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  1. Bought some more bits for my XV-01, hopefully make it a bit more resilient for while i'm out bashing (again with helpful advice from this forum). And i couldn't resist a bit of blue for my TT-02 I have to admit the TT-02 is such a great little car for car park bashing. It was a great buy and fun way to learn about how (from stock) upgrades change the cars characteristics, as your replace broken parts or just upgrade for general improvements.
  2. Postman brought me - * Suspension balls as one of the plastic originals keep popping out of the lower suspension arms on my TT02 * 2 servo savers for my Clod, broke a cheap servo so though would invest in a better grade servo and servo savers * 4 cheap shocks for the clod. Bought four several months ago from eBay that were suprisingly good. Decided to double up and use eight shocks but original seller had none. Scoured the internet trying to find identical versions but could not find. Eventually found some on AliExpress, but when the turned up they did not look like the pictures 😦 so back they go. Anyone had any experience returning to AliExpress?
  3. After loosing yet more shock parts on my XV-01, following advice from members on this forum i purchased GF-01 shocks and TRF201 springs. Fitted tonight ready for the first run with them on tomorrow
  4. I was in the same position a few months ago, used a Futaba 3TPV wheel but gave up and never really felt comfortable with the wheel. Wanted to return to the stick but theres not much choice, Futaba 4GRS was on the list but could not justify the price. After researching I went for the FLYSKY FS-I6. Requires a little modding but I highly recommend it. I have bound it to all my car's and the kit is cheap as chips. Plus it can handle 4 wheel steering out the box, great for the clod and at the price you can't knock it. Thought the build quality of the controller would be questionable at the price, but I have no complaints over it. It well worth consideration 👍
  5. Can anyone assist who has the following spare for sale? - TT-02R gearbox joint MB16 19804237 Lost one the other day after an impact, struggling to find any in stock online. Does anyone have any spare or can point me in the right direction to find them? Thanks
  6. The whole chassis had only about 15 minutes on the clock. Might have been throttle on, hit a kerb at about 50 meters away after a spin in a Trafford centre car park. Bought a steel CVD replacement but is on a very slow boat from somewhere. In the meantime bought and built a tt-02r from tamico, after a deal posted a week or so ago. This forum is dangerous to the wallet! 😀
  7. Thanks for the advice. After scouring the car park, i managed to find the missing spring so thats one item off the shopping list. Ordered the GPM cvd's so should be back up and running in a few weeks. With the long damper XV-01 fit it came with the FRP damper stays, a few people have mentioned upgrading to aluminium, i take it this is the way to go? Thanks
  8. I need some advice from the collective again Do you ever feel cursed on a build? The first time i took this car out, after 5 mins managed to flip it and it reversed into a carpark curb. Wishbone popped out of the lower suspension strut. Luckily found the dog bone but had to order a new NN tree for the spacers and bits. Then tonight up and running again, took it to another large car park. After 1- minutes, somehow managed to side impact the only curb out there The cost - lost dog bone, lost suspension spring, bottom spring holder and look like i have bent the cup. My questions i need help with are - 1. Instead of buying new dog bones, should i go with CVD's (not had any experience with these), something like - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tamiya-XV-01-Spring-Steel-Front/dp/B075LQ7T5M ?? 2. Does anyone know where i can get a replacement spring for the long damper spec model? For the parts needed to replace (new tree etc..) is it worth investing in a new shock set? Might have to go back to my DT-03, that hit everything (not on purpose of course) and always bounced back, built like a tank
  9. The uprights came with the kit, I think they are long damper versions. I lined up the chassis on my board and it does look like its only pointing in by a couple degrees, the original picture just distorted it. Makes sense to assist it running in a straight line, just though I had done something wrong. Never noticed it before but have only run my dt-03, you live and learn.
  10. Hi everyone. I have spent the last few weeks putting together and XV-01 long damper spec kit. It's been a joy to put together using the manual and watching rcmojo build videos. I've finished the chassis but when looking at it closely the geometry of the back wheels it out, they look like they are pointing in (towards the front). The picture makes it look worse that it is. The front wheels are straight and fine. I think it's something to do with the rear arm mounts but following through the manual all the correct parts were used. Have I just done a novice error, or am I missing something. Anyone build one of these kits and have any advice?
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