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  1. Cheers @Wooders28, likewise it was good to meet you and a few others, cheers for the chat. Hope you have a grass free car now!
  2. Cracking idea...... done my bit by grabbing a ticket this evening.
  3. I don't really dig some of decals and the one on the wing just doesn't do it like a classic such as..... 'Anytime Baby'....... I am going with the other rib which to keep with the original fit wheels. What Carson 2wd set are you looking at? Hop-ups are what half the fun is about..... trying to draw the line is the tough bit!
  4. Ah someone who has purchased the Venom's, did you go for the foam inserts out of interest? Like what you have done with the DT-03, mine is still trying to get running as just coming back into the game. Trying to work out what colour to do the shell in , you did a cracking job with yours BTW.
  5. Good to know, which is how it should be.
  6. Cheers for the update. Feels more like prepping for surgery than RC practicing does it. I remember being at my old club when I was a boy and marshalling..... the adults started to shout at you if you didn't put their car back on the track first ..... I guess the face shield will protect against any projectiles being thrown at you ..... have things on the marshalling front calmed down in the last two decades?
  7. Cheers Wooders28 for the steer on the club front. Will have a look at the links and FB sites.
  8. Cheers guys really appreciate the input on this..... its almost enough to make you think again when starting out for the second time. Good to see this forum reaches far as well as local..... hello Jonathon from NZ and Wooders28 you're just a wee bit north from me as I am in Biggar. Wooders, out of interest which club are you a member of? My biggest issue is the ergo of the tx's as if that is not right you are not going to gel with it. Ah the delights of lockdown and u-tube is great, one guys says this is the one to get and then someone else says another....... last night I was getting a bit u-tubed out, so went and put together the suspension on the DT-03!
  9. Cheers for the responses thus far guys, all useful views and info will check out those recommendations. I see there is a load of B6 rips on the market, so need to ensure I avoid those trappings.
  10. So getting back into RC after 2 (cough) decades and when I hung up my old stick Attack R tx life was simple.... now you have way too much choice. So here my brief: Just have purchased the first kit, a DT-03 Black Edition (enjoying the build), however expecting the 'bug' to see the collection to grow, Tamiya and non-Tamiya. Require tx, rx, servo, battery & charger. Like the idea of the wheel control tx but due to lock down unable to travel to model shops to get 'hands on'. TX to be able to hold 6+ car setting in memory, not feel like cheap plastic (sometimes I wish I kept my old gear simply for the quality) and not be 'buggy' or temperamental - been looking at Flysky FS-GT5 / Futaba 3PV / SPEKTRUM DX5 / Sanwa MT-S Toying with the idea of getting into club racing (going to reach out to 'local' clubs to see what is what) just for some fun, nothing too competitive - so is it worth spending more on a tx upfront than having to buy again? I see the price range for rx's vary considerably so need to take this into account. Any recommendation of servo's, batteries & chargers? I know stocks are low and prices are high at the moment re lockdown, so I am happy to wait to get the DT-03 on the road. Cheers Marc
  11. HI Marc, Just coming back into the RC scene after (cough) two decades and thinking about the club scene too. Have you look into any of the clubs around the area (they are quite spread out), I ask as I am not that far from you (Biggar), I use to dabble in 4wd off road racing, quite fancy going back to that but in 2wd format. Challenge is finding off-road club courses thus far and I get what contributors are saying about it might be something you have to visit and get a feel for each club with boots on the ground. Plan to reach out to some of the committee members of clubs and get a view on things whilst in lockdown to kick the ball off. Cheers Marc
  12. Just had delivered a DT-03 Black Edition from Germany. Really good price and a few units left if interested and didn't get my pants pulled down on courier either! PM if you want to know the details. Nice build Dan, I am retiring after 2 decades away from RC'ing also! Cheers
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