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  1. Hi, I've just ordered some original Bigwig decals for my rere build I'm about to start from MCI. I noticed the option for reverse decals to stick on the underside of the body which I presume is to protect and keep a smooth look which I like the sound of. Have found limited information on them or how to guides so just wondered what experiences people have of them, are they any good? Are there any pitfalls to watch out for? Any prep work required? Thanks in advance 🙂
  2. It was all from the same sheet from RC decals on eBay. It's a tribute to this 😄
  3. That's well impressive, didn't think it would be possible to fit. Great paint job too!
  4. Don't think it will be possible, is pretty tight in there! Might have a look at some tyre decals but as this will be used a lot, not sure it's worth it, as they rub off I imagine. Anyway, I've finished apart from a pair of universal shafts, have them on the rear but waiting for the front ones that haven't turned up yet and also some alloy knuckles. Then just various bits I'm still on the hunt for. I also have a turnbuckle adjuster coming too so I can set up the wheel geometry properly, my fingers were killing doing it with pliers cushioned with tissue and putting the ends on by hand so haven't even attempted to set it up! Spent most of the afternoon breaking in the diffs and then setting the slipper clutch up. Took a lot of time and care over this so hopefully will give it some longevity. I then took it out for a spin, I'm really happy with the feel of it, running a 13.5T brushless and just a NiMh at the moment. I'm a complete amateur so didn't know what to expect, but it feels like a Rolls Royce compared to my Grasshopper, properly smooth and quick enough for my liking. When I get a Lipo that fits I think it will be a really nice drive. I then did this on a kerb, fortunately this is one of the alloy parts that is arriving in the next few days from Hong Kong. I've also ordered the C parts off eBay coming from the UK as a backup. That got me thinking, this idea of the car is just for messing about with, so breakages are likely to happen. Can anyone share their experiences around common breakages so I can get a few spares in advance?
  5. Hi all, I have these which I bought by mistake. They are both unopened in original packaging. Looking for £20 pound a piece or will do both for £35 including postage if in UK Cheers 👍
  6. Hi all I recently cut my (37 year old) teeth and built a lockdown treat Grasshopper re-release, a Tamiya was the car I never had as a kid! A Nikko sound ripper was as good as I got, although have to say I did love that car! I got the bug to build something a bit more complex and decided on buying a Dark Impact with various hop ups. I didn't realise the scarcity of them and also the drive train issues, but I have set off on the course and decided to stick with it. Special thanks to @Juhunio whose project I found whilst researching hop ups, he has helped me with some sage advice along the way 👍 The slipper clutch is out for delivery today which is the last bit I really need so should be able to get on with it in the next couple of days. Have a bunch of hop-ups mainly to strengthen rather than bling, as well as a hardened steel pinion to go on the slipper shaft. In the meantime I thought I'd share where I was up to. First was to try my hand at soldering the wires to the ESC and motor. I've gone for a modest cheap Turnigy setup initially with a 13.5T brushless. I might have to rethink the bullet connectors due to limited space, may have to flip them or have to solder the wires directly to the terminals. Will have to see though. Have some XT60 plugs to go on as I will be using a 2S Lipo eventually so will put those on next. The only other thing I could feasibly do without the slipper clutch was the shell. My first go at spray painting and masking and think I was particularly ambitious with three colours on the shell but think it has come out ok. I went for my favourite livery of the 7up Jordan which were around when I was first getting into F1 as a kid. Have fond memories of them. I have also ordered some white pin stripes to go between green and blue which is true to the original and should also hide the minor paint bleeds I experienced. Anyway, thats where I'm at for now, to I'll post some more in the coming days Peace out
  7. Thanks all, sounds promising 👍
  8. Hi, Just wondered what people's experience has been since Coronavirus, particularly with RCJAZ, I'm awaiting a slipper clutch from them which I need really before I can begin my DF-03 build, proper desperate to get started! They sent me a Hermes link on Friday which just says awaiting item, guess that will only show once in UK maybe? Cheers Tom
  9. Looks like from the diagram @catman79 is right. The pressure plates are identical from looking at the hop up pack so the one closest to the gearbox would have a raised section, it's just flipped around on the diagram.
  10. Very interested to know too for when I begin my build, instinctively it looks like it should be there to me, will await to hear the expert opinion 🙂 I came across this post on a DF03 Facebook group the other day on the same topic (you might have to join the group to see) https://www.facebook.com/groups/307822689796939/permalink/618150285430843/ Last comment suggests that MD4 should be used, and the video showed he'd not used either, probably through following the hop-up instructions like you have. He had also used the wrong bearing at the other end by the sounds of it.
  11. T-bone just came back to me with this, feels like it could be a stock response and he's not looked into it properly, but promising that it might be available at some point. On Thu, 7 May 2020, 20:43 Sales, <sales@tboneracing.net> wrote: I've got pretty much everything I want to add to it on order now, apart from suspension towers & bumpers. I think I'll make a start without those anyway, as reasonably straightforward to add at a later date. Just the long wait for everything to be posted to me now, can't wait to get started! 🙂 Also going to see about putting the Dark Impact stock 540 in my Grasshopper so the Mrs has something to use too!
  12. Thanks for the welcome @mman2005 and @Juhunio for your PM, has been really useful. It certainly is addictive, think I've dropped over 100 quid this afternoon (supposed to be working) on various bits and can only see that getting worse! 🙂 Biggest thing I think I'm going to struggle with is the bumpers. I emailed t-bone to see if they are actually still making as they are showing out of stock, has anyone come across an alternative by any chance? Also I still need suspension towers, would the DF03-RA towers work or is the geometry all wrong, excuse the amateur question here! I have most of the important bits on order or in my possession already and those bits can come after I guess.
  13. @Juhunio Hi, recently joined the community after getting a lockdown treat Grasshopper re-release, which was the car I never had as a kid! I've really got the bug to build something a bit more complex. I've decided on buying a Dark Impact which should arrive this week and came across this thread this too whilst researching the various hop ups available to me. The build looks awesome by the way, love the F1 theme, the body shape works really well with it. As an avid fan too, I'm now wanting to do something similar, thinking maybe the Mansell Williams, but I'm way off that point yet! Had a massive shock when I read about the soft alloy pinion which sounded like a nightmare to source, but luckily spoke to your man Neil and he has sent me one today 😁 Funnily enough with all this lockdown that's probably been the easiest part to find and buy! Saw you said you'd posted some bits on eBay, did that all go or is there anything up for grabs still I can PayPal you for? I'm currently in the planning stages and looking forward to picking my hop ups and trying to source before starting to build, looking like that's likely to be a lot longer off than I hoped. Also wouldn't mind if you'd share your experience on sourcing hop ups. Where did you find was best to source, I've seen a few sites but wouldn't mind your input. Cheers and sorry for bombarding you with a load of questions 👍 Tom
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