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  1. In the UK I've used Modelsport and more recently Wheelspin Models who have also been superb. Plus some eBay purchases too
  2. That looks great, thanks for the info.
  3. The guy who sells the the shells reckons a Dark Impact would work too. Wheelbase 272mm Tread/track front 217mm Tread/track rear 203mm Overall width 250mm Maybe with the right wheels on it could fit OK. Edit: Seems very similar to the Top Force I have though....
  4. According to Tamiyabase the Fire Dragon has a wheelbase of 264mm and a tread track front and rear of 200mm, but an overall width of 240mm.
  5. I wonder if the shell is the same sort of size as my old Astra GTE I ran on top of a Fire Dragon. I'll have to dig out the specs to the FD
  6. Cheers for the replies. I've got a Top Force that's a little too long to fit inside the shell. I've done some more measurements, this time with the Top Force which has a wheel base of 270mm and that seems a little long still. So maybe a 260mm long wheel base would work better. Those 257mm chassis may work much better then. I'll check them out. Yeah I'm assuming it's for the similar shells I used on my old ProCat back in the 90s. I think a more buggy style chassis would suit the 205 T16, give it a more raised rallying look.
  7. Hi all I've managed to snag myself a Frewer 205 T16 bodyshell with a view to putting it on a suitable 4WD electric chassis. Wheelbase is around 280mm edit: 260mm and track seems to be 210mm. What would people recommend I look at getting chassis/car wise? Cheers
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