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  1. Hi All, I've just received my first 1/14 scale truck - a Matte Black Grand Hauler - and I'm looking for some advise on what Transmitter/Receiver to go for. At the moment I don't have a MFU or trailer but hopefully (undoubtedly?) I will get these in time. I'd prefer to go for a stick style controller rather than gun but feel free to try and convince me otherwise. The obvious choice appears to be the Futaba 4YWD? However, I've seen a Futaba T6EX at a good price - will this work? I'm trying not to spend more than £75 and ideally closer to £50 if at all possible. Any and all advice on what I should be looking for gratefully received. Thanks.
  2. Hi, Just about to order myself a Grand Hauler from Stella and wondered if there are any discount codes floating about? Bit cheeky I know - but if you dont ask.... Thanks.
  3. It's on the same chassis as the Blitzer Beetle. You should be able to pick up a bearing kit from Fusion or somewhere similar!! Have Fun!![8D]
  4. I'm thinking about getting one of these - most likely the King Hauler. The write up's on them say that they can use either a 2 or 4 channel receiver. What are the benefits of the extra channels? From what I can make out, one of them can control the 3-speed 'box, but i cant figure out what the fourth channel would do? Also, am i right in thinking that with only 2 channels the 'box is 'stuck' in one gear? If so which one? does it matter? I'm trying to figure out if I should get a 4 channel Tx straight out, or start with the 2 channel one I already have and 'develop' the truck over time? As you can probably tell - any thoughts/opinions/advice will be much appreciated. Cheers.
  5. I've thought about getting the Carson Audi Quattro to go with my 1:1 Audi. As for Tamiya Model's I'd like in 1:1 - where do I start??[] A Sand Rover would be cool. A Blitzer Beetle or Sand Scorcher defiantly! (Actually saw a Sand Scorcher look Baja Bug on E-bay not long back.) And then there's the obvious stuff like a Countach or an Enzo!![8D]
  6. Thanks for the advice guy’s. Had another look at it last night and it’s not as bad as I’d first feared! Going to leave it until the weekend to let the paint cure and then see what I can do!!
  7. Hello people, I’m hoping you can help a newbie with a paint problem. I’ve got myself a Super Clod, and after spending two weeks on the paint, getting it nice and smooth, last night I put the 1st coat of clear coat on, and it got a run in it!![!] Needless to say I was not happy!! Anyway my question is, can I take the run out with wet and dry, in the same way I would with the normal paint layers, or will this leave scratches that will show through the clear coat? If I can wet a dry it - I’ve been using 1000 grit paper, will this still be OK or is it to coarse? Please don’t tell me I’ve ruined two weeks work in the space of two minutes!![] Thanks. P.S. – Really great site!![8D]
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