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  1. I think the raced steering Rack is top of my list now. Interesting to see you can use the Ali prop shaft without the Ali cups either end!?
  2. Ok. I went for Vallejo paint again as it seemed to work well on my Defender build. was going to try and scrape the paint off and use a scotch pad on the rest. But tried some cellulose thinners on a cloth and this took the paint off well and didn’t seem to effect the shell to much. much preferred applying the paint with my airbrush, and the Vallejo paint doesn’t smell so fumey! And we’re back to where we were! I also applied some black to the inside this time, and also applied some gorilla tape to the bottom edges as they’d taken a bit of a battering after a few runs.
  3. Thanks! Glad I’m not Missing out with the fancy aliminium ones then
  4. Thanks. I’ve got brake fluid, so might have a go with scotchbrite then brake fluid on anything that I can’t get off
  5. Just a follow up on my paint job - checked and I’d used Tamiya TS paint! What’s the best way to remove this from Lexan? Might see how much I can remove with the scotch bright pad first.
  6. Thanks, I’ll have a look at the Yeah Racing Stuff then thanks
  7. Hi! I used the Vallejo paint on the Defender I recently painted, Tamiya on this build. I used Vallejo as I wanted a specific colour match, but I think I will just use an Airbrush specific Lexan paint for my next build!
  8. Yes I’ve been watching Rob and Marks vids over the last few months. Some great tips and I’ve enjoyed watching their unboxings. Ok, steering next! Of all the different brands, are any better than the others? Im going to check the paint I bought, be a bit annoying if it isn’t Lexan paint.
  9. On full extension the dog bones do seem to catch a bit, but I think as the car will settle a bit as it’s running it should be ok. I think the CV joints will be on the list one day just incase though. Think they will help incase I decided increase the steering angle too. Yes I must have done something wrong with the paint! Just not sure what?
  10. So back to improving the front ride height. What I had noticed is the steering arms limited how far the front wishbones dropped, so I tried putting a chamfer on the end. This didn’t make an aweful lot of difference, until I had the idea to add a spacer underneath the end between the arm and the hub arm, bit hard to see here below? But made a big difference with all the other mods made before. New lower ride height on the left. And new ride height overall below. Really need to measure the difference really!
  11. What I wasn’t happy with, were these parts of the suspension that really protrude down and ruin the ground clearance next to the front wheels and must really get in the way. So decided they must go! So cut the hubs off as marked here. And replaced with a washer. Which now means the clearance is improved next to the front wheel, as on the right here.
  12. Next to work on the fronts. This involves removing this section of plastic from the inside of the front wishbone below, and chamfering the top washer of the hub (forgot to take a picture of this). This improved things a little, but not a lot. You can see it’s opened a slight gap above this airbrush cup where it was touching before. And overall ride height improvement below.
  13. Inspired by watching this YouTube video by Rob Brennan, I decided I’d try some chassis mods to improve the off-road performance of my Lancia, and see if I can get it running better on grass. At the moment these are all ‘free’ mods, but I may spend money on more mods if I think I need them in the future. Most of these mods are probably already well known! But I’d be interested in what other people have done and if there’s any things I can do to improve things. First off the chassis with standard ‘High’ chassis setting. The biggest improvement was to cut these parts off the rear hubs. And then cutting these sections from the wishbones. Which, combined with the new shocks, which you need to let the wishbones drop lower, seemed to make a big difference. Standard ride height right, improved ride height left.
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