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  1. Replacing the bearings and freeing up the gears has given me a new trick, it can flip back onto it’s wheels from standstill. Other than that, before taking my kid to school we went to the big park and have been letting the dogs chase the car, some inquisitive and some that simply want to kill it, we’ve got more top speed most of the time, I’d say it’s Car 1 – Dog 1.
  2. Fitted the full ceramic AliExpress specials into gears tonight. Without the diffs the gears move a lot more freely now. Slightly more noisy.
  3. Love this, it would be great if there was some sort of grid layout phone app 6x5m drawn up as a grid, place your corner / jump etc in that square.
  4. Thanks for all your thoughts on this! Nice insight into your reasons why, never really got used to the blue – it’s not the blue.
  5. So there’s a number of things that contribute to an aluminium part failing, the quality of the metal used, the design including thickness, if the part has been anodised or not? It looks like the size of the parts in my kit being generally small are helping it take the strain. I have searched more, no metal swing arms but found a plastic Traxxas swing arm crack where the pin goes through attaching it to the chassis.
  6. @ChrisRx718 Yep, saw this posted on Facebook, by design the part that’s failed looks weak to me, perhaps it happened to high flying buggies in the past? I cannot find bent aluminium swing arms when I google search, and you haven’t got any bent swing arms yourself? Aluminium shock towers here, I’ve had a WR-02 suspension mount crack due to over tightening a step screw. By the way, I will absolutely fall on my sword if something fails, I’ll post it here and try to give info on how it failed.
  7. For months I’ve put my model through it’s paces and I'm surprised how much it can take relative to it’s scale / chassis type. I have understood from the start that certain metal parts are seen as bling, unnecessary and even seen upon like boy racer exhausts. From what I’ve learnt metal pieces bend, crack, transfer impact energy to plastic parts and break them etc. So far my feeling towards these pieces are only positive, I have 4 GF01s and tons of extra accessories. One is built to spec with oil shocks and a sport tuned motor, out of the box there’s a lot of wobble on each of the wheels, lack of toe-in adjustment, self tapping screws work their way out now and again. The other which is my daily runner is the one with the ‘bling’, Yeah Racing components, shimmed the wobble out of the wheels, free movement of swing arms. Regular fast jumps, a few tumbles, head on collisions with soil banks thinking there was enough of an angle to jump. No bent parts, I’m not worried about things getting scratched, just using it. Is this feeling towards metal parts learnt from people back in the day (80s-90s) with cast aluminium components that were un-anodised, and this knowledge has been passed on? Has someone recently suffered a component failure from a jump or collision, did it also affect the chassis, what was the speed of impact etc, any photos?
  8. Safely cut down some carbon fiber tubing last night ready to sand down the edges this evening, going to couple them with full ceramic bearings received in the post.
  9. My personal experience over the past 8 months of getting back into the hobby is that you can drastically change the way your chosen model copes by length of shock, size of tire, how you set up the diff(s), turn / kv of your motor & battery type. A little bit of experimentation / searching this forum for help and you can make something do what it wasn’t intended to do.
  10. I’m trying to weigh up a throbbing big toe vs flecks of faecal matter engrained all over suspension arms and shock shafts... 🤔
  11. Yep, it absolutely honked as it was a fresh one... Started with the baby wipes then the bleach spray with an old toothbrush and started taking it apart slowly and washed the bleach off, when the chassis was dry I used a big old soft painting brush to remove all dirt in general, it’s now acceptably clean. 🤣 Having to handle it though 😩 Also used some of that silicone shine spray that you use on bikes and it came up a treat.
  12. Hit a dog poo at full speed... 🤬
  13. Well the GF01 with x2 Yeah Racing spur gears does actually work, only with 22t pinion, it is ludicrously fast and will wheelie at silly speed, get it wrong and it will cartwheel dozens of times. The problem is that it is too tight and too noisy, going to pull apart the chassis again and change the gears back to normal and revert back to the 20t pinion.
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