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  1. Tamico has some 'wheels off' pictures confirming front hex so hopefully plenty of other options for wheels https://tamico.de/Tamiya-58715-BBX-Buggy-BB-01-Kit
  2. Thanks, me too. Won't be starting the build for about a month as just started a full kitchen and dining room refit so the garage has been turned into a temporary kitchen meaning no space for rc building. I got the kit from tamico - the only place I could find with stock.
  3. Treated myself to a TT-02 SR and various upgrades in preparation for racing in the Tamiya GT-E Cup this summer. The Cheverolet Camaro shell was painted about 6 years ago but never used so this seems like an ideal opportunity.
  4. @gregdogghurst no I didn't unfortunately. Got distracted and ended up buying a TT-02 SR! However I'm still interested if the right example came along, you you seem to have some lovely stuff in your collection. Let me know what you're thinking
  5. Thanks Wintery, much appreciated
  6. Hi, looking for an M07r, ideally unused or in great condition. Must be the 'r' version. Thanks
  7. I want to run some 2.2 stadium truck tyres on my comical buggy and am hoping to use rear wheels from the blitzer beetle - fronts won't be compatible as they house the wheel bearings rather than having hex fitment. Can anyone advise whether they will fit ok? Thanks
  8. Love your builds, looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Let me know if you decide to sell the original CB Avante tyres
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