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  1. Which version is this? Googling gives me both 2 and 4 channel options? Thanks
  2. I am getting the parts together for a new build, and with this one I want to try painting both the inside and outside of the shell. Silver on the inside, then a rust colour on the outside followed by the final colours and a matt clear coat. I would like to aim for a "rusty rat rod built from body parts" effect with some weathering (or potential for, as the body gets used and scratched) rather than "brand new showroom condition". Painting the outside would also let me keep it as a work in progress, make masking easier, etc.. Can anyone post pics of examples they've built? Things to look out for or avoid? I am unsure about denting or cutting the shell for a bashed look - can this be done after painting if needed? I will experiment on some off cuts first, but wouldn't want to mess up the shell...
  3. I am in awe of your driver painting skills! That is brilliant! And to think I did my blitzer driver with coloured permanent markers
  4. I don't think there are any specific light buckets, but I think some generic circular ones should one. I've spent the afternoon on youtube and there are quite a few solutions I had no idea about! I still don't have the shell so will wait until I do and then take measurements, etc. thanks for the help!
  5. What's the best way to create realistic looking lights on a lexan body? Stickers just look a bit naff. I'm not too worried about them actually working. Are there any techniques for painting or detailing things like this?
  6. These look great, the metal ones especially! I would like to try something similar, but how well do these hold up to the occasional roll or crash? Are they only shelf queen, or will they hold up to the occasional accident when driving? I guess the soldered steel option will be strongest?
  7. Sounds ok to me, if that's the shell and bits but not including wheels, will pm you now
  8. Surplus from an XV-01 kit I recently bought, so in perfect as new condition. Uncut, unmarked body shell, full decal sheet including window masks, and all extra bits for the shell (wing mirrors, etc). I can't find this for sale anywhere so it's hard to gauge a price: £40 posted in the UK I also have the wheels from the same kit unused and unneeded. 4 wheels (tyres not included), £10 posted in the UK Can post pics if needed, but it's this one: Please note that if posting to the UK, I can only post the week of 23 - 27 May. I can post to europe any time thanks!
  9. potentially dumb question(s) here, but if using a mode 1 TX for cars, does that mean the throttle control is on the right lever and steering on the left? or do you just swap the channels and connections at the RX so left is throttle and right is steering? in mode 1, is it just the right hand stick that has a ratchet vertically? so horizontal is self centering for steering and the left is self centering vertically for throttle? any pics of the DIY adaptors to limit movement to only one direction? modelsport of the Planet RC TS2+2 in stock but it doesn't have memory. I currently have a Futaba T2HR which I quite like, but am planning some projects that would need more than 2 channels...
  10. some good ideas here, thanks! this is the sort of look I'm looking for:
  11. I recently got my hands on an XV-01 kit, and the stock wheels are 26mm wide, 52mm diameter (outside edge to outside edge). Rally block tyres in the kit. I am planning something a little different, which would require different wheels and tyres - is there any way of knowing which will fit, or will any "touring" or "rally" tyres work with 26mm rims? are all 26mm rims the same diameter? or are tamiya ones a slightly different size, as with some of their buggy wheels? The other option I am thinking of, which might need some experimentation but might work, would be something like a 1/16 crawler wheel and tyre. I know larger tyres on the same rims or crawler wheels and tyres will probably not work as well as the standard kit wheels and rally blocks, but there is a specific look I will be aiming for with this build, which would take precedent over performance!
  12. Printing the stickers and attaching them with tape... Any tips on the best type of paper and tape? I guess they will fade in the sun or after a long time? But easy to replace?
  13. Looks brilliant! Any tips for masking straight lines on the inside of curvy shells? I have an XV-01 on the way and am planning a different body which would ideally need some masking...
  14. Really enjoying this thread and am in awe of the quality of paintwork! The 240Z is brilliant, and as for that cockpit...
  15. Will do, spent a couple of hours this afternoon cutting and sticking the stickers. All ready for a first run!
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