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  1. So, Time for a new update again. I am very happy that I have found several parts new or used via E-bay. This took quite some time, so i didn't have an update earlier. I did manage to drive the car a little bit with all the old parts but a new radio. I wend for a used Spektrum with an SRS6000 receiver that has AVC. (more on that later). First some pictures of the parts. New tyres, front and rear. New aftermarket balljoints Shock o-rings and oil Front-Uprights with axles Rear axles and wishbones. I am glad i was able to get the front uprights and the rear axles and wishbones, allthough my model doesn't need the rear axle and wishbones at the moment. (So maybe they are up for sale again). These parts are used in a demo model so allthough they look dirty, they don't have much wear to them. I'll give them i nice clean in the ultrasonic this weekend.
  2. Hi, sorry for the late reply. I have different makes and models of old servo's. Robbe RS10, Robbe RS100, Muliplex Profi, Multiplex Profi 3000. they all had the same. Eventually i went to a very nice local store where they helped me. My servo's did fine on another receiver, so it looked like a receiver 'issue'. I tried a digital servo and that seemed to be wroking fine. Still a tiny bit, but movement is fluid. So i bought a simple digital servo. Advantage of the digital servo is can no make use of the AVC functions on the receiver. That feels really weird It works very good. You can't drift anymore, and the car just runs in a perfect straight line when you want. All because of modern electronics. about 1/2 the time i run with AVC turned off. I do like the ability to drift around with the old vintage car. It does not have that much power, and old things just need to be old
  3. I also have 2 of the Robbe versions of that radio. Had some trouble getting a good range on them, so i set them aside for now, and bought a cheap 2.4Ghz radio. Unfortunately i am really missing the stick-grip. I have had some small accidents getting my head around learning the new pistol grip Maybe with some help i'll be able to restore and revive the old radio's. I do have several receivers and very nice servo's to go with those.
  4. Hi, i am rebuilding an old tamiya model and my 27Mhz gear has very limited range. Not sure what the reason is, but i thought it was smart to buy a 2.4Ghz DX5C with SRS6000 receiver to overcome the range issues. Problem is, when i connect my servo's they are continuously shaking and making a lot of noise even if there is no movement from the radio. Can anyone tell me what is going on? Can the receiver not handle these old servo's? Am i doing something wrong? Tnx!
  5. Blocking the swingarm from going down too far does the same, and doesn't put excessive wear on the shocks i think? I can remember that on both me and my brother's falcon the swingarm and chassis had some wear making the swingarm pivot down too much. Simple solution back then was some layers of tape to act as a bumpstop.
  6. This evening I started detaching the front shocks to inspect them a bit better. I did drive the car yesterday although it is holding together with some ducttape here and there. The front shocks still look ok visibly. No real wear on the outside. The dampener rod though doesn't run as smooth as i think it should. The last 6mm don't extend themselves just by the power of the spring when released slowly. It feels like all the oil is still inside. Before i open them, potentally ruining the o-rings that are inside now, where can I get replacement parts? I did some searching, but couldn't just find the rubber parts as replacement. And more of a tuning question, when i did some reading-up i saw there are different damper discs (different size of the holes) that could be put in when building the Falcon. What is the most preferable setup? Right now it al looks quite stiff. When driving over bumps, the car bumps a bit as well. I would imagine the shocks need to absorp some of it? When jumping from a ramp it looks like it uses most of the suspension travel. and 3rd. What easy dampening oil can i get to fill the shocks with, once i open them up? are there alternatives to tamiya shock oil? is the current tamiya oil still the same viscosity as back in the 80's and usable for the falcon? I forgot to take some pictures when i disasassembled the shocks, so i quick last picture when i put them back in for now.
  7. Tnx! I just detached the front shocks, and they don't go as smooth as i think they should. They are sticky the last 6mm's out. They still look in ok condition, no pitting or whatsoever on the dampener rod. So hopefully only new oil and o-rings? So i am interested in the answers to your question above. Where are rebuild parts available, or what do i need to search for?
  8. I just started driving and rebuilding my Falcon (see the other thread). I did buy a Hobbywing 1060 and am really happy with that, so i can recommend it. can you tell a little bit more about thorp dirt burners? On my car, for now i stuck some tape between the chassis and the rear suspension arms. on the chassis there is some wear, and then the suspension arms can swing down a little bit to far causing the dogbones to fall out. On my Falcon the dogbones don't seem to worn down yet, but the axles are. The car has been running in my childhood days with nylon bearings, and upgraded to metal ballbearings only after some time, so the metal parts have been worn down and do have quite a bit of free play in the ballbearings. So i am interested in where to get those parts, or upgrades as well!
  9. nice! do you have a photo of your car in current state?
  10. Antenna cable still looks perfect. I will try to route it as far away from the ESC as possible, though it is in the same car, so not sure how far away is possible I do have another receiver, and a few other sets of crystal's maybe that can help a bit. I'll first try everything out of the car to see how far the actual reach is.
  11. and would a programmable ESC like the 10bl120 also support brushed motors? Or is that always something to keep separated? My motor now is the original one that came with the car when i got it, I think.
  12. It was a bit of protection cushioning around the receiver. Has been in there for 30 years
  13. Hi, so another (noob) question. How to proceed with the yellow Tamiya shocks. (in my case on my Falcon). How do i know if they are still ok? what should i do with them? How can I feel if they are ok? What i noticed that in the front of my Falcon only returns halfway when pushing down. So the springs might not be as strong anymore? Dampening of the shocks feel ok. I don't hear any noise coming from air. And they also don't leak.
  14. Tnx! Learned some new things today. I guess with the modern electronic components nowadays a programmable ESC would be a nice upgrade. Then i would be able to disable the automatic brake. (no real need for a car as the falcon to have that About the noise, i didn't know it was from the motor. I thought it was strange it didn't do that F/B/R mode, but seems logic now. As that mode really has a neutral, and the F/R doesn't. I noticed that the motor get's hot even though the car is standing still. So it seems like there are continuous alternating signals to the motor to put in in drag. So (hypothetically) what would be a wishlist/birthday list item for future ESC updates? any recommendations?
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