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  1. The YR damper set is for my M02 build actually. That will leave me with 2 dampers spare, which is unfortunate, because I'm not planning on getting an M01
  2. Well.... look what the nice postman showed up with today. Not one, not two, but THREE boxes: 2 little and 1 big. Here are the contents of the 2 little ones: The astute observer will quite easily notice there's a BELT there. But wait a minute! I don't have any belt-drive cars! Hmmm...... ... ... ... ... Well, @Nicadraus, all I can say is: Darn you all to LONG DAMPER SPEC!
  3. You're most welcome. To be clear, no Tamiya buggies are capable of withstanding 50mph out of the box. There will always be things that need to be upgraded here and there, but that's part of the fun of this hobby: doing your own tinkering to make something better than it was originally designed to be. If you're getting a buggy to do that to, I'd also prefer a Manta Ray since these come a little better equipped for the rigors of high-speed bashing. Having had a Manta Ray in the past and personally taken it to around 40ish mph without too much work, I can attest to its durability. While the Top Force shares the same chassis as the Manta Ray, it has ball differentials, which can be a little... fiddly. Best to stick with the metal gear diffs of the Manta. Hope that helped!
  4. If you're a complete novice, you may want to consider starting with a 2wd buggy, since it'll be a lot less labor-intensive to build. For 2wd, I'd suggest you get a DT02 or DT03 For 4wd, a TT02B is cheap and cheerful, but also upgradable later on if you choose to turn it into something a little more serious in terms of bashing. My primary basher is an upgraded Plasma Edge II (TT02B). If you plan to race (offroad buggies), then it may be a good idea to look into other brands, as Tamiya has chosen to stick to the more vintage end of things and has not competed in any serious capacity in quite a while (this is coming from a Tamiya die-hard!). That being said, they're VERY fun to build and run, so I'm all for it.
  5. Actually I was referring to this set: "Rc Tool Set 8Pcs / Tamiya USA" https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/tools/rc-tool-set-2/ But the one you linked is quite interesting; I didn't know of its existence.
  6. My DF03 box is currently my tool box. I have in it: Tamiya blue tool set (indispensible; has JIS, flat, nut, and allen drivers) A selection of pliers: longnose, bent longnose, TRF shock pliers, cutting pliers, etc Ball cup remover Hobby knife Selection of greases and shock fluids Double-sided tape Digital caliper Cutting mat A few multi-compartment screw boxes All the above are necessary, and I can't live without any of them for my hobby.
  7. Add to my TB04R build thread, and for all intents and purposes finished off the M02L chassis, pending the arrival of tire foams (somehow didn't come with the kit?), oil shocks, and a suitably-sized M3 threaded rod for the steering. Oh, and a receiver. Here's a quick peak at where I am, with the body neatly fitting right on top of the chassis inside the box:
  8. Unpause! But then pause until more stuff arrives, and I finish working on the ridiculously complicated body After a previously failed attempt at soldering the esc and motor, I was met with what I'd like to consider some success in doing so, especially taking into account that this is literally my first time. I TRIED to keep the amount of solder to a minimum in order to prevent the solder from increasing resistance, and here is the chassis with the electronics (minus the reciever - hasn't arrived yet!) installed for your viewing pleasure: I could've done more to stagger the wire lengths so they lay relatively flat on the motor, but that didn't pan out how I'd like. Again this is my first, so be gentle!
  9. Thanks for the in-depth, I really appreciated it! And yes, I also wish I was in SoCal. The main downside of being in this hobby over here is that I'm pretty much going at it alone . Were it not for TC, I'd really have nobody to discuss RC with at all, so I'd like to thank everyone on here for the company.
  10. Just out of curiosity, have you found ANY sort of review of this chassis online? I'd love to know what it's like before considering something similar (not that I'm considering it, but I like to know what's out there). And for the uninitiated, what is the hierarchy of chassis' for 3racing? Are there several 'levels' of mini chassis' or just this model?
  11. Thanks for all the feedback everyone. I ended up getting a set of high-tensile hex screws from https://rc-schrauben.de/ It helps that they make screw sets for most cars, including the XV01. I'll update this thread with my feedback after I receive them.
  12. Thanks @Juhunio, I'd seen these already, and having bought a yeah racing titanium screw set before for my TT02B, I didn't like the quality much. I managed to strip a few after screwing them into aluminum pieces with only moderate force, so I'm worried to use them now (and I have a blue aluminum battery post stuck in a TT02 tub forever lol.) Also, I wanted to stay away from stainless steel screws, as I understand they are not quite as tough as 'black' steel, and tend not to play nice with aluminum either. Even though this is for an XV-01, there's close to zero chance that this car will ever encounter wet or muddy conditions here in the desert, so rust-resistance isn't really an issue. At the end of the day I just want strong steel hex screws to replace the JIS ones because I don't like JIS.
  13. I didn't even know Tamiya made those lol. Do you have all the sizes needed for an XV-01? Or are you just teasing I was hoping not to spend silly money on screws if possible. That being said, I posted this originally because I just received word from RCjaz that they won't be able to fulfil my order for the XV-01 titanium screw set, and I can't seem to find it anywhere else ATM, so here we are.
  14. I just received a Tamiya kit that I ordered due to being teased by someone who's name I shall not mention, and I'm looking for a good source for steel hex screws for it. I'd prefer a vendor that has screw kits, but would settle for one that I can mix and match from, as long as I can find all the screws I need for this kit. Oh, it's an XV-01.
  15. I saw these and I was going to get some, but it would be nice to know if these come precut. I do NOT want to to try cutting them out myself... I'll make a right mess of it I'm sure.
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