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  1. I couldn't figure out how this chassis attached to the gearbox/axle and my hobbyshop guy can't figure it out either... How do I hook the legs that have the sway bars on them to the gearbox/axle? A picture would be great! https://www.ebay.com/itm/2020-Ripper-Pro-Chassis-Kit-for-Clodbuster-by-Thunder-Tech-Racing/303918199428?hash=item46c2efb284:g:qKYAAOSwnGlfx84d
  2. I just love my Clods so much I dont want to change to a different truck. Anyone know how the instructions are for a Ripper pro chassis?
  3. Anyone know how the instructions are for a Ripper pro chassis?
  4. What monster truck would be considered a shaft driven truck?
  5. So honestly... will the Ripper and Rage chassis' break fairly easily?
  6. So I am looking into buying a Ripper pro or Rage chassis. I already have 2 Clods that have Time Warp chassis'. Between the Ripper and Rage which one is more durable and which one is best performance wise for jumping? Would I need any aftermarket braces to make these chassis' stronger? Thanks for your help guys and gals!
  7. Should I build my Super Clod Buster with the stock screws or do I need the KNK bag?: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Team-KNK-Tamiya-Clodbuster-Stainless-Hardware-Kit-KNKTCB001/182889500364?hash=item2a95104ecc:g:HjUAAOSwWflaBL4m
  8. My motors are 540 Hobbywing EZrun seen here. Very good quality! https://www.hobbywingdirect.com/products/ezrun-3652sl-g2-motors?variant=27755254929
  9. Do you think the 3300kv motors with the 3s Lipo will be faster than the 4000kv motors with the 2s Lipo?
  10. No only running one 2s Lipo. I will try a 3s Lipo on my new clod.
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