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  1. The really modern stuff just has no appeal to me at all. It might work better than the old stuff, but even the top force looks too modern and unrealistic to me. Can't see me getting more modern than a fox, hotshot, boomerang, or similar any time soon!
  2. just make sure you paint them both the same colour
  3. That blue looks bonkers! What would be the difference between a translucent colour backed with silver or metallic silver, and just a metallic colour straight on the shell, maybe backed with white? My Novafox as box art should be ps4, but I am thinking of going metallic blue instead just to make it a little more sparkly, but the translucent idea also looks really good!
  4. Very interested in this... Will open my Novafox box and measure, just to compare
  5. No car in particular, just curious. But I am running a few ideas through my head that involve a Terra Scorcher...
  6. Does anyone know if the standard yellow CVA shocks all come in more or less the same lengths? I know there are some differences between front and rear, depending on the car, but does each car use a completely different length just for that model, or are there only a few different sizes that are used across all models of cars? And if there are just a few standard sizes, what are they?
  7. I was thinking more on a basic controller that doesn't have model memory, which I think can be used with more than one car, but needs binding and trimming each time you change cars
  8. Am I right in thinking that to bind a RX to a TX each time, with the 2.4 stuff you need to plug in a little binding cable to the RX? So on a fully enclosed car like the fox, binding manually each time could be a bit of a problem, unless I cut a hole in the chassis that allows easy access to connect the binding cable?
  9. I won't be building mine for a while, not until at least my eldest has got his for his birthday Any idea if or when we can know for certain if they're re-re-re-ing it?
  10. OK, so it's arrived! haven't even opend the box yet... looks like I need to replace four 3x46mm screw pins, and eight 3x32 screw pins. I assume I'd need the same size hinge pins? 3x46 and 3x32? or are they measured in a different way? For the wheel hubs, I think they're part D4, which is locked to the rear axle with part BC4 (2x10mm pin) ? any suggestions for a suitable replacement that would be compatible with the novafox wheels?
  11. I'm looking for a reasonable (in both quality and price) stick transmitter myself, there aren't many about and I don't know enough about them to know if I can use a plane/drone type with a car... The Futaba (the one that looks like an alien that's been hit by a double decker bus) seems to be about the best option but are there any others? Is adapting a flight transmitter easy to do? I don't mind extra channels but would like the sticks to move in only one direction each, have spring return, etc. Back to youtube for more info I think... I want my old acoms techniplus back again, but updated to 2.4GHz!
  12. I'll take my time getting it built so don't hold your breath... next on the list is the hotshot. They just look like they belong together, and while the suspension might be not much good compared to modern stuff, or even older stuff but with individual shocks, there's just something about it! I don't care how they compare to modern stuff, the most modern car I've ever run was my original fox so I'm not going to know any different anyway
  13. OK, thanks for the heads up!
  14. I found it here in Spain, there were two a couple of days ago but it's saying they're all gone now: http://www.tiendarc.es/tamiya/2261-tamiya-the-bigwig-2017.html The link says bigwig but it goes to the Novafox...
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