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  1. Should I build my Super Clod Buster with the stock screws or do I need the KNK bag?: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Team-KNK-Tamiya-Clodbuster-Stainless-Hardware-Kit-KNKTCB001/182889500364?hash=item2a95104ecc:g:HjUAAOSwWflaBL4m
  2. My motors are 540 Hobbywing EZrun seen here. Very good quality! https://www.hobbywingdirect.com/products/ezrun-3652sl-g2-motors?variant=27755254929
  3. Do you think the 3300kv motors with the 3s Lipo will be faster than the 4000kv motors with the 2s Lipo?
  4. So I am going to do a whole new Clod. My last Clod has dual Hobbywing Max 10 ESC and 4000kv motors. Its fast but I want faster. Lol I was wondering if I should go with the 5400kv motors or am I pushing this too far. Please help guys. I will have tons of other upgrades as well like a rear lockout, a front bumper that houses a steering servo, upgraded wheels and tires, CPE time warp chassis, CPE steering linkage. Among other things.
  5. Thanks! Love my Time Warp CPE chassis! But, with my 4000kv motors I want it to land better because its going so fast it flips over easily. I like the bouncing too actually but would rather have it not break on me. So the softer springs will compromise jumping? That sucks because I love jumping my Clod off of speed bumps in a parking lot. I had some stiffer shocks on it but haven't run my Clod with these new softer shocks because it keeps snowing and I dont want to get my Clod wet.
  6. Thanks buddy! Just waiting for snow to melt and parking lot to be dry. I am hoping it jumps better on the speed bumps in the parking lot with the new shock positioning. Its brushless with 2, 4000kv motors. Really fast for a Clod!
  7. Heres a picture of my Super Clod Buster... Are the shocks on at a good angle or should they be more up and down? Thanks for your time!
  8. Also selling the brand new tires and wheels out of the same brand new box! $85 shipped for the tires and wheels.
  9. I just opened my Super Clod box up and dont need the 2 motors or ESC. How about 55 bucks shipped inside of the 48 states. Also tires and wheels for sale brand new out of box as well. $85 for tires and wheels.
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