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  1. Thanks Mrowka, I got some 5k and 10k so we'll see how it goes.
  2. Good morning all, So I just got my first Kyosho kit, a Turbo Optima Gold and I'm really looking for ward to building it! I think I have all the bits I need, but I have a question about the silicone oil for the diffs. The manual says it can take 5k to 30k weight and I have some 30k and 50k Traxxas fluid. What are other folks using for the front and rear diffs on this thing? I won't be racing it, just blasting around my yard and the street (and maybe the beach too). Any suggestions most appreciated! Best John
  3. Thanks for responding again guys!! I found a Hot Racing 0.6 25T steel pinion on fleabay (along with a 55T/58T spur set and metal motor mount), so I think I'm all set for now. Because I got the 10.5T motor, will the 58T spur x 25T pinion still work?
  4. Hey guys I ended up getting the 10.5T version of the SkyRC Cheetah combo, I should have it in a couple of weeks. Can you recommend a steel 25T pinion gear for this setup? There's a whole bunch of different ones out there, most of which are aluminum or plastic. Thanks again! John
  5. Hey guys, thanks for responding! TurnipJF, I've done most of those upgrades and will do the gears and mount once I get the new motor. Jon, that combo comes with a programming card and doesn't require any soldering, two big pluses for me. This car is mostly just for bashing/chasing turkeys/annoying neighbors anyway. Appreciate the help!
  6. Good afternoon all, So I've gotten my TT-01 E/R32 Skyline built up with the stock TBLE-02/Torque Tuned combo. It runs ok on 2S, but it's pretty slow. RCMart has the SkyRC Cheetah 13.5T combo for what looks like a reasonable price. Does anyone here have any experience with these ESC/motors? Right now i have the stock 61T spur and 19T pinion, what should I change these to for a 13.5T brushless system? Thanks! john
  7. Hi David, thanks for your response! Looks like neither one of my Traxxas batteries actually fit in the TT chassis, so I guess I'll grab a Venom battery.
  8. Good morning all, First post! I just picked up a TT-01 E chassis kit with the HKS Skyline body. I plan on using the ESC and motor that came with it for now. My only other 1/10 car is a Traxxas Rustler and I have a Traxxas NiMH & lipo battery for it. Is it possible to use these batteries with the Tamiya ESC? What kind of adapter would I need? Not able to change connectors at the moment, but possibly in the future. My only other option appears to be a Venom lipo, does anyone know if I can use a Traxxas EZ-Peak charger on Venom batteries? Any help would be most appreciated! Thanks! John
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