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  1. Now that's the sort of info I like. Metal uprights sound like a plan. I'll find some part numbers. I have already found a set of wheels that would fit, they are just orange. Yes it used to have the Diplo wheels but they have disappeared and had full foam fronts on it. I'll await the PM.
  2. I'm watching a set of uprights that are in America but due to the import fees make it twice the price. As a temp measure while I find the correct parts I'll be handing the car over to a mate to draw up the upright and the 3D print a couple of sets. Also a front wing.
  3. But put the shell on and it doesn't look to bad. I shall be doing some repairs to the shell for the time being. So now it's more the parts I'm after. Main thing is the SP1133 front upright. Front wheels as I only have 1 at present And the shell in the future. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. So with the motor mount fitted.there is a screw that needs countersinking but a minor issue. As you can see in this picture, the front upright needs to be replaced.
  5. So I found some parts, the motor mount and diff parts on EBay. So got those parts bought and fitted. There was also a part sticker sheet included.
  6. Well I was pointed in the direction of this site by one of my club mates. The car used to belong to my Dad, sort of still does in a way, it was on his possession before I was born, so it's roughly 38 years old. So in the late 90s, we recommissioned the car and ran it a local club. Sadly as with racing a breakage of course occurred. The car then was mothballed and donated the motor mount and rear axle for a school project. Fast forward to a week or so ago I dug the car out and started looking for parts. It certainly needs most of it.
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