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  1. Of course I don't think I will race the Tamiya after some advice I was given here. I'm just going to go to the track with it on some personal time and have a bit of fun with it and get to know the folk down there. Hopefully get talking to some people etc. I do have my eyes on an Associated kit, but I want to scope out the club and see if I want to jump in before throwing the cash around.
  2. Ok...it's been bashed about a bit...broke a wheel on a wall collision...maintenance day is upon us... I've also received some parts from Fyber Lyte, with many thanks to @ALEXKYRIAK. This build is going to have a little transformation in the coming months...ill update as it happens.
  3. My father just bought the Grasshopper re-issue. He loves it!
  4. I'm new to this game...but did a bit of research before buying my kit. I went for the TT02B purely because of the availability of parts. The amount is insane, and the mods this chassis has available is astounding in my opinion. Or maybe, I'm late to the game as I haven't had a kit since the 90s? I still think it's a solid chassis, though.
  5. Wow, Thanks for all the replies folks! I'm taking in a lot of what you have all said. I've been in touch with people at the track and I'm going to book in for a practice session, and hopefully meet some of the other folks there. I'll get to see what people are running, and what classes are available etc. One day I would like to upgrade to a more race standard kit like an Associated, Kyosho or TLR etc...(I have an old Kyosho nitro, but it's diffs are stripped), but I'm not willing to shed that amount of cash just yet. There's other things in life right now that need taking care of. But, I've been told i'm more than welcome to book in and have a bash around the track. I think I'm allowed 3 sessions before I need the BRCA membership to carry on. So, one step at a time. However, the track is still closed due to the pandemic and I've been informed that it re-opens in August all being well. Can't wait to give a track run a go! I just feel a little apprehensive that if there's other people practicing for a race day, wanting to setup their cars etc...and I'm getting in the way through being inexperienced on a track. Also, it turns out they held a buggython event where each team had to build a TT02B (Plasma Edge II) and race them as standard. Looked a bunch of fun! So I guess a TT02B can handle their track. Anyways..TLDR. I've been in touch, and I'm taking my car for a bash on the track the moment it's available. My better half may not like where this leads. She's seen how much a race buggy costs :O Hopefully there's plenty more overtime at work
  6. Ok... Specifically, I've been looking at near by clubs...I'd like to get to a track and have a bash. I've got the buzz for giving racing a go. But I'm seeing a lot of Associated and TLR etc...would a brushless Tamiya actually hold up? How would you be received turning up to the track with a tamiya? This is purely on a club circuit level. Do you race a Tamiya Off Road buggy? If so, what's your setup? Motor etc? All I'm saying is, these are pretty cheap kits compared to an Associated kit (for example). Yes I've been looking, because I'm actually wanting to give this a blast. My nearest 1/10th off road seem very welcoming about bringing a TT02B for some personal time...but what would a kit like this need to actually be competitive? Or.. Is it a fact that you should hit the button and bite the bullet on the initial cost of a higher end kit like Associated or TLR etc? Just asking because I'm considering options track wise. Hope that's ok! Thanks!
  7. My first and only car I've built by myself at my grand old age. All the others have had the help of my father when I was a young lad, and they've since come to pass. But the time that was spent doesn't go forgotten. The only other car I have is an old Kyosho nitro and I just don't want that trouble 😂 it's still on my shelf in bits. I've come to love this model
  8. Some custom made Carbon Fibre shock mounts arrived. I have @ALEXKYRIAK to thank for them, as they are his design and hard work. I really want to get down to modding my kit and after seeing his Formula Neo Scorcher, I knew I needed one. Wife still loves me 😂 all is good!
  9. More of a "What am I doing currently?" but will be past tense later... ...just servicing, cleaning, regreasing and tweaking. Having a swift summer beverage whilst doing so. Life feels good in the garage (dining room).
  10. New wheels and tyres for the "Go anywhere/Rally Buggy."
  11. I'm new to the club...but, I have to say it. I've just finished my first build in 20 years on a TT02-B and i'm absolutely astounded by the amount of parts and upgrades. But, i'm pretty a much a newb in this game again, so take my suggestion as a grain of sweet, sweet sugar. Honestly, I'm loving this buggy at the moment, but I can't compare to others right now. So, I guess, this is pretty much a defective comment
  12. That's understandable. I tried a build thread... It started well...but I lost touch with documenting parts, as I started to get excited about getting it built. So I pressed ahead without much thought for the process. Hopefully the next one will be better. Anyway, enjoy the build and the car. It looks fun!
  13. Build thread? That thing looks sweet!
  14. Yeah... I'm going to start setting to private. And haha it was you that commented on my pic on imgur 😂
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