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  1. As you say, the part number is the same. In all honesty, I think I ordered it in error as the Africa twin has separate gearbox and wheel sprockets but has a fixed chain. The earlier CB750 Kits had the same setup. I suspect in the interest of keeping the price down they manufactured the latest batch with the gearbox sprocket, chain and rear wheel sprocket all moulded as a single unit. Crap, but cheap. I will just hang on to the chainset and see if I can get an Africa Twin to use it on. Thanks for your help Bill W.
  2. The Tamiya. Chain set only comes with plastic chain links and metal rollers. No sprockets at all. I first made Tamiya motorcycles in the 1960’s And I must say that the quality of the kits then were fantastic compared to today’s kits. Have they been bought out at all in the intervening years. I have been looking on the internet for Tamiya kits forums, but not a lot around. I Will have to keep trawling round. thanks Bill W.
  3. Busdriver, With the Honda CB750F the gearbox sprocket, chain and rear wheel Sprocket are moulded as one piece. When fitted effectively lock the rear wheel. My logic is, if they make a chain kit, there must be individual gearbox and rear wheel sprockets? Just knowing where to find them. As it is my first 1/6 scale I am needing all the help I can. The ironic thing is that the complete chain and sprockets are availableFor the 1/12 scale. Thanks Bill
  4. Thanks for the replies. Is there a site/forum that deals with the Tamiya models especially the 1/6 scale motorcycles. Thanks Bill W.
  5. Hi All, This is my first post on here, so be gentle. I am building a 1/6 scale Honda CB750F. What I want to do is to fit it with a metal chainset and the appropriate cogs on the gearbox and rear wheel. I can find the 12674 Assembly chainset, for the realistic chain but I can’t seem to find the cogs for the gearbox and rear wheel. Can a member point me in the right direction to find them? Thanks Bill W.
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