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  1. Sadly unable to get a response and not heard back from FH team.
  2. Tried to contact Joanne at FH since last Friday, emailed and left VM's but received no response back. Hope everything is okay with them?
  3. I think after a 20 something years I am the one who's late to the party This is awesome, who knew that when not driving the WW, he's looking after his plants.
  4. Hi all, Finally getting around to build a couple of kits and preparing myself with the right tools..... I was wondering what type of brushes you have found work well for driver painting? First up is the building of my first RC car (which was a used example with a thunder dragon body) 'The Hornet' and I note that the exterior lights need painting also. Any tips or techniques appreciated! Cheers
  5. Agree with deadmeat666, you can get a DT-03 (58628 TAMIYA RACING FIGHTER - DT03) over at Fusion Hobbies and you’ll get 5/10% off depending on your forum member status. Just to seal the deal the kit has a nice bonus pack included - it features a torque tuned motor and CVA oil dampers. Only snag is your timeline, perhaps the DT-02 (58374 TAMIYA SAND VIPER - DT02) is an option as current showing 1-2 days, and comes with bearings and CVA shocks also better front tyres and some say better looking. Hope that helps, and enjoy the time with your sons with the cars, I know I did with my dad and now he said he wants to do it all again(30 years later) with me which is one of the reasons I am on the forum and have purchased a DT-03 as my starting point.
  6. Cheers for posting this as we were in Ikea the other week and thought would Kallax work for hosting the cars. Looked at the build instructions (great that Ikea host them on the product pages) and apart from leaving a couple of dowel holes (which you can find a suitable plug), you can omit some of the partitions so you can place a car in sideways or on a slight angle to mix it up a bit. Bang for buck a really good option and in a range of colours to suit.
  7. Cheers @Wooders28, likewise it was good to meet you and a few others, cheers for the chat. Hope you have a grass free car now!
  8. Cracking idea...... done my bit by grabbing a ticket this evening.
  9. I don't really dig some of decals and the one on the wing just doesn't do it like a classic such as..... 'Anytime Baby'....... I am going with the other rib which to keep with the original fit wheels. What Carson 2wd set are you looking at? Hop-ups are what half the fun is about..... trying to draw the line is the tough bit!
  10. Ah someone who has purchased the Venom's, did you go for the foam inserts out of interest? Like what you have done with the DT-03, mine is still trying to get running as just coming back into the game. Trying to work out what colour to do the shell in , you did a cracking job with yours BTW.
  11. Good to know, which is how it should be.
  12. Cheers for the update. Feels more like prepping for surgery than RC practicing does it. I remember being at my old club when I was a boy and marshalling..... the adults started to shout at you if you didn't put their car back on the track first ..... I guess the face shield will protect against any projectiles being thrown at you ..... have things on the marshalling front calmed down in the last two decades?
  13. Cheers Wooders28 for the steer on the club front. Will have a look at the links and FB sites.
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