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  1. Thank you for the link. Do you have to pay Duty on the item from HK? Cheers Dan
  2. Motorsport RC all the way. Amazing service. So far, they have never let me down...... Stock is a bit tricky, but that is EVERYWHERE. You can't find a TT02 SR for love nor money!!!!
  3. Hi Marc, Thanks for the advice. Lots of detail here. Clearly, you know what you are talking about I've given the TT02 chassis a burn and I managed to get to a rather poorly 21 mph. I've just bought some Lipo's which hopefully will make a difference. I totally agree about the F103GT chassis, she twists all over the shop until you get some speed up. But, I know she WILL be fast..... I am looking for a quieter road at the moment and regarding the GPS, i'm strapping my phone to it at the mo Cheers and thanks Dan
  4. Hi ya. Really cool thread. Loving the cool body shells Quick question, which will be the best chassis for speed runs - TT02 Type S or F103GT? Both have Absima Thrust 1:10 Brushless ESC and 10T Motor Combo, so are pretty quick..... Any advice gratefully received. Thanks Dan
  5. I like what you have done. I did try attaching my phone with cable ties. Did the job, but looked pretty shocking and A LOT of drag!!!! Managed 21 mph, but I think I need a lipo to improve the speed. Thing is.....more expense. I might have to remortgage the house.
  6. LOL!!! love it........ Thank you kindly for the share. Good old Eric. Daniel
  7. Thanks for all your replies everyone. I attached my phone and it worked (ish). Managed 21 mph. I need to get a Lipo though. would this fit and be any good for a TT02? Cheers Have a great Bank Holiday Monday
  8. Morning everyone, I have been really impressed with the knowledge base that we have on here and I need some further advice please: 1 - I want to fit a camera to the body shell of the car. Suggestions please on type and cost. ideally, not needing a laptop to upload etc to....I'm a mobile device boy 2 - Speedometer, i'm building a Type s at the moment and I want to start speed runs. Suggestions on type and cost please. Thanking you kindly in advance Daniel
  9. Hi All, Thank you for all your replies. As I only really use my phone, I will try again tonight and see how I get on..... Fingers and toes crossed. My Type S arrived today. Very excited bunny
  10. Thank you for all the replies guys. I will look into what you have suggested. Need to save some pennies first..... It arrived........BOOM
  11. Thanks kindly for the reply. There are a few options then... Ideally, I want to start racing at the local circuit once this is all over, so looking for better quality racing up grades. Is Tamico worth a punt? Everywhere else is out of stock. I'm suffolk based. Cheers
  12. Hi all, Very excited to (hopefully) be getting my Type S through the door tomorrow...... Since the lock down my love of ALL THINGS Tamiya has gone through the roof. If all started 30 plus years ago with the holiday buggy. Now I am a proud owner of 2 TT02's, a F103GT (my fav) and the Type S from tomorrow (woohoo). Sorry, rabbiting, question is, what are the best Hop ups to further improve the performance of the car? And where to get them? HK i take it and wait months.... Cheers and thanks D
  13. Hi Everyone, Joined last week and paid my 15 nicker for the year, which is rather a bargain :) Question - how do I up load my pictures to the site? As I use my phone for everything - Pictures, videos etc, I am finding it rather a faff..... Can I upload from my phone? Or do I need to have the pictures on the laptop? Cheers and hopefully pictures will be on soon (ish) D PS Apologies, if this has already been discussed......
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