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  1. Well you convinced me to go big or go home! So I'll order a Rocket 540 V3 13.5T spec brushless motor and I'll replace or upgrade parts as needed. I think it will be a good learning experience.
  2. Right but for some informal brushless 17.5T running the stock gearing shouldn't be too much of a limitation?
  3. @Jonathon Gillham @SupraChrgd82 Thanks for the good advice! I did some research and searching and narrowed it down to the Rocket 540 V2 17.5T. I'm curious though, how much better performing would this motor be compared to a Tamiya 23T TZ or RZ super stock? The price is about the same and I think my TBLE-02S supports them too.
  4. Hello and Happy New Year to all! I'd like to go brushless on the cheap with my TT02b plasma edge II and 2016 Blackfoot. I've read here that a 13.5T motor with a TBLE02s is a good match. Could I realistically drop in a brushless motor in these cars without doing any further upgrades (prop shaft, gears, etc.)? I do have an MIP ball diff on order for the Blackfoot already. And which motor would you recommend? Thanks!
  5. Nice beetle! Did you use tamiya smoke on the windows?
  6. I took it to the beach yesterday and I was impressed how well it ran in the sand. It just plowed through the stuff in low gear.
  7. Yes, the body detail is the most impressive thing. However, if you want to make it a good runner then you need to invest in quite a few upgrades like motor, driveshafts, axles, and steering links. I ended up paying way more than I wanted too.
  8. This is my take on a tribute to the original Hilux 4x4. It's based on WPL's C24 pickup and MCI's decals. I think it worked out pretty well! Here's hoping that Tamiya will make a true re-release one day.
  9. Well done! Do you plan on running them?
  10. Thanks for clearing that up for me. My clod is still in its box but I will post here when it's done. @schlabinski
  11. @schlabinski Nice clod! I also bought some Arch Fab servo mounts for my black edition - the quality looks excellent. I'm planning on using the stock steering links but I see you ungraded yours. Is there a problem with the stock links when used with the new servo mounts? Thanks.
  12. I'm in the same boat as op and I think it's sad that Tamiya doesn't make a modern monster truck suitable for kids. As a compromise, maybe a Landfreeder? I recently built a matte black edition, which my 8 year old likes to play with.
  13. Thanks for that. Still waiting for the new shocks to be delivered.
  14. I received some replacement suspension pieces from shapeways (for a Nikko Dictator) and installed them - almost perfect fit. Just had to sand down two bosses and drill out one hole slightly.
  15. Yes, I think it's a good general purpose truck too. I tried it with a 2s lipo and it's even more fun. Unfortunately, on my last run I lost two of the wheel trim pieces.
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