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  1. Howdy! Just found your thread. What adapter plate did you end up using so you could use a brushless motor on yours? I ran into the same problem when I built mine December 2020. Ended up doing some wonky soldering to get it to fit. Ended up just getting a 21.5t brushless Tamiya motor where the plugs come out the side of the motor can.
  2. I checked the box to email me when some are available since I missed the original shipping date. Just got mine today! Can't wait to build and possibly run indoor off road carpet. 17.5 motor going in but not sure what else yet.
  3. Any secrets how you did you M3 brass inserts? I just tried on an old TT02 chassis and came out wrong. Made the hole bulge and the plastic deformed? Also a link on the inserts you used? Maybe I have the wrong type.
  4. So all these years later how did the 3D printed parts hold up? I printed a bunch of spares, but now thinking of using the spares and saving the originals since we have a vintage race in 2 weeks.
  5. I am running a Hobbywing 17.5T brushless, sensored.
  6. Since this thread is a few years old, do you guys know what parts are needed to do a slipper eliminator in 2020? Or who has success with a 77t spur? What size pinion can I use?
  7. I just picked up a TRF201 about a month ago. I was stoked to finally own a TRF as I have been wanting one since I was in my 20s (I'm in my late 40s now). have run it at 4 events so far and I am known as Mike "The Tamiya" lol. I am the lone rear motor car and the weirdo running a Tamiya in a field of Team Associateds, TLRs and Yokomos. I am having fun though and learning a bunch. Wish I would have picked this up sooner so I could get parts for it easier. Thanks for the great write up and blog.
  8. Hello Tamiya Vintage fans. I was doing a tear-down and rebuild of my original Thundershot and went to pull the e-clip and bearing off the propeller joint and heard a crunching sound. Sure enough the prong of the propeller joint cracked. I know she has sisters - Thunderdragon, Terra Scorcher, Fire Dragon. But been searching for a couple of hours and nothing is turning up. I was able to see the spare parts on the Tamiya USA website for Thundershot but the item I need is discontinued. Any other ideas? Or is anyone selling one or two? Thanks! Mike
  9. So cool that this is still happening. When I purchased my 1st Tamiya is was a Hornet back in 1984 I was only 11/12 years old. Then the LunchBox came out and everything looked the same and loved the balloon tires and monster wheels! So I built myself a Monster Hornet in 1985'ish. I forget what I used for the steering, but entered my 1st race in 1985/1986 in the on-road Monster Truck class I was out-gunned but I had a blast.
  10. Thank you for getting back to me. And thanks for the help. That was the other thing I was wondering. Because back in the day I had 3 remotes for 3 cars, and was wondering if I could (for instance) just buy one remote and 3 receivers and 3 servos. The GT3C cannot do multiple cars, but the GT5 can?
  11. Hello everyone, I have been out of the Tamiya scene for a long time. I am looking to upgrade the suspension arms and other parts with aluminum parts. I found some pristine A5s and I am using the A5 metal reinforcement tab to hold everything together. I see this on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Yeah-Racing-Essential-Conversion-TATT-S01BU/dp/B01AADT980/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=tamiya+neo+scorcher&qid=1589242988&sr=8-5 Looks like it fits the Neo Scorcher, which I thought the Terra Scorcher and Thundershot shared the same parts. But is the Neo Scorcher another line? I found two parts car by chance (one on ebay the other from a friend I autocross with). I was able to make a 2nd Thundershot from the parts and restore my original Thundershot. Any recommendations for radio gear, ESC and motor for this 2nd car? Might let my sons start playing with it until their cars arrive. Thanks again! Mike
  12. Hello all, Was browsing using Google and stumbled upon this site. So happy to see there is a forum dedicated to vintage Tamiya products. I got into the hobby of rc cars back when I was living in NJ. As a kid growing up I was always sick (combination of allergies, asthma and a kidney defect), so I would be out of school weeks to a month at a time. As I entered middle school in the mid-80s I found a hobby shop called Highway Hobbies in Ramsey, NJ. I remember walking into that store eyes so wide I thought they would pop out of my head. I think my mom let me buy one kit with a radio. She let me buy the Hornet. I remember setting aside a 3x3' card table in the middle of the basement and got to work. Not sure how long it took me, but being OCD I made sure everything was perfect. lol. I just ran the Hornet around my yard and street. I think it was a few months later I saved up for a Grasshopper. That didn't last long as I realized it was a novice kit Sold that and purchased a Boomerang. My 1st 4WD buggy. I owned that one for a year and raced with my cousins who purchased the Fox and my old Grasshopper. Eventually I sold the Boomerang to my cousin and purchased the Thundershot when it 1st came out, also purchased my 1st trigger style remote the Futaba Magnum Sport. By this time I started high school and loved science and cars, and I started looking for a way to compete. I found Zeppelin Hobbies which was a good 30 minutes drive from my house had weekend races. It was asphalt style with the PVC tubing "Dog-Bone" looking course. I remember weeks leading up the 1st event I purchased some plastic sheets to make a newer and lower bumper, new body to keep it aerodynamic and low to the ground, purchased some foam tires and stuck the wheels/tires in a drill chuck to shave them down, and disassembled the shocks to put rubber donuts on the shaft to lower the car and adding stiffer springs. I was so OCD that I ran the car full throttle in a parking lot to see what gearing I would need to make it to the end of the 5 minute race. With the gearing I had the car lasted 5:10 lol. Those few years in high school I won every race I attended and was noted by the announcer of my driving style of avoiding every car on course and never hitting walls. My last race I think was 1989 or 1990 when I became a senior. Put everything into a box and stored at my parents. Went through college, didn’t find it to my liking, got a job, my parents passed away in the late 90s and was given my box of Thundershot and parts. Got married and we got a house and opened the box to try to run it. And you can guess after about 5 minutes of running the whole front end hit the ground. Yup A5. Looked on eBay and found a parts car, removed the A5 to put onto my car. Tried again. Broken A5. lol. So I put everything back in the box and shelved it until this year when my boys showed interested in RC Cars. I purchased them some Xmod cars back when Radio Shack was going out of business. 3 cars for about $100 with remotes, etc. Once they started getting better at that speed we placed an order for a Tamiya Dual Ridge (my youngest who is 12), Plasma Edge (my teenager) and a Neo Scorcher (for me). It’s been over a month since we ordered because of this virus. My boys love engineering, technology, building and solving problems so hoping they will love building these models. I did find a place that sells the reinforcement plate for the A5 which arrived last week, which was great to get my Thundershot to run for longer than 5 minutes
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