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  1. All PMs now responded to. First to clearly confirm they want to purchase will take this.
  2. No interest yet. This needs to go... how about £135 posted?
  3. I remember, way back the early 80s, before any of this 4wd nonsense... the Sand Scorcher, the Lunchbox, the Grasshopper, the Hornet... all looked amazing to a young boy. I loved my first - a Holiday Buggy - but the Frog I had afterwards was just it for me. Same chassis as the Brat. Oooh. The Brat. Surprised nobody has mentioned this one! And the Quattro and Ascona, which look very silly these days. But I always - ALWAYS - lusted after a Super Champ. If I had to go all the way back, it would be one of these.
  4. Offered for sale is an XV-01 TC Pro Chassis with a couple of extras. Purchased by me earlier in the year as a project, to work on after I'd completed my XV-01 LD Chassis. I was going to do a road going Delta to go with my LD Quattro. Unfortunately, family and other responsibilities have got in the way, and it's been sat for 4 months without being touched. With no time to do anything, I'd like to move it on to someone who will use it. Comes exactly as seen in the photos, with no box or wheels. Will come with the Tamiya Torque Tuned motor currently fitted, along with the fitted servo and the Hobbywing ESC (two pin connectors). Also included is a belt cover (fitted) and a full set of mudguards/electronics covers as per the photos. The previous owner did cut the cover, as can be seen, to make fitting and routing the wires easier. I have attached electronics to it to check it runs as it should (and it does) but the marks from use are exactly as when I bought it. It's been used but not bashed around. No spares or other parts come with it, literally only what's in the photos. I would suggest this isn't for a first time buyer, for this reason, best to go to someone who'll run it and who already has a box of spares screws, etc. The manual is included, I know where it is and will dig it out. Just want to shift this quickly to clear the space - hence price is £160 posted, for UK based buyers. Offers considered, trades won't be considered. Thanks for looking.
  5. Both make some good points - thanks for that. I bought the TC Pro second hand, on a whim, as I was building my XV Long Damper, and I was planning to reverse conventional wisdom and run far lighter oil in the front diff than the rear on the TC Pro. The XV pivots nicely anyway, so this slight change might well have worked to make it more slidey. And then the TC Pro arrived, with its locked front diff... cue the facepalm. Forgot about that one. Looks like a TT02 might be an answer, then. Cheap enough, easy to mess around with. Lock up the rear diff, fit the right tyres, and begin fiddling. Got to have some semblance of control, I guess.
  6. On a whim, I recently bought an Escort Mk.2 shell from L&L Models, which I was going to drop onto my XV-01 TC Pro chassis. Having finally got around to cutting it out and masking it for paint, I trialled it on the chassis and it won't fit. Right wheelbase (257mm) but the front mounted motor on the XV is getting in the way - even after removing the foam bumper completely. Can't remove the hard plastic bumper as it connects to the frame around the motor, and gives stability. I'll get another body for the TC Pro, maybe do a road Sport Quattro to go with the LD Rally Quattro. So, we're on to plan B for the Escort. Which I don't have. I was looking at the M class RWD chassis, but none have the right wheelbase. Do I have any alternatives other than the TT-02, which would be readily available? And is there a way of freewheeling the front diff on a TT-02 to make it highly RWD biased? If I'm chucking a Mk.2 Escort around a car park, the least I need is some gratuitous oversteer.
  7. Definitely go for the Alu suspension mounts. That's one simple switch which gives you lots of protection. One 54376, one 54377 and two 54379s. When I bought my kit a couple of months back, there was a worldwide shortage of the 54377s and I ended up getting a Yeah Racing equivalent from Hong Kong. However, I've had an email this morning that the Tamiya ones are finally back in stock in Tamico... shows how bad the current backlog is!! For springs, as per the above, the TRF201 front spring set fits, kit 54221. You get 3 pairs - the hardest are about the same as the ones in the LD set, then there's a medium pair and a soft pair. The XV01 tends to like softer setups, I've gone for 900 cst front shock oil with the medium springs and 600 cst shock oil on the rear with the soft springs. Both have got the 3 hole washer inside the dampers. It's pretty smooth for a first effort, and I haven't felt the need to play with it yet - I've always got the 2 hole and 1 hole options to slow the dampers down if I want to. I also added the GPM CVDs, front and rear. They're pretty bulletproof, as are the Tamiya ones, as they're both steel. Yeah Racing do alu ones, don't get these, they're not as strong. If you do the suspension mounts, they're not as urgent to get, but if you need to get new ones... why not upgrade?
  8. I am UK based. Whilst they are not much cheaper with the exchange rate as it is, they had the Xv-01 long damper in stock, along with plenty of hop-ups, so all told it was a fair bit cheaper for everything. Their dispatch within 24 hours and an approximate delivery date of a week is also quite acceptable at the moment with all the virus malarkey. They had more of the bits I wanted, ready to go, so it was a no brainer for me. I'll use them again.
  9. This. Just got an email from DHL, totally in German, and spent a funny few minutes reading it to myself in a cartoonish "Zee Germans" type of accent. I only placed the order yesterday, they've been fantastic at getting it together and getting it sent. Got to love that service.
  10. Just a quick question - how on earth do any of you manage to buy something and not go for every "shiny thing" in the shop at the same time? I only ask because somehow I've ordered a Long Damper spec XV-01 chassis today, and have managed to spend, in total, double the price of the chassis... and that's without ordering the RC set yet. Or the servo. Or batteries. **** that shiny blue aluminium. I'm such a magpie. This had better look **** good when it's all together.
  11. Thanks to all for the insights. I've given it the weekend to think things over, and cost be damned, if I'm only going to have one (for now... ha ha) then it's going to be the XV-01. I'm now looking at the Long Damper version as Tamico have it in stock, means I can go for whatever body I want to and not have anything left over. I'm also going to get a few tasteful additions, to make it look nice on the shelf. The alu suspension mounts (54379) are proving hard to locate at the moment as everyone has sold out, but I'll get some carbon damper stays and a few nice blue bits to make it shine. Having said that, some of the key improvements are out of stock too - the aly pulleys (54450), the steel bevel gears (54428), the CVDs (54515/6). It's going to be fun putting it all together. I'll certainly use the threads on the XV-01 for guidance when it's in progress.
  12. I swear this stuff was easier back in the 80s, when I was a teenager... I've rediscovered the R/C scene after doing some local club racing way back when - firstly with a modded Frog (God, I loved that car) and then a HotShot. Now I'm back, I want to put together a basher/shelf queen just for me, and it has to be a rally spec car. Just because. I've been looking at the options, and I swear this used to be far less complicated, even when using epoxy to fix cracked parts in between races, and my dad was helping me solder battery cells together at home. The confusion is everywhere... where to start? Get a TT02 Quattro (comes with body, ESC) and spend loads on shiny blue bits? Get the TT02 Type S , spend less on shiny bits, but have to buy the ESC and body? Or (possibly my best option) go for the XV01 Integrale, buy the Quattro body for the shelf, and use the Inte to run with? I have pages of lists, of parts, prices, options, thoughts. I've spent hours looking through all sorts of sites, forums, reading reviews, watching videos. It's now time to get the wallet out and dive in. Why do I get the feeling that this will be the first of many?
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