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  1. Installed a YR solid axle part in my TT01 to try some drifting.. And realized the paint job I did on the RX 7 shell matches the Tamiya toolset perfectly! Bonus!
  2. I haven't used a straight metallic yet so I cannot comment based on actual experience, but I'd have to imagine the straight metallic blue might have more flake in it. Fyi..Tamiya PS53 "Lame Flake" might help with this. It is a clear flake paint that I'm told you can apply first just for the crazy flake and then back that with a color. The benefits of using the translucent with your own backing is you can control the color, depth and hue more? Keep in mind I used an entire can of the trans blue, if I had stopped at 2 or 3 coats instead, I'd be able to see the backing color come through a bit more. Which may have yielded more flake or a brighter pop. I went for depth and richness. Where my blue lacks in sparkle flake it makes up for in pure richness. When I pick it up and move it around under the light it is really gorgeous. With subtle color shifts. I have translucent orange to do on my 240z shell and plan on experimenting with a diff backing combination.
  3. I've always found it hard to find a good set of photos for various paint colors, so I'm hoping someone will find this useful if you're looking to try something new. The RX-7 is: Translucent Blue (PS38) backed first by Bright Gunmetal (PS63) and then by normal Gunmetal. (PS23). I used the entire can of Trans Blue. I split the two gunmetals between cars. The Audi A4 is: Satin Silver Anodized Aluminum (PS48) backed by the same two gunmetals as the RX -7. I used an entire can of the Satin Silver Anodized Aluminum. I'm beyond happy with the results, in person they are really vivid and present a great sense of depth. Video links here: A4: RX-7 Photos
  4. Ah good Suggestion too. I've been finding it hard to find oe hornet tires. Wheels I can find.
  5. Hi folks So my re-re Hornet needs some new shoes. The rear tires are wearing down (road and dirt use) and I'd like to get a set of tires I can use primarily on asphalt. I bought the Tamiya hub adapters to allow usage of regular wheels... I bought a set of JConcept Goose Bump bugggy tires..but obviously these look way too big to fit the standard hornet wheels. So...what should I do? Get a diff set of tires that fit the hornet wheels or get a new set of wheels that fit the tires? I don't care about needing to keep the car looking stock as these are made for me to bash around with the kiddos, I'll put the OEM wheels back on for shelf queen stuff later. 😀 All advice is much appreciated thank you!
  6. Finished phase one of my basement hobby corner. AND bought my 7 and 5 yr olds some Traxxas bandits so they can race around with me and my cars. And started the TRF suspension hop up for my TT-01
  7. Never fails..I'm lucky to have a LHS that has my back.... Snagged these today. 2x Sport Tuned motors 2x adjustable offset MST wheels
  8. Ok Friday the Hotshot arrived via LHS "postman". Today for father's day my wife and kids played postman and included an Audi A4 Touring TT01 kit, hop-up parts (TRF suspension, steering set, aluminum driveshaft), ball bearings for the Tt01 and Hotshot, an RX-7 body for the TT01, drift tires, some servos and some receivers. Lots to do now🤪
  9. My LHS brought me Hotshot re-re kit! Sport tuned motor arrives next week.
  10. @IYUNVME the Grasshopper looks cool! Was there any other mods you needed to do to have the square set (same size front/rear) wheels on it?
  11. I'll caveat my response with this: 1. I'm new to the hobby 2. I'm 44 yrs old and lusted after Tamiya kits from when I was a kid going to the Hobby stores in the states - where I happened to be into competitive slot cars, but I was never able to buy an RC Kit 3. My two kids (7 and 5) wanted RC Cars and once they got one a few months back - they wanted me to drive with them - so I decided it was time to use them as an excuse 4. I have NOT driven any modern RC Cars ok with that out of the way - I'll simply state I expect out of a re-re: SOUL. I love to research things to no-end. All of my hobbies (road cycling, video games, guitars etc) I've researched endlessly. And I come to a similar conclusion much of the time - there are amazing modern representations of everything that will always 'perform' better - but I tend to gravitate to something that has 'Soul' - spirit, heart, passion. Something that makes me go .. this is unique and it elicits passion from me. When I researched the modern RC Cars, I felt zero soul in any of it. I'm not discounting any of the tech or performance mind you. I'm just saying they all looked like appliances to me and nothing more. I could barely tell one from another and there was nothing special about going into one of the newer hobby stores and seeing boxes of RTR cars with crazy graphics that got my juices going. So that was a red flag to me. When I realized I could actually still find honest-to-god Tamiya kits at a LHS my mind was blown. Literally my heart felt like I was 12 again and I was immediately drawn in by passion (not just mine, but the passion that TAMIYA Puts INTO the designs and kits) and the challenge of building something and getting to know it. Driving my Hornet for the first time is what I expected I think - its super fun, its a little hard to control, it is not going to win a race against my neighbors Red Cat brushless whatever it is - but I'm having fun! And he is just going back and forth. I can relate this to my road cycling hobby too: Modern carbon bikes will outperform classic and even 'modern' steel bikes hands down. But they lack feel, they lack soul and they are the same thing every other rider has on the trail (i.e. think trek, specialized etc). Zero character. A lot of good riders I hang with actually search out classic steel bikes to ride and have in their stable for the ingenuity that was put into it back in the day and the ART/CRAFTMANSHIP put into it which gives it soul I feel Tamiya fits into this same category. No need to debate the merits of whether a re-re Hotshot is going to keep up with some new HPI gear. Doesn't matter to me, the Hotshot has the character and something special. And by the way.. yeah its heavily Nostalgia focused for me at 44years old - but guess what: Now my two young kids are being exposed to it and seeing kits being built and that torch will be passed down and there is a chance their generation will feel the same passion for this style of RCs that I did
  12. It's RC Hobby in Fuquay-Varina. Just about 30 minutes south of Raleigh.
  13. Visited my LHS today with my family - they had some new Tamiya kits on sale, plus a few other fun things! - The Hotshot with the SOLD tag on it is mine They actually had two of those kits, one of which I ordered the other sold before they put they could put it on the shelf. I'm currently waiting on a Sport Tuned motor to arrive next week and then that'll come home with me. - While there, my wife and kids treated me to an early fathers day gift of a TT-01E Audi A4 Touring car kit! there is some nostalgia here in that my first car out of college was a silver A4 and I met my wife while working at Audi Headquarters/Corp in the U.S. My LHS here in Raligh, NC continues to be a treasure chest of goodness.
  14. Correct oil filled rear suspension. It has some wheel hop in certain on pavement driving but seems great off-road from what I've done so far. Bear in mind I have very little experience to compare to 😀
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