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  1. Venom. Hobbyshop had one on sale when I went to find tires wnd some other odds and ends. So I figured at 100 bucks I'd give it a shot. It was cheaper than what I found on Amazon on a quick look so ran with it.
  2. If you are content with what you got for the money you spent then it's a good deal.
  3. Everything is together. Took it out to test drive it promptly flipped it without the body posts and split the fiber shock towers. May not be the blues but it sure made me sad.
  4. I just ordered the delta. Figured I need a body and a whole box of spares isn't bad.
  5. Two of the tires should have been glued the opposite way
  6. Thanks guys. I'll be ordering one of the savox from my lhs as soon as i can
  7. Lets talk servos and chargers for a minute. I'm seeing a lot of the low profile servos. I'm guessing their advantage is fractions of grams of weight savings or fitting on compact chassis? I'm looking for a decent budget servo. I've had some savox in the past that I was not a fan of but their prices are tempting at around 70 bucks. Can anyone speak to their quality now? I also new battery charger I'm trying not to bust the bank on the servo so I can grab a fair quality charger. My no name thing is starting to flake out on me. You've got to plug the battery in a few times before it reads it, then it will randomly kick out. So for a couple hundred bucks what would you guys recommend? I'm not particular to any brand for this as im already over my initial budget of free as possible I'm just trying to keep it affordable at this point.
  8. I can. I guess it's being released because they dropped it in 14 or 15
  9. 5 days from Singapore. That's nearly miracle fast. I always wanted a dark impact but any time I would look at anything about it someone was crapping on it so i always balked. Knowing what I know now i would buy a re-re in a flat second.
  10. As a long time imgur user please remember to set your forum photos to hidden or private so they don't pop up in usersub. I'll give them an upvote though. Always do.
  11. I quit waffling and bought the tt02 type Sr. Once it gets in and built I'll grab a body. It's going to be stupid too I've got a castle sensored 5700kv setup waiting on it. Hope the tires are belted.
  12. Rear toe in helps with straight line tracking. Front toe out helps with turn in. It's beneficial when trying to send the rear around Colin McRae style.
  13. I do like the ff03 chassis but it's just not exactly what I'm looking for at this moment. I keep going to pull the trigger but balk because I'm really torn between the tt02 and xv01. I feel like i could get the tt02 with some quality hopups for the price of the xv01 stock. The forward motor is really awesome though. Do the Tamiya bodies have dimples for the common body post locations like other manufacturers? I'm tossing up between a Subaru and a lancia delta. Probably go with the delta because i can't afford to import a real one.
  14. I go through a lot of phases. Right now i drive a 2013 Wrangler Rubicon unlimited and a Subaru Forester. Prior to those I've had a 2000xj, 2002 wj, 2006 BMW 550i, 2011 wrx, 2011 Wrangler, 2012 Wrangler, 2012 2500 Cummins dodge, 89 lebaron turbo, 91ish mercury cougar, a 90 something dodge spirit, 08 Jetta and some I've probably forgotten.
  15. Ok, before I pull the trigger just want an opinion besides mine as it's largely uninformed. I did some searching and most recommend the s chassis over the r chassis. I found a newer one released this year that's the SR. It looks to have adjustable suspension and steering, bearings, and stronger shock towers. I'm not sure if this is what folks were referring to but it seems like a fair buy at about $200. Is that a better chassis to bash over the RR or other chassis? If not, what one would you recommend? Most of the stuff i found breaking down the type variants are single letter types so I just want to be sure that this is a blend of an s and r chassis and not something off the wall I won't be able to get parts for in 6 months.
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