have a few left over bits, some more obvious than others (screws, plastics) - is this fairly normal? I have been pretty slow and methodical. Receiver cap for example won't fit my particular receiver (fine), spare pinion screw, servo heads, suspension spacers, etc. More of an issue is that (1) my steering is reversed and (2) I have no reverse on throttle - using supplied Tamiya motor and ESC and a Carson Reflex Pro 3 control / receiver. Sure it is simple, but I am out of ideas. Have my old MR wheels with Schumacher vs on the back, seem to fit the hex ok. Now for the body! All explanations welcome - just please idiot proof them! Cheers, Rhino
  4. Thanks Juggular - I am getting an Aqroshot "for the kids". It is a week late, but two weeks sooner than the original delayed order (and cheaper). I have already started shopping for bits which I hope to be able to fiddle around with and get both cars running. I messed around with better connectors back in the day to remove the Tamiya and those packs are dead, hence the slight problem with ESC connection! It also appears as though I secured it to the chassis "good and proper", so having an issue getting access LOL. Feels slightly dangerous doing this with a little more than a few quid's pocket money...
  5. My Hilux MR which I am trying to get back on the road after 20+ yrs has an original servo, futaba transmitter, crystal & receiver kit and ESC (speedmaster silver star) - when I plug in and give it some juice, the thing goes haywire and the steering triggers the throttle, there is no zero (neutral), etc. Any bets on whether it is the transmitter / receiver or ESC (assuming they are the likeliest candidates... I may wait for my new order car (Thursday I hope) and try to play around but not sure the power cables will all be the same, so may not be that easy - don't want to junk "good" parts. Thanks, R
  6. 2 weeks later and still no aqroshot - perhaps might be one in June. I had to chase a few times to find out sadly. They offered me an in stock mad bull or hornet which are not really the same level - everything else looks out of stock. I think I might cancel.
  7. Yeah, they have been helpful and I even got a 5% discount through before I ordered, which might have swayed me! Fingers crossed for next week. I just hadn't realized the shortage / demand (should have thought I wasn't the only one with a bright idea really!)
  8. Given I have a week to wait for it, thought I might as well use the time to get some other bits to avoid lots of rebuilding in the first few days (but similarly I don't want to overdo it and make it unuseable for the kids!)
  9. Thanks Turnip - really helpful. Is there any point doing a connector swap / changeover (extra piece) rather than re-soldering? Sounds like you are saying getting rid of the Tamiya connectors altogether which is what I did on my Hilux MR back in the day
  10. Thanks Finn, it comes with a sport tuned I believe. ESC, I have seen it suggest a "ESC model : TBLE-02S" online, but again reports are conflicting - the seller didn't say it needed an ESC. My brushless in the Ansmann works pretty well with 3000Mah Nimh - god knows how it would go on lipo
  11. Hi there, I am a new member having just bought an Aqroshot. I just posted on the vintage discussion about my old Hilux Monster Racer I used to race in the North West in the 90s, as there seem to be a few trying to rebuild old kits. However, I have a query about my new purchase. I have seen some helpful posts and conflicting advice, but I went for the Aqroshot anyway (kids can use r/c cars but are only 9 and 7) and it arrives from Wonderland models next week (fingers crossed!). My questions, despite research, for now are: 1. Does it come with brushless compatible ESC? 2. Servo – basic starter pack or genuine need to upgrade – if so, which one? I have seen people rating £15 ones and they seem to go up to £100+ 3. Is the standard (I believe) hop up engine any good – thinking of moving quickly to a 13.5T – any need to change the 17T pinion (maybe after the kids get used to it!) 4. If you go brushless, any tips? I don't have soldering kit and all that (but probably will in due course if the kids take to it) Do any come with Tamiya (rather than Lipo connectors? I had a great combo from Orion - Vortex I think - on my 2010 Ansmann Pro which was ready to install out of the box. 4. Tyres – I have some decent Schumacher tyres from my hilux from back in the day – should they just fit / swap? 5. Does it come with oil shocks or not – online manual says no, but I have seen descriptions and videos of unboxing with them (including surprise when it arrives with oil shocks) 6. I have bought some ballrace set, but any other worthwhile hop ups? Things seem to have moved on a bit from the 90's! Many thanks for any help (above or generally!) - I really would appreciate it.
  12. Just posted on another thread about these - see below for my non runner as I am getting back into these (new on the forum) and have just bought an Aqroshot "for the kids" to add to my Ansmann X Pro (which I think probably stopped being produced after I bought it!!) - I have some parts as well
  13. I am new to this forum, having just purchased (delivery awaited) a Tamiya Aqroshot for the kids (and me, obvs!). The reason I am posting here is that I have the majority remains of a well used Hilux Monster Racer with King Cab body too (I used to race it in the 90s). Not sure if there is any value / interest in it or where to start = photos (see below) and an ad I guess... It was running when I put some power in it, albeit suspect the ESC or receiver are shot as it was running without input and when I used the control it was giving throttle input on the steering and vice versa.
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