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  1. You do have to remember though that many companies are doing all they can just to survive. If modelsport dont have as much stock/can’t get resupply, their sales will be down, but their overheads remain. So they have to look at maximising profit on every sale. So if they add a few % on post and packing it all helps.
  2. I think certainly a lot of people having a go on the off-chance that someone will bite at these prices. There was someone I saw on ebay selling off what looked like an old collection. Nothing was really special but everything was top money. And where they had kept the original box and manual they were selling these separately - like £50/box and £25/manual. Nothing wrong with that of course but I guess they saw what some things were going for and wanted a piece of the action. Ultimately it's the buyers who will decide the market rate. Not a great time to be buying if you just want a cheap runaround!
  3. I'm using one of these in my S-10. It is definitely more jerky at low input than the 105 i'm using in my Scorcher but it's not too bad to be undriveable or anything. So maybe some jerkiness is to be expected with this ESC? The braking is a million times better than the 105 however so i forgive it. I know folks rate the 1060 but all were out of stock when i needed it so i went with the TBLE-02S.
  4. I like those wheels. I've just received a new rear gearbox case sprue for my Chevy S-10. It'll be a bit of a mash up - the existing plastic is red but the new gearbox case etc is the silver Porsche one. Even more of a mash up when I run it with the Chevy wheels and the Racecraft buggy shell and spoiler! I just hope I stop breaking things on it - i'm not going mad with it either.
  5. Ahhh curses! Well my new front gearbox case arrived so that's all sorted. But running it yesterday i experienced the "Death sigh" as the motor mount broke and the gears unmeshed. Taking it apart i also realised that the lower mounting threads had also cracked. So on order an aluminium motor mount and new rear gearbox case. At this rate the whole thing will be replaced piece by piece in a few weeks! I do still love it though - i painted up the spoiler for the buggy shell and with a couple of small holes it now fits nicely on the rear body mounts. It sits basically horizontal rather than kicked up at the back but that probably gives me an extra 20mph top speed i reckon.
  6. I can't access the piccy but I had a Miura that was bump and go in the '70's. And the lights popped up? Mine was red I think and about a foot long, maybe a bit smaller. I was quite a bit smaller then!
  7. Well a bit more tinkering and I have this - the Manta-Shroud! Thanks to Didcos for the idea! I think it looks pretty mean. I really like the shape of this shell. I had to narrow the front end a little to allow tyre clearance on full lock. The S-10 shell fits over the top fine and hopefully it will keep some of the crud out of the electrics etc. But I might run it as it is as well. I've also got a spoiler for it I might try to rig up at some point. Clearly visible is the gaffer tape helping to hold the front suspension together - pending the new gearbox case arriving!
  8. Yes it's potassium hydroxide - 10-30%. There's a website www.ovenmate.co.uk. There might be more info on there or local distributors to you...
  9. Thanks! I actually had a bit of a mishap with it and so just ordered a new front gearbox case! A front wheel came off and it hit a tree. Apart from a couple of broken screw threads for the front suspension mounts it came off quite lightly, so it's currently held together with servo tape. I'm also half way through fitting a Penguin Racecraft Manta Ray shell and undertray to act as a dust cover. Have to say so far it looks really nice and the S-10 shell fits over the top fine. So I could run with just the buggy shell if I wanted. I had to narrow the shell and undertray at the front slightly as the track is narrower so on full lock the tyres were very close to the shell. Just waiting on some lexan glue and paint then I can finish it. Will post up some photos...
  10. For me it’s definitely the satisfaction from building or more recently restoring an old car. To take something neglected and seemingly at the end of its life and restore it into something useable and presentable again I get great satisfaction from. And it’s a lot cheaper than doing the same with 1:1 vehicles! So recently I restored an old S-10, and although I could have just bought a new shell it was really satisfying to restore the original one. I’ve got loads of hobbies; cars and motorbikes, pushbikes, rc cars and planes, steam engines....it’s always the tinkering part I really like, I find it relaxing. Most of the time at least!
  11. Thanks - it's lexan. The body isn't 100% but i'm pleased how it came out compared to what it looked like originally - it was pretty beaten up! This is supposed to be my basher as well - I might buy a new shell at some point. I used "Oven Mate" oven cleaner on it. After reading some of the posts on here I tried all sorts of white spirit, degreasers etc but nothing shifted the paint (apart from nail polish remover but I was worried about dissolving the shell). So I dug out the oven cleaner. It's a gel - I painted it on and waited about 3 mins and some of the paint started to dissolve. There were at least a couple of types of paint over the top of the proper polycarbonate paint the original owner had applied. I progressively left it longer to sit each time, up to about 15 mins - it took about 4 applications to get it all off. A combination of scraping with a razor blade and scrubbing with soap and water. No damage or clouding to the shell at all so I could have probably left it longer to dwell each time. The wheels i'm really pleased with - I couldn't face queuing to get some silver paint or ordering more paint online so after a coat of Tamiya fine primer I used a white satin appliance spray paint I had in the garage. Then a couple of coats of PS13 lacquer on top with the black bits picked out with a paint pen. The cracks in the shell I repaired with superglue backed by some heavy duty duck tape on the inside - and painted over the top which will hopefully seal it. This is what it looked like originally
  12. Well it's all back together. Completely dismantled, cleaned and assembled. Added ball races, new 7.2v 3300 battery, cleaned the shell with oven cleaner, repaired a couple of cracks and painted to make it half presentable. Added a few spare stickers I had! New aerial cover, swapped the MSC for a TBLE-02 - works great. Painted the wheels. Paired it with a spare Kyosho mini-z transmitter. Compared to the Sand Scorcher it's fast and actually the 4WD seems quite fun! The idea of this is to use it as a basher to preserve the Scorcher. After taking the Scorcher to the beach at the weekend it now needs a full strip, clean and re-build which is a bit of a pain! One question - what do folks think of using chassis dust covers or overtrays? The electronics in this TA02 are a lot more exposed than in the Scorcher. I can't find an overtray or dust cover specific to the TA02 so would likely need to bodge something. Just curious if people find them necessary?
  13. Well i'm amazed - I ordered some paint from Wonderland yesterday and some bits from Wheelspin late morning and both packages have just arrived by DPD. So plan for today is to get my rather scabby S-10 shell painted (my ebay restoration project). I cleaned off all the paint with oven cleaner and it's all clean and masked ready to go!
  14. Many thanks Mark - what a great site as well! hmmm titanium things....
  15. Hello! I've got a Chevy S-10 that I have just been restoring (It was an ebay find). So far all is working well with a new speed controller, bearings and battery but i'd like to fit some turnbuckles on the front just to make setup easier. I can't find any specifically for the TA02 but as I understand the S-10 uses a TA02 tub with TA01 front and rear suspension? So i'm not sure whether I should be looking for TA01 or TA02? Same applies for the propshaft as i'd like to replace the coat hanger wire it's currently equipped with - but again do I need a TA01 or TA02 propshaft? Does anyone now, or could suggest where to find said items? Cheers!
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