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  1. I can see the pictures. looking forward to updates!
  2. Ok, thanks! Other than some body mount parts trees, what is different between the fire dragon and terra scorcher chassis?
  3. Not my favourite buggy by any means, but under the shell are they exactly the same as any other thundershot chassis (other than mono or dual front shock of course )? Can the thundershot or terra scorcher body be fitted?
  4. Brilliant! Looking forward to seeing it finished!
  5. That doesn't look too bad! Have you tried it on the outside too? Or can you take a pic of the inside of the shell?
  6. I ran my blitzer last week for the first time... Fitted with a modified DT-02 sand viper shell and wing as I didn't want my boys to destroy the beetle shell. Turns out they're better drivers than me anyway Found it very stable, good fun, easy to handle, and pretty decent ground clearance. All on stock silvercan and NiMH. And yes, you could fit standard buggy wheels but the front would need other uprights or some spacers, and you would lose ground clearance and probably stability too.
  7. Slightly OT question, but do any other cars, apart from the hotshot series, have front and rear ends that mount on the sides, like the hotshot? From what I can see, most if not all modern cars have the gearbox mount through the bottom of the main chassis. Just thinking that sideways mounted might be easier for a custom chassis build?
  8. Looks like another interesting project! Have seen other custom hotshot chassis, and it's something I'd like to try myself one day. Can't understand why you didn't use the chassis box for a template though? And would there be any benefit to lengthening the chassis?
  9. Yes very tempted, but they're all RTR, aren't they? Most of the fun is building!
  10. That SNRC looks pretty good! Do they have a webpage? Anywhere to look at the different models? I only get AliExpress results from google
  11. Actually on second look, the last of those 3 pics shows a can of "RC car paint", and two cans of tamiya black, so I'm not sure that one is actually tamiya chrome? It is shinier than the other two shells, so might be something different.
  12. @Willy iinehow did you do the chrome bumpers on this? Looks amazing!
  13. The silver inside and chrome outside makes sense. Googling "Tamiya PS48" gives a few results, all full body shells but I think used just for bumpers with a contrasting colour for bodywork would work quite well (well enough for me, at least).
  14. So, do chrome paints for polycarbonate still look shiny and chrome when painted on the outside? Because most other colours look shinier when painted on the inside, don't they? If that's the case, then I might try the silver on the insde with chrome on the outside, I could get away with standard silver which would be much more useful to me in general than a can of expensive chrome, and use my molotow chrome pen on the outside...
  15. OK! I'm too late and it's gone anyway, not that I needed it, just looked like an interesting project. At least now I know what I'm looking at next time thanks!
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