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  1. Well at least they didn't up the prices two weeks ago to then offer the old prices as "sale" prices on black Friday. BF is the biggest load of BS ever
  2. Threads like this give so much insight to so many models! My best would be one that no-one has mentioned yet, the one I had as a kid and still have vivid memories of driving it, 35 years later... The Fox! It was the one I always wanted, saved up for for ages, and the first one I got when I got back into RCs a couple of years ago. I mean, just look at it... yes it's different, unique, and not easy to work on, but it looks great and drives pretty well too! The worst? All the tamiyas I didn't get to play with yet
  3. Looking forward to seeing how you get on! My XV-01 is still in the box, waiting.
  4. I also have and L and L shell, which I haven't painted yet as O still need to build the chassis, so I can mark the hole locations more easily.... I've thought about magnetic body holders, but are they solid enough for a rally car (XV-01)?
  5. Spray paints of any kind are not allowed on airplanes. I have a few I would like to transport, on a scanner they would probably not be able to tell the difference between a paint spray and deodorant, for example, but I figure that the potential problems of being found transporting prohibited items far outweigh the very low cost of a couple of paint cans... Also interested in the BRG though - PS-22 backed with silver might look pretty good?
  6. ebay part number 284555643404 looks like it would work (m4 x 6 x 1mm spacers), pack of 10 for £3.49 posted, or 25 for less than a fiver
  7. Hi, can anyone give me the outer diameter and width of the tyres used on the XR311? And confirmation of which rims these fit? (I think I read that the XR311 rims are the same size as sand scorcher? But what size is that exactly?) Thanks!
  8. maybe not quite what you're loooking for (not dish style) but jc racing products do fox and egress style wheels with double bearing front fitment, but for 2.2" tyres. I have a fox set and they are definitely double bearing front fitment, I imagine the egress style are too
  9. I'm not sure if this is the right section, please move if needed! What options are there for aftermarket body shell options? Specifically, classic cars from the 50/60/70's, in 190 or 200mm width, with a 257mm-ish wheelbase?
  10. Thanks! Have never actually bought anything from AliExpress, yet...
  11. Before I splash out on another Futaba R202gf receiver for my T2HR (I can buy a whole new basic TX/RX combo for the same price!), are there any cheaper alternatives that are compatible? thanks!
  12. That looks really brown! Am also interested in this, I need a bright orange for a project, also both for lexan and abs parts, was thinking PS7 buy even that Porsche looks more red than orange (it's fantastic either way ) Maybe fluo orange is a brighter colour? But I want orange, not fluo....
  13. I have a few sets, none of them clamp on. But for what they cost, I just treat them as non-clamping hexes that work better than plastic ones, also useful as they come in lots of different thicknesses
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