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  1. If you wouldn't mind checking that would be awesome
  2. Hi, does anyone have a spare Avante 2011 Cockpit and Driver they are willing to sell? Thanks
  3. The Egress one fits the thread and just requires some slight filing on the wings and it's done up nice and tight now with no slipping. Not ideal but I've got the other ordered from Sweden so this will do in the meantime.
  4. Legend, I've been traveling the web trying find one hadn't come across this site! Thanks mate
  5. Hi @Manix92 been doing a bit more research. The thrust bearing washers on the DN01 are identical to the TRF417 This means the shaft should be the right thickness Given that the dog bones and UJs seem to be pretty standard across the Tamiya range I assume the nut lugs that fit into the out drives should be fine too. The lugs do look a little thicker on the picture but pretty confident they could be filled down a bit if that's the case. I can't find the length but from the pictures they look broadly the same. They seem to be in plentiful supply and I've just picked one up from Tony's Tamiya parts link below. I'll let you know if it works! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/383481749905
  6. You can get reverse decals from MCI you stick on the inside. I tried them on my bigwig but the paint from the inside showed through, I think if you backed them in white before you applied them it could fix it. In the end I decided it was too much hassle!
  7. Cheers for letting me know. I've just found this https://www.eurorc.com/product/21715/xray-alu-ball-diff-25mm-nut---swiss-7075-t6, have ordered and will report back, will also try the trf415 one which I ordered too.
  8. @Manix92 did you find a nut to fit by any chance?
  9. That looks awesome, coincidentally I've just finished a mystery machine build with my wife, thought it was a nice introduction to the hobby, she did all but the paint job. Added a couple of mods too, a brace across front suspension mounts, metal body posts, CVA short shocks, aircraft wheels for wheelie bar, foam in tyres (not sure if this will help or not), 13.5t brushless motor (feel this maybe too much but can always swap out) and lights to make it look cool! We've been waiting for the paint to harden so taking it out for a spin tonight! Here she is
  10. @DeadMeat666 i used this, cheap from Amazon but does really well. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00178J9E2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_ikgaFbGMCE95Q
  11. Thanks for the comments @DeadMeat666, I really disliked the box art, reminds me of a hot wheels car so went for something a bit more classic. As @Jontea said I would go velcro, wish I had done that in hindsight. I ended up doing it as well as useful for keeping dust and grass out too if you're running it 😄
  12. Thank you @Fruitfly01 I did come across that post but wondered if it might bow as well and does limit my spur options. I'm using the 78t spur currently so I'll see if I can get one ordered
  13. Hi 😄 I wondered if anyone knows of an alternate DF03 gear box covers or how to adapt the stock one in any way. I noticed when I built it that overtightening creates a gap to the motor plate and the seal isn't quite right if you slacken it off to allow for that Mine has let a bit of dust in after running it and have had to clean it. I can see there's a limited edition clear blue tree of parts, that looks potentially like it's made of more sturdy plastic, but hard to tell, hoping one of you has used this and can confirm. Was also wondering about trying to seal it somehow too but guessing heat from the motor plate might be an issue so have no idea what material I might be able to use, or maybe anti wear grease might be my only option. Any help would be greatly appreciated. @Juhunio just tagging you in case you already solved this on your build 👍
  14. Thanks for the replies, will take a look. Durga seems difficult to get hold of from what I can tell, do you know if it's still being made?
  15. Hi all, Looking for a bit of advice please 😁 I've recently built a Grasshopper, Bigwig and a bigger DF03 project which I hopped up a fair bit. I really, really enjoyed the builds, but what has come apparent to me is how fragile the Tamiya kits are, even the slightly more modern DF03 with the various things I did to strengthen and improve it, is weak. I've been on the lookout for something a bit more robust I can have a good offroad bash with, been to a local BMX pump track so ideally something that should work well there. I want something I can put brushless power into, around 10.5T, I don't want to have to repair something every time I take it out and it has to be a kit! Am I destined to move away from Tamiya to find this? I get that most of the Tamiya kits are rere and based on old tech, but what's the general consensus on the most robust kit currently available? I really don't want to move away from Tamiya, a lot of my research has pointed me towards the likes of Traxxas and Arma kits but those are ugly as sin! As one of the more modern of the rere kits I was looking at a Top Force which is available in tamico at the moment, but being unable to fit a slipper clutch has sort of put me off a bit especially as I want to go brushless. TRF kits seem like the best Tamiya option but are too expensive as can only really get second hand. I'd prefer to stay old school and I've also been looking at the Schumacher CAT XLS and Kyoshos which look robust but hard to tell and not Tamiya either 😭😭 Any advice would be gratefully received 😄
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