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  1. I think this is it, the WR-02 VW bus got my attention, then the 4WD variant came along and they had me hooked… I’ve just stuck a 3300kv brushless system in it and it’s everything I wanted from it.
  2. Thanks for that @isomer1, I think I fall into the cheaper models category. I made a decision in my head to build up the best GF01 I could think of which I feel is almost complete, replacing all standard parts with a titanium version, within reason, if I could buy titanium dog bones and king pins at the correct length trust me, I would. So the step screws I have are from a Yeah Racing kit with a machine thread, so it looks like I’m going down the flanged tube route. I’m finding it fascinating finding exotic screws, and it’s a huge game finding the correct screw. As on previous threads I’ve mentioned I was bored, but now I’ve found my thing / hobby after a long hibernation period...
  3. Has anyone got tricks for using standard screws in replacement of step screws? I was thinking about some sort of metal tubing cut to the right size to compensate, basically I want to use titanium screws throughout my build but cannot find titanium step screws. cheers, Al
  4. Has anyone got a remedy for keeping dog bone pins in? Is it simply putting a little super glue on the pin before placing in? I took one of my kits out this morning only to have two pins fly out, a 3rd is poking half out.
  5. So I received the esc and 3300kv combo and I have to say I’m over the moon with it, even on NiMH. It’s transformed the vehicle! Great amount of power to the wheels instantly, so much so that I can park it on a ramp and pop off the top without the small run up. A lot of fun compared to the Sport Tuned motor, might post a video on the YouTubed thread, but sure you’ve seen it all before though 😂
  6. That looks awesome, so good i’d Like it for myself 😂
  7. M3 titanium washers, please somebody help me. I need to stop looking for titanium parts 😅...
  8. Hi all, As the title says, I’m trying to find a small stick transmitter with a receiver that’s in a case and not just wires and guts like what’s on Amazon. I have tried and tried to get my daughter used to a mini wheel transmitter which fits perfectly in her hands, but she now wants to take an old RC to the park because of the transmitter. Any recommendations would be great.
  9. Thanks for that, my heart has been in my mouth, scrambling around trying to find the details on the motor, looks like I was in luck! ‘3652SL = 36 is the diameter of the motor 52 the length in mm. SL = Sensorless. Making the above std 540 size with std 1/10th" shaft.’ This is it; https://www.modelsport.co.uk/index.php?product_id=420922
  10. Thanks for that, there’s a lot a great areas in my understanding this hobby. I think Futaba’s most basic transmitter has an EPA, will look now. Thanks!
  11. Hi all, Hoping someone can help me, due to low stock with suppliers I decided to get what I think is a better esc and motor than what I initially wanted. I’ve gone ahead and ordered a Hobbywing Max10 and 3300KV motor combo with deans connectors hoping in the very near future to purchase my first 2s lipo battery, sticking with NiMH for now. I’m thinking of a new transmitter and looking at Futaba FHSS as I like the responsiveness, but really detest the big screen on the front and want something a little more basic. You may all laugh, but again it’s going in a GF-01, everything updated and I’m shimming this one also, with ceramic bearings etc. I have looked on previous threads on here and people have stated that a 3300KV motor is ok for a 4WD with lots of gears to move. I obviously do not want to wreck anything, does anyone know if there’s a transmitter that I can limit the motors top end on? I see I can limit the ‘punch’ via esc settings. Is what I’m proposing what others have done before? I’m I going through a long process only to rip out the guts of my Tamiya? Thanks for any information and advice you have in advance. Cheers, Al
  12. There was a GF01 SJ30 Jimny that you can’t hold of for love or money and there’s also been two chassis variants that are using it GF-01CB & GF-01TR. TR ‘Trail’ has some portal axle that give extra ground clearance and also gear reduction, it might help off-road on obstacles like bigger twigs and small rocks. Currently a Monster Beetle body, looks great but expensive. CB ‘comical buggy’ is the latest version, it’s a 4WD buggy – Avante comical reincarnation. There’s also the 6WD G6-01, plus the bodies from the WR-02 work nicely on it too – Wild Willy 2 and VW camper.
  13. Most definitely not an expert here, my experience of this hobby is that things do break, having some spares is always good especially when nowadays we’re buying things on the internet and waiting a couple of weeks for things to turn up. I decided to go with the GF-01 platform after a long time being away from anything RC this is why; 01 – A modern chassis design. 02 – 4WD, having all 4 wheels gripping and pulling I feel is worlds apart from my previous models (WR-02, Clod Buster & King Cab) 03 – A large pool of parts and bodies shared with other versions of the kit. (Toyota Land Cruiser, Dump Truck, bodies and parts from the WR-02 kits). That being said, another option is to go for a used kit, someone has put it together and is selling it with a transmitter and battery ready for you to run, there’s a 2nd hand Lunchbox with a transmitter and battery going for £150 at the moment, all that’s needed is a charger.
  14. Doozers from Fraggle Rock. If you want to hear their march song and see the cars in action look no further;
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