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  1. Ended up buying all new comms and steering servo (originals were shot), new batteries with charger as my old one would no longer take a charge added to the fact that I now live in the states and my UK charger was incompatible. The original shocks no longer function properly, too one apart and the fibre had expanded to fill half the chamber so have purchased new shocks (still waiting for delivery, covid delay no doubt). Disassembled the gearbox, cleaned, regreased and rebuilt and the diff still slips like I remembered from way back, I see there's a ball diff upgrade available for $65 but that's a bitter pill to swallow, I bought the drive shaft upgrade and fitted them but they're no use until the diff is functional. I feel I'm in deep enough now that I need to keep going but the pace is slowing to long term project.
  2. Should've listened and shelved the MB, I'm quickly disappearing down a gearbox and shocks rabbit hole. 🙈
  3. Beatties Glasgow for me, I even had the holdall that I got when I bought my monster beetle back in the 80s. Had it until recently when some theiving junkie broke into my house and used it to carry his swag off into the night. With some old copies of RC car still inside, and some spare beetle parts too. 😤
  4. Thanks, would really like to have the old thing running though as would my toddler son. I'm really not looking for it to be showroom worthy, just for running around the back yard. Might spend a bit more time and money on my Mardave later. Waterproof is not a big concern, snow and ice would be the only potential hazard for that. I'll take a look for Futaba and FlySky sources around New England. 👍
  5. Looking for some advice, I've got my old MB from the 80s and want to get it back up and running again. Got new batteries but the comms are shot, any recommendations for new controller/receiver, want to upgrade to an ESC and steering servo. Been out the loop for a couple of decades and feeling overwhelmed by the options.
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