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  1. Dude that Porsche is awesome. Love the paint and wheel combo!
  2. Hi Jonny Depth I backed it with the bright Gunmetal first and then the normal gunmetal. Good luck and thanks for the compliments! Cant wait to see your results!
  3. Hello..does anyone know the front and rear shock length on the 2012 rere Super Hotshot. Looking to get a set of red anodized shocks before I dig in. Ive read they are 80mm fr and 100mm rear but havent been able to confirm. Thank you in advance.
  4. Technically I bought this from a local Tamiya fan, NIB. Goes well with the Hotshot I'm building.
  5. put some Brat wheels and tires on my Hornet Re-Re
  6. Masked stripes and painted a VTA style body for my TT-01. PS-30 Bright Blue. Used a mix of decals from my A4 Touring car and Hornet builds to complete the look. Protoform wheels to keep it period correct
  7. Thank you all! I think I've figured out the correct options. Ultimately I can try and source tires that just fit the stock wheels or convert to accept the current 12mm hex wheel options. For Hotshot: - to convert to 12mm hex ITEM#53056 can be used on the front and rear for a 4wd buggy https://www.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?I=TAMC3056 For Hornet: ITEM# 53913 RC FROG 2005 ALUM WHEEL ADAPT https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/option-parts/rc-frog-2005-alum-wheel-adapt/
  8. Very cool...on which wheels though? Are those standard Hotshot wheels? Or modern size 2.2" buggy wheels?
  9. So I e got a re-re Hornet and Hotshot. I'd like to use some street style tires and/or alt wheels to have as backups. The Hornet I realize uses some smaller wheels..I think 1.9"? And so I believe I can use tires from the Brat for it. Correct? With the Hotshot...which I haven't opened the box yet. I had seen all these amazing photos of guys putting the Tamiya "O.Z." style wheels on it with more street style tires. So I went and bought modern Proline buggy front /rear 2.2" tires. And sourced some official Tamiya wheels. These are the wheels I ordered OP-880 (53880) Large Dish Wheels (4WD/Front, 62/25) OP-881 (53881) Large Dish Wheels (Rear, 62/35) The Proline tired came today..4WD Buggy 2.2" tires and it looks like the tires inner diameter won't fit the wheel? Note: I don't have the wheel yet..I'm basing it off the standard Hotshot wheel in the kit. Color me confused. Am I stuck with trying to source Tamiya vintage sized tires for the re-re or do I need to find a diff set of wheels to fit the modern size tires? Or are those "large dish" Tamiya wheels the same size as modern buggy wheels? Thanks in advance Chris
  10. Hi folks Is the re-re frog frame grey or red? I've been seeing photos recently of builds with red frames.?
  11. Installed a YR solid axle part in my TT01 to try some drifting.. And realized the paint job I did on the RX 7 shell matches the Tamiya toolset perfectly! Bonus!
  12. I haven't used a straight metallic yet so I cannot comment based on actual experience, but I'd have to imagine the straight metallic blue might have more flake in it. Fyi..Tamiya PS53 "Lame Flake" might help with this. It is a clear flake paint that I'm told you can apply first just for the crazy flake and then back that with a color. The benefits of using the translucent with your own backing is you can control the color, depth and hue more? Keep in mind I used an entire can of the trans blue, if I had stopped at 2 or 3 coats instead, I'd be able to see the backing color come through a bit more. Which may have yielded more flake or a brighter pop. I went for depth and richness. Where my blue lacks in sparkle flake it makes up for in pure richness. When I pick it up and move it around under the light it is really gorgeous. With subtle color shifts. I have translucent orange to do on my 240z shell and plan on experimenting with a diff backing combination.
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