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  1. Hi Carmine, is the bell crank you mention a tamiya part? or from someone else? do you have a part number? thanks!
  2. built the shocks last night, 2 hole all round, will try it and see
  3. I'm building a blitzer beetle, first build since I was about 12 and enjoying it loads Tonight it's the dampers, and I have a choice of 1, 2, or 3 hole pistons for both the front and rear shocks. Can anyone tell me if it generally runs better with any particular selection? I'll be using it on a variety of terrain, from surfaced roads, to dirt and grass. I'm guessing the "middle" choice of 2 hole all round as a starting point?
  4. thanks, this is what I understood from Mad Ax's comment, but the pictures detail it perfectly
  5. OK, so I have a CC-01 on it's way to me, along with full bearing kit I plan on building stock to start with and then upgrade as and when, or are there any upgrades that should be installed on first build?
  6. Will check out that thread! Any idea if the cc-01 is available as a chassis only? Or if there is any difference between the various kits available, apart from the body shell? There is quite a difference in price between one kit and another, but if the only difference is the shell then I might as well get the cheapest one, since I'm planning on swapping the shell anyway
  7. I've just checked, and cc-01 wheelbase is 242mm, monster beetle is 246mm... Close enough to work, I think... I feel a project coming on!
  8. Thanks for the replies! I want an interesting build with scope for further upgrades or changes, and that will work on a variety of terrain. Googling has led me to this, which looks exactly what I want: https://www.rccaraction.com/tamiya-cc-01-baja-veedub-v-8-muscle-rc-project-2/ I already have a Novafox (still unbuilt), and think another buggy might limit my driving options... Then again, I'll probably end up with several, but hopefully an upgradeable and modifiable chassis will let me change things around and avoid buying too many more!
  9. I'm looking for something 4wd to satisfy an urge... Was thinking hotshot, then terra scorcher, but now I'm intrigued by the MF-01X and CC-01/02 chassis... I know there's a big difference between a buggy and these, but how do they compare build-wise? More involving? More hop up and upgrade options? Body shell compatibility? Driveability?
  10. It might just be my ignorance, or not knowing where to look so sorry if that's the case! I've seen lots of suspension shaft sets available, all of them state model or chassis compatibility, but how to find one that fits a specific car that isn't listed? I want to build my Novafox with shafts instead of screw pins, but don't know which set I need... According to the manual, I need four 3x46mm and eight 3x32mm screw pins. What would be the equivalent in suspension shafts? And which set do I need? Thanks!
  11. Nothing in particular, just interested in seeing how it all fits together!
  12. That looks great! can you post more pics of the mods?
  13. OK thanks, but I don't quite understand why I'd want to recreate PS59 with a few coats of PS4, then backing with two other colours? Why not just use PS59?
  14. Does anyone use a Sharpie or other permanent black marker instead of paint for detailing, either inside the shell before painting, or on the outside? Have seen this on a few videos but not sure how good the results actually are. A couple of different sized permanent markers are surely cheaper than a full can of paint, would last for ages and would make masking easier? And can anyone advise on how close ps-16 metallic blue and ps-59 dark metallic blue compare to ps-4 blue? Thanks!
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