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  1. Am i right in believing that a couple of the Cc01 shells fit the Df01. Im aware that certain scales can be manipulated to fit other shells by working out the real life sizes etc etc but i aint no good at calculations. People have theorised that certain 1/8th can fit 1/10th due to the real 1:1 dimensions, but then again im not gonna be too quick to believe. Hence the asking part. Looking at the age bracket in this club you guys have 20+yrs on me n im 30 lol. It is a hobby i really want to take up. Next plan is to get a classic Mini. Coz "Why not?"
  2. That polizei 1 does look pretty good tbh.... (just the paint job lol) very clean. The lines look more aggressive at the rear in silver. Well done.
  3. Next thing to do is kinda my starting things to do so i need HELP! I baught a Tamiya DF01 Porsche Cayenne 12yr ago when i was home on leave from the Army.. i only had it out for a quick blast due to goin out later in the evening for a family meal b4 being sent back to Germany where i served. Yrs later Capt Covid has me bored senseless so i got it out the loft. I had to replace remote coz the battery deck was knackered... Next (most importants IMO) Is i NEED to get rid of the god awefull shell i am driving... Porsche's are absolute eye sore's... disgusting cars... i want BEEFY and MEAN! also i need Specs (mm) for F and R shocks. Also links to Alloy Hop-Ups would be much appreciated. I know its alot to ask but... hey... im new to Modding and i have a few stress points hence wanting alloy parts. Drive Hard or go home i say!
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