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  1. Any particular reason you installed an aluminum front shock tower but left the rear one stock plastic? That detail immediately jumped out at me as soon as I saw the first picture. Nice build overall, makes me wonder if it would look nice to have the white edition stickers on a standard black dark impact with blue bits... hmm...
  2. I put in the blue things that the postman brought me today (see that other thread for the items). Pics are worth 1000 words, so: All that's left now are the DF03 upgraded shocks and to paint the body, then the Deep Impact will be complete.
  3. Some blue items for the Deep Impact, some spare brushes for the BZ that's in it (funny story, the shipper labelled them as "earrings" LOL), and a few odds/ends:
  4. @Truck NorrisYou will find the TT02 Type-S steering upgrade simply amazing. The steering action is buttery smooth, and virtually no slop anywhere. Let me know what you think after you install it.
  5. Finished up the Type-S tonight, well at least this phase of it. I've decided to build it in phases because there's going to be many upgrades/changes that will happen and I'll probably have to order little bits and bobs that I didn't know I needed until certain parts were assembled and test fitted. For example, what you see above is maybe 30% of the final finished chassis. The wheels are changing, the motor is changing, the esc will be added, the tub is changing, the diffs are changing, the diff covers are changing, the front half-shafts are changing, and a few other things here and there. There will be a ready-made precut Lambo body for bashing, but THIS will be the final display body: An homage to the bmw e30 touring I once had and modded the crap out of. I sold it in 2005, and I still miss it.
  6. Snatched it off eBay. It came as a clear parts tree with spoiler stands (not shown) and front/rear bumpers. It was around 15 USD shipped if I recall.
  7. I took apart the receiver with the wire I carelessly sliced with a screwdriver, and after confirming that it uses a standard wire fitting, ordered 5 more from aliexpress.com (USD 2.76 for 4, and USD 6 for shipping lol): I also finally reamed the holes for my Deep Impact body and did a test fitting. I need to find a way to make it sit a little lower. There's not much space is there... : That's pretty much it for now, until some more items arrive in the post. I have 10 shipments (SHIPMENTS, not items lol) in transit being delivered me. I think I'll stop buying stuff now until everything arrives first and I organize my inventory. I've been double-ordering here and there by mistake.
  8. Oh really? The receiver in question is a needlessly expensive Futaba 4 channel FHSS type I bought about 3 months ago. There don't seem to be any screws holding it together. Does it just snap apart? It would be awesome if I could just replace the aerial!
  9. They're only weak if you decide to push more power through them than a Sport Tuned, otherwise they're just fine. I've upgraded mine with GPM metal bits instead of the plastic diff gears because I'm running monster wheels/tires and a brushless setup, but for more normal applications shimming the diff at the back may be enough. Just a shim or two on the backs of both the bevel gears in the rear (and front if you wish) to get them meshing a little more closely and you should be set.
  10. Interesting color scheme you have there! I'm currently building up a TT02 Type-S and it will look quite similar when it's finished. Are you using the Tamiya reinforced touring car tires (53705 - Reinforced Tires - Type B3)? They're made especially to hold shape at higher speeds, and in high temperatures I believe.
  11. Let's take this one step at a time, shall we?: 1. 10,020KV motor on an otherwise stock(ish) TT02? 2. Sounds basic, but are you gluing the tires onto the wheels? 3. Why are you using the diff locking block on the rear? I usually hear of it being used for the fronts. Perhaps if you switch the diffs around you'll have a slightly more stable ride. 4. Can you perhaps link a youtube vid of your exploits? For educational purposes of course. I've never seen what a 10,020KV 540 size motor can do on an rc car
  12. I did something I'm not quite proud of last night... Ok that sounds VERY wrong While I was modding and reinstalling my TT02B steering assembly, I had to pull out the receiver which was sticky-taped to the top of the steering servo, which naturally involved carefully pulling out the antenna from its post by unscrewing the post and sliding it out. Well, while putting everything back together, I carefully threaded the receiver antenna through the post and went around the back of the buggy to screw it in. I put the screw in the wrong hole (the one with the antenna in it) and quite effectively sliced the antenna clean off the receiver, with only about 3cm left on the receiver. Placed an order for 2 antenna-less receivers this morning lol.
  13. I've built a TT02B and a TT02, and they're both like that stock. Nothing a high-torque steering servo horn won't fix. It tends to stick out of the servo a little further and straightens out that steering link.
  14. This looks better in the "Postman Brought me" thread no?
  15. I have a black edition. Bonus is you don't need to paint it for it to look good hehe. You're correct on the bearings. I got a set from Fast Eddie and those are the sizes listed. Rear shocks at 90mm and fronts at 75mm should be about right.
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