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  1. Well done! Do you plan on running them?
  2. Thanks for clearing that up for me. My clod is still in its box but I will post here when it's done. @schlabinski
  3. @schlabinski Nice clod! I also bought some Arch Fab servo mounts for my black edition - the quality looks excellent. I'm planning on using the stock steering links but I see you ungraded yours. Is there a problem with the stock links when used with the new servo mounts? Thanks.
  4. I'm in the same boat as op and I think it's sad that Tamiya doesn't make a modern monster truck suitable for kids. As a compromise, maybe a Landfreeder? I recently built a matte black edition, which my 8 year old likes to play with.
  5. Thanks for that. Still waiting for the new shocks to be delivered.
  6. I received some replacement suspension pieces from shapeways (for a Nikko Dictator) and installed them - almost perfect fit. Just had to sand down two bosses and drill out one hole slightly.
  7. Yes, I think it's a good general purpose truck too. I tried it with a 2s lipo and it's even more fun. Unfortunately, on my last run I lost two of the wheel trim pieces.
  8. Looks good in red too! I like how the bed and grill stands out more in the standard edition. I'm thinking of getting some magnetic body mounts for a more scale look.
  9. Well I got nostalgic about RCing so I decided to get my first Tamiya kit. I chose the landfreeder matte black edition because it looked cool to me and the body already came painted. Build was a lot of fun and it's stock except for a bearing kit and a power hd lw-20mg servo. So today I took it out for its first run! I was really surprised how fast it ran and how long. After 2 hours the 5Ah NiMH was still going strong. Here's a before and after: The only thing I wish it had was a back bumper to protect the body.
  10. I'll give that a go since I'd like to have the option of restoring it to original. How did you heat up yours?
  11. I think that's what I'll do. And I'll pick out some 65 and 90 mm shocks that come with mounting screws.
  12. Hello Everyone! I've dug up my old Radio Shack Road Phantom (related to NIKKO Super Dictator, Iron Eagle) and ran it a few times until I snapped off the left front suspension. While I wait for replacement parts to arrive, I thought it would be a good idea to replace the old friction shocks with something better. But right off the bat I can see a problem - all the shocks are connected with a bolt at the top. Does anyone know the trick to removing them so I can reuse? Thanks.
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