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  1. Wow 60k diff fluid!!! I did install 30k in it and got somewhat better performance?.? Looks like I should have bought the closed cell foam fir the rear tires. Stock foam is a joke. What brand and model front tires do you run? What rear tires? Do you purchase the rear closed cell foams also? The stock foams are garbage. Cannot tell it has the foam in mine.
  2. That motor mount looks AWESOME! but I've got a 10.5 in mine and the motor doesn't even break sweat! Stays cool
  3. I've had my Ultima running for a while. Much fun but it doesn't turn well on any sort of throttle input. It also spins out too easily on loose surfaces in straight line when pulling throttle. I built the diff up with 3k diff fluid. I noticed afterward that the manual says to use 5k to 30k! I'm very experienced with ball diffs every since the RC10 Championship edition with the 1st stealth trans and all the Losi LXT through triple X series. The Ultima's gear diff feels super smooth and free but the turn in is not even comparable to my 30 year old RC10. What should I try next? Thicker diff fluid? What weight? Thanks
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