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  1. I can't find replacements for the original plastic ones 9115022. Are there some Alloy alternatives?
  2. For the grease, it's not normal WD40, it came from here
  3. I'm new here and have searched and stuck on the following: 1. Rear Suspension Arm (R parts orig - 0115046, re-release - 9115022) After the rebuild this broke, what is the best replacement metal or plastic? My concern is mental will put the load on the gearbox which is more costly to replace if that joint breaks? Recommendations and parts please. 2. Drive Shafts - Dog Bones (orig - 4135017 , re-release - BB13 9805551) I have one bent one, should I got for a replacement or a linked (CVD) to Axle? Recommendations and parts please. 3. Thrust Bearings (1150) I replaced all plastic bearings with ZZ metal ones, except the thrust bearing as I could only find 4.5mm ones, I guess you need 4mm ones, any advice to source. Ones I sent back 5x11x4.5 Thrust Bearing (x1) F5-11M - RCbearings Limited 4. Electronic Speed Controller ESC -Etronix Probe Plus 2.0 Brushed Waterproof ESC Not super impress, I use the original Acoms and BEC radio. ESC in Normal - issues Controller - have to set trim full and can sometime hear the motor slightly engaged. Select forwards - goes very well and fast Select reverse - sometime kicks in ESC in Rev - works better Controller - trim does not make a difference Select reverse - goes forwards - ok but not very fast Select forwards - goes backwards - ok as as expected in your recommendations Other things I did for comment 5. Gearbox Greece - WD40 PTFE 6. Metal to Metal Greece - WD40 Lithium 7. Motor - HPI Firebolt 15T Motor (540 Type) I have the original instruction too if needed.
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