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  1. @Willy iine This XtraSpeed carbon set for the Optima/Javelin from RCMart looks pretty good. Cheap too at $55 and actually available unlike most parts from Kyosho. Glenn from Tamiya Legends has a video of it on the Javelin. https://www.rcmart.com/xtra-speed-carbon-upgrade-set-for-kyosho-optima-xs-om27003-00068011
  2. Sorry not Tamiya but I see that the Kyosho Optima Mid Rere has been doing the rounds here lately so here is mine. Today I finished the chassis so thought to share a couple of photos. The body will have to wait as it's cold and wet where I am. I'm in the middle of restoring my childhood Kyosho Lazer ZX/ZXR and through building the rere Optima Mid I can clearly see the lineage. The UJs/dog bones, knuckles, bumper, wing mount are interchangeable for example and there are many similarities. It's very interesting to see Kyosho's iterative approach to their 4WD designs (Optima, Optima Mid SWB, LWB, Lazer) vs Tamiya's clean slate approach.
  3. Not the postman but extremely thankful for my sister in law who went to the Tamiya Plamodel Factory Store to pick this up for me. Will be a few months before I get my hands on it.
  4. Thanks. My son's completely stock king yellow has been the most reliable and fun truck to drive. I like it and it serves its duty as a backyard basher very well
  5. Fitted the body on the Konghead with magnetic mounts. Lowered the mounting brackets as I thought it looked like it was on stilts. Gave it a little test run around the field. Lost some bits in the grass. Note to self, use threadlock.
  6. And here it is. The Super Avante. https://www.tamiya.com/japan/newstopics/2021/0625superavante/index.html
  7. Finished painting the Konghead body and installed headlight buckets
  8. Finished building the G6-01 chassis today. When looking to get my then 6 year old his first RC car last year, I was nudging him towards a Lunchbox or a Monster Beetle, because those were the ones I wished I had when I was a kid. Being a 6 year old, he chose the bright yellow King Yellow G6-01 school bus. I wasn't entirely convinced, thought it looked odd with 6 wheels and wasn't old-school enough, but respected his choice. To my surprise it's a lot of fun to drive, even with a silver can, and handles well if 4WS is turned down a bit. It doesn't have the nostalgia I personally associate with Tamiya but it still has all the quirky charms I think a Tamiya should have. It's so good in fact I recently got myself one too, albeit with the Konghead body and a couple of hop-ups.
  9. Finished off the Turbo Optima chassis and fitted electronics (HW1060 with Super Stock RZ for now). I wanted to fit DF03 wheels and dual blocks for running, as Kyosho spares are hard to come by in New Zealand, but the wide rear wheels did not clear the shocks, which on this car is mounted to the rear uprights instead of lower arms. Made some wider rear hubs and they fit pretty well now. Gave it a quick test run out the back garden. Loved the unique sound it makes.
  10. Hello everyone, my first post. Not Tamiya but I put together most of a Re-re Kyosho Turbo Optima and I've been very impressed by it. It has been said by many others before but it is really top notch materials and finish and everything fell into place like a swiss watch. Looking forward to compare it to an Avante BS I'm building next.
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