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  1. Finished off the Turbo Optima chassis and fitted electronics (HW1060 with Super Stock RZ for now). I wanted to fit DF03 wheels and dual blocks for running, as Kyosho spares are hard to come by in New Zealand, but the wide rear wheels did not clear the shocks, which on this car is mounted to the rear uprights instead of lower arms. Made some wider rear hubs and they fit pretty well now. Gave it a quick test run out the back garden. Loved the unique sound it makes.
  2. Hello everyone, my first post. Not Tamiya but I put together most of a Re-re Kyosho Turbo Optima and I've been very impressed by it. It has been said by many others before but it is really top notch materials and finish and everything fell into place like a swiss watch. Looking forward to compare it to an Avante BS I'm building next.
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