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  1. @nowinaminuteThanks for the great advice! Hopefully I can find something reliable.
  2. Well it seems like I blew out my motor today! I was running it pretty hard for 20 minutes and it just stopped. Steering still works but when I pulled the motor and connected it to a 9V battery...nothing. I guess the old motor didn't like the extra voltage from the lipo. Any advice for a good replacement?
  3. That's a cheap 30A ESC from banggood. I use a small 1300mAh LiPo that I just slot into the battery compartment. The LEDs were a pain to install because there is little space between the back of the lights and the inner fenders. I recommend using shoe goo if you want to give it a go. I'm not tempted to go brushless...yet.
  4. Nice work! I have the yellow 4x4 off-roader from when I was a kid. I recently converted it too and now it's better than ever!
  5. Impressive ground clearance! I have a plasma edge II and would like to know how you did it.
  6. Finished my plasma edge II, gun metal edition. It's my first buggy since I was a kid and it will be my testbed for going brushless. I think for the money it looks good!
  7. So I use 1/2 x 1/8 (1/4) sized ring magnets because they slide perfectly over the standard posts. I cut the post to size and put a pin through the highest remaing hole. Then I put some shoe goo on it to hold the magnet securely. On the body I use some spare lexan to plug the holes and glue the other magnet underneath. Then I let everything dry with the body on so the magnets can conform to the body before the glue hardens. I think this would work well for your Honda. Here's a tip if you do decide to do this: put some tape between the magnets so that you don't accidentally glue them together!
  8. That is a challenge but I managed to get them really low on my tt01 and using shoe goo gave me the flexibility to tilt them exactly as needed.
  9. I'm also a big fan of magnetic body mounts. As you know there are lots of different kinds of aftermarket ones but I found that ring magnets are a cheaper and simpler option. I used them on my cc-01 and tt01e.
  10. Nice cars! The magnetic body posts really improve the look of the nissan I think. Will you do the same on the porsche?
  11. Well you convinced me to go big or go home! So I'll order a Rocket 540 V3 13.5T spec brushless motor and I'll replace or upgrade parts as needed. I think it will be a good learning experience.
  12. Right but for some informal brushless 17.5T running the stock gearing shouldn't be too much of a limitation?
  13. @Jonathon Gillham @SupraChrgd82 Thanks for the good advice! I did some research and searching and narrowed it down to the Rocket 540 V2 17.5T. I'm curious though, how much better performing would this motor be compared to a Tamiya 23T TZ or RZ super stock? The price is about the same and I think my TBLE-02S supports them too.
  14. Hello and Happy New Year to all! I'd like to go brushless on the cheap with my TT02b plasma edge II and 2016 Blackfoot. I've read here that a 13.5T motor with a TBLE02s is a good match. Could I realistically drop in a brushless motor in these cars without doing any further upgrades (prop shaft, gears, etc.)? I do have an MIP ball diff on order for the Blackfoot already. And which motor would you recommend? Thanks!
  15. Nice beetle! Did you use tamiya smoke on the windows?
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