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  1. Try Googling RCDecals, they reproduced the decals for a Honda CB750 Racing Type. The kit was from the first production run, so some 45+ years old and had yellowed and dried out. Bill W.
  2. Just to let you know that Mark Parnell at RC Decals came up trumps. I scanned to him a decal sheet from the newer model I have yet to do and he has replicated it. Cost £10. Well worth it. Bill W.
  3. Sent him a full-size scan of the decal sheet and I am waiting his reply.
  4. Thanks, just dropped him a message Bill W.
  5. PS This is a 1/6 scale kit. Bill W.
  6. Does any one know where I can get a set of decals for a discontinued kit. I have a Honda CB750 Racing Type. As it is one of the original kits it is over 50 years old. I have another CB750 racing type kit that’s one of the last kits made. The decals in that seem to be in good condition. I would like a company to replicate these decals for the 50 year old kit. The old decalsseem to have dried out, as when I tried to put the one on the front mudguard it seemed to go on OK but next day it had dried out and racked and started flaking off. Any one any leads at all. I’ve tried googling it but no joy. Bill W.
  7. As the kit is one of the original kits 0603, the pieces are all ove 40 years old. So far the plastic seems OK and sticking well, using the Tamiya cement. The problem is the decals. They are that old the white background has yellowed. I tried to put one on the front mudguard. I cut it out and put it in a saucer of water . It curled up as I would expect, but when it unfurled the actual decal was split in several places so was unusable.I tried some of the others and the larger number decals survived but the thin attached ones didn’t. Even when I cut out the second number decal and just used the number and applied it to a flat surface. Despite the decal going on unbroken and looked perfect, when it dried out there was no adhesion and it fell off. Has anyone any idea wher I can get replacement decals from? I have a second kit to do from the last batch, 06003 and the decals in that kit look OK, but I would like to get new ones fo that as well. Do you know of anyone who manufactures decals, either the waterslide type or thin sticky backed vinyl ones on a base sheet. Bill W.
  8. Hi, I have been in touch with Tamiya in Japan and the chainset was actually designed and made for the Africa Twin. I suppose if anyone had the talent and a 3D printer they could replicate the Africa Twin pitch on a set of sprockets that would fit the 750 Racing Type and perhaps the CB 750 1:6 scale road bike. Thoughts anyone? Bill W
  9. I don‘t know if anyone has tried to fit one of the 12674 chain sets from the Tamiya detail-in parts series to an original ‘70’s 0603 Honda CB750 Racing Type, DON’T. The chainset is of a different size. The distance between the teeth on the rear and drive sprockets is approx 3mm. The 12674 chainset is 2.5mm. It is a no go. I now have the choice of building up the supplied movable chainset , or using the static one. As I have already installed the gearbox sprocket, I am going to modify the gearbox end of the fixed chainset by cutting out the built in gearbox cog and drilling out the chain to provide slots for the installed gearbox socket to go. Anyone know which 1/6 scale models they are designed to fit? Cheers Bill W.
  10. Here are a couple of pics of the Tamiya chain built from their add on series. Not tried it yet as no rear wheel in yet. The chainset has taken about a week on and of, using tweezers, a cocktail stick and a good scalpel blade and a floor standing magnifying glass, well lit. The longest job was cleaning the excess plastic off the parts after taking them off the sprue. They are so small and need a great deal of patience and care. The metal roller is 1.3mm dis. The 1 is in the shadow of the roller. Bill W.
  11. Ref original question, all my photographs are taken with my iPad. Do these have same probs as iPhone??
  12. Why is it that when I try and post photographs from my iPad that they are rotated by 90 degrees. I am no techie so don’t know how to correct it. Help appreciated. Also how do reduce the Megabits of the photo to enable me to post it? This one rotated 180 deg. Thanks Bill W
  13. I will have more pics when I am a bit further on. At the moment just the frame and engine done. Bill W.
  14. Yes they are all individual rollers and pins. The Tamiya one I am doing is part of the Tamiya Detail it Up series as opposed to the one supplied as an alternative in the original kit. The newer one has the metal rollers and clips together with the aid of a jig. The older one had plastic pins and rollers with metal links and was the pins were glued into the rollers. Bill W.
  15. Hi All, Some time ago I bought a Tamiya chainset for 1/6 scale. I intended to use it on an African Twin. Instead I bought the Honda CB 750 Racing Type. I duly brought out the chain kit, intending to use it on the Honda, but I seem to have mislaid/lost the metal rollers. Can these be bought separately from Tamiya, or does it mean buying a new chain set. Alternately does anyone have the metal parts I need, lying about looking for a new home?? Thanks. Bill W.
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