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  1. So, I can confirm that DT-02 M-part body posts don't fit the blitzer chassis, but they can probably be made to work...
  2. mtbkym01, nice collection Which wheels are the white and black ones, and what tyres on them? I just got some JC racing 2.2" in black for mine, so I can find tyres more easily and don't scratch up the gold ones... has anyone used the fox decals from MCI? much prefer them to the Novafox version...
  3. does anyone happen to know which body mount posts or kit would be the best option for fitting a sand viper shell to a blitzer beetle chassis (assuming it will actually fit!) ?
  4. looks great, standard box art colour? how did you find the decals for the cockpit columns and roof? The original had them painted, I'm wondering about masking and painting mine if and when I ever get round to building it
  5. Does anyone know who this affects private sellers? either to or from the UK? I need to send a parcel from Spain to the UK, it's a private sale (not shop, business, etc), and neither myself or the buyer know if he might be liable for import tax or other charges. Prices have definitely gone up, aprox 75% more expensive for postage (it's a courier size box, not a small PO type packet), but at my end no other charges are showing up.
  6. Thanks Danny! I still didn't do anything with it, other stuff got in the way Will probably try with the beetle shell I have first, and see how it turns out Not really into trucks, but can see the potential for various options, it's just hard knowing which might work without having shells to actually try
  7. I recently bought a CC-01 (finally!) as a project for me and my boys (but mainly for me ). One thing I definitely want to change is the body shell - I've just never really liked the standard "4x4" type shells, some of them are very detailed and I can appreciate them for that, they're just not my style. I've seen quite a few CC-01s that have been modded to take a sand scorcher / monster beetle shell, and that was my first idea since I have one on my blitzer beetle. But then the other day I found a youtube video of a CC-01 with Lancia Delta integrale body, and it got me thinking... has anyone got any suggestions (with pics if possible) for other shells that can be made to work with the CC-01? I'm not bothered about making it scale, but would like the shell to be a reasonably decent fit, so wheelbase aprox 265mm. thanks!
  8. If this is still available and you can post to Spain I will take it please
  9. I like what you've done with the paint. I bought a re-re a year ago but for various reasons it's still in the box and unbuilt. Partly I'm a little worried about building it, then driving and breaking something that I won't be able to fix I'm also not keen on the "Novafox" decals, and would like some repro original "Fox" style ones, but the only ones available seem to be MCI and while I've no direct experience of them, there are a couple of threads that make me wonder if the quality isn't quite what I'd want it to be...
  10. Brilliant! I am in awe of the abilities of so many people on this forum, especially when it comes to custom made stuff like this. I am also quite envious of the time, equipment and knowledge required and that I don't have myself!
  11. Looking great! The gold wheels really are blingy!
  12. I saw your youtube video too, since the first car I did for 35 years was a BB, I did it non-boxart, but I only painted the shell and wheels, everything else is unchanged. Yours is on another level - great attention to detail and it's turned out really well! Interesting to hear about the kyosho kits too - I am getting very tempted to try one of those myself
  13. I have no idea what the difference is, but the hotshot rere also has two of sets, which are different. Does anyone know why the set that shouldn't be used is there? Is it an original release part that has been updated in the rere and they just included a second set instead of changing the mold?
  14. Sounds a bit dodgy to me, he should have checked the payment options he set up or not accepted your offer if he wanted more money. Mobile number request is normal, mist couriers require that as standard
  15. I'm finding it really hard to understand wheels... or to be more precise, to understand which wheels I need! for my hotshot, it looks like hex adaptors are the way to go, but then with wheels, what offset do I need? Or will any 4wd buggy wheels for a 12mm hex fitting work? And what about 2wd front wheels for my (nova)fox? I guess the rears can be swapped to hex fitting, but the fronts are stub axle and I can't find any wheels that fit directly. Is there anyway to adapt these?
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