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  1. Thanks all - maybe it's something i just need to live with. Was hoping to race with my son's mad bull down the road, but i keep losing Maybe i need to get a smaller/faster buggy!!
  2. Thanks. Dirt and grass are fine, just on tarmac which is much grippier.
  3. That's good to know - i was thinking about whether the MIP ball diff would make a difference.
  4. I'll go and check later. I recall that when i looked at it (wheels off the ground) the wheels span up evenly, and when braking, both sides stopped at the same time. Obviously there was no load which is why i was thinking suspension related!
  5. Thanks. When i just let go, it stays straight, only spins when i brake to slow it down. And i should say, this only happens only on tarmac, grass etc doesn't show it up. I did wonder if the stock suspension was just too stiff.
  6. Hi Newbie here but hope you knowledgeable folk can help out. I have a 2016 Re Blackfoot. All seems to work ok except under braking (Tamiya ESC being used), where the truck spins round (and usually causes it to topple). Driving me slightly mad! I rebuilt the standard gearbox just to rule out one side sticking etc, checked all the stock suspension to see it is the same all round and working ok (even swapped shocks around etc) but it still does same, and always spins to the left. Also checked the wheels and alignment, and they seem fine, and the changes i did make to make sure the toe in was even made no difference anyway. Any suggestions as to what else to check/change to alleviate the problem - or do to they all do this?
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