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  1. Whats great is that when i first went to a clumber meet there was a very different set of faces, and i was made to feel really welcome too, now the faces have changed again, people come and go, but the atmosphere stays the same, i must make the effort and get to another meet soon, keep up the good work guys!
  2. OK, so this guy is uk, why not have a look on the tamiya club members map for someone who is close to him? chances are he runs cars somewhere, someone must know him? If he's in the lincolnshire are give me a shout.
  3. mine's a sand scorcher rep in full rothmans racing livery lol
  4. with ref to the army vehicles, i built a bowler suport truck using a volvo lorry as a donor, there are pics of the build in my showroom.
  5. hi all, just wondered if anyone had seen my old bowler support truck on thair travels? sold it on ebay a year or so ago but not spotted it on here, just curious really lol
  6. Hmmmmmm, yeah, without proof of postage that is trackable on the internet your screwed, paypal always side with the buyer regardless, i've just lost £130 to an italian who claims my porsche 959 has not turned up after requesting i send it standard airmail to keep postage costs down, and the best bit is you can't leave neg feedback as a seller anymore! gutted.
  7. Astute? oh i hope so, ball diffs availiable again would be fantastic, bet if they do it it will be a re-bodied sand viper though, kinda like the new avante.
  8. you need lunchbox front stub axles, should be cheap enough off the bay, will end up with a sort of madbull thing, watch the gearing though as the motor might overheat and give short run times with the bigger wheels.
  9. wow, i'd love a pair of those for my 1/1 baja bug, cant see mr plod being over impressed though, although they deffinatly have more than the legaly required 1.6mm tread depth, guessing there not street legal in the UK!
  10. i used a small buffing wheel in the dremel and automotive cutting compound to polish the alloys on my boomerang which came in an anodised grey, took a while but was painless enough
  11. screwfix direct do 3mm in mild and stainless in various lengths, and nylocs to suit, used them extensivly on my support truck body, very cheep too!
  12. i know this might be against the rules as the auction is still running, but i dont think i'm gonna stop the bidder getting his 'bargain', item number 88888888888888888 on uk ebay, current price 3100.00, and thats with the controller missing, must look out for one of those at the local carboot sales! If you know it is against the rules- why do it? No drama - but please respect the rules.
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