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  1. Hi All, With the quarantine stretching on I got ambitious with upgrading my son’s Sand Viper. The kit comes with the brushless ready TBLE-02 S. Reading the forums here it sounded like pairing this with 2s lipo, a steel pinion and a 13.5T sensored brushless was a good route to some fun (thank you!).

    I acquired a Muchmore Fleta ZX v2 13.5T


    After soldering it all together the ECS starts up flashing red/green which indicates it thinks it’s in sensorless mode.

    Ok here’s the trouble shooting I’ve tried:

    1) Attach the old sport tuned brushed motor: works fine.

    2) Attached an old sensorless brushless motor: esc starts up in low voltage warning mode

    3) Removed the sensor harness and tried running the Muchmore motor: it gave a small shudder and was clearly getting power than stopped and gave the over load protection warning. (This May have been unwise but I was looking for options)

    4) Attached an NiMH battery and tried steps 1-3 plus the original setup with the Muchmore, table-02 and the nimh: same results across the board. 

    I attached a picture of the setup and am happy to take more. It could be my solders are bad (they sure are ugly) but they are very solid, I could lift the car with them. There’s no crossover or short on the solder. And step three above seems to indicate the motor is getting power. 

    I’m happy to chase any ideas or suggestions. Thanks in advance!


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