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  1. The wheelies aren't bad if you set the wheelie bar to low. It wheelies for a sec when taking off from a stop but then settles down. The bigger issue for me is rolling over when turning at speed. I lowered the ride height and took the spacers out of the shocks which helped a little. Going to order the longer wheel axles to see if it helps further.
  2. labels on me1 and me9 are switched around. Super minor and did not affect anything.
  3. First post. Back after a 35 year hiatus due to quarantine and kids starting to get into rc cars now. Anyway, ordered on 5/1 from asiatees. Impressively arrived in Cali 5/7. Only option for delivery was fedex and shipping was 50 dollars. Still came in at 185 total which is same as ordering stateside w/o tax. Was really impressed with he quality of parts, assembly instructions, and organization, although there were some minor mistakes in the instruction manual. Is that common? There were also a lot of unused parts which I guess are used for the different models using the same chassis. Overall was a really fun build. Big thanks to everyone on here for sucking me back in.. haha
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