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  1. Having just been hooked to my MF-01X (due to its smallish, silly speed and nimble handling) and I just took another look at M chassis. I now understand that even numbers are RWD and odd numbers are FWD. However, I noticed M05 and M06 do not have damper shocks. M07 and M08 have damper shocks, ball bearings and universal drive shafts all included, minus ESC & body but I think they are much better value for money in comparsion with M05/M06 kits above?
  2. One last question - the holes next to the metal motor mounting plate, do these need to be covered?
  3. Yes, I thought the same. Just completed the body with stickers today and had a run with it...boy, it was flying! I did not anticipate it to be so fast on a stock set up!! Acceleration was very quick too. Even with rear diff locked, it is almost uncontrollable on slightly loose surface but it was a great fun, skidding/sliding it around. I can now see the appeal of M chassis, is that to do with it being small and light?
  4. Just got it taken apart, I thought it would take a lots of screws but I only needed to unscrew 13 screws to open the front gearbox. Opening the diff up and checked it over, it looked ok and putting it back together and now the front diff rotates freely as what was expected of it, phew!
  5. Recently, I decided to return this set of shocks because one of them feels a bit rough. However, I found out that fiction shocks that came with the kits are actually around 53mm. So I ordered 54753 (rather than 50746) because this set contains 4 shocks rather than a pair of 50746 making it far more expensive. The length of these shocks are 55mm but with internal spacers added, they became around 52mm. This build is near completed but I noticed that front diff is very stiff, I had to hold the rear wheels firmly and rotate the front wheel in order for other wheel to turn the opposited way? I guess I have to take it apart and check the front gear box...but let me ask you, is that normal for MF-01X? Out of CC-01, CC-02 and this kit, MF-01X is most time consuming build I have ever done lol
  6. I think it explains why I bought CC-01 Defender 90, CC-02 Merc G500 and lastly, Suzuki Jimny MF-01X in the past 2 years! I used to own AE TC3 which was one of the best, if not the best touring car at the time it came out but the bodyshell was just lifeless. Prior to getting Defender 90, I had looked at Traxxas TX4 along with other crawlers/trailers but I thought it was not realistic since it had much bigger & wider wheels/tyres despite being in the same 1/10th as Tamiya one, let along being more expensive.
  7. @TurnipJF I got this Super Mini shock set for my MF-01X, I noticed that without the internal, the shock length is 55mm, which is 5mm too long? I built them last night but not fitted them yet but now it looks like I got to put in internal spacer to stop dogbone popping out.
  8. Thanks, it is hard to know which one would fit, without trying them out. I haven't tried steel wheels but they seem to be very popular, especially with crawlers.
  9. Looks great @Juls1. I also have CC-02 too, what tyre/wheel combo are you using? Because I have cheapo chinese tyres/wheel (from CC-01 Defender) rubbing the front shock when turning fully.
  10. Received these CVA shocks Tamiya #54753 for my MF-01X. This set of 4 works out far cheaper than #50746 (2 shocks), not only that but also includes springs which #50746 do not have.
  11. Thanks, I guess it's the normal with TBLE-02S. It is still jerky (Just found out that they call it "cogging" if that is the right word to use) on flat surface but when I put it on the slope, to climb up, it isn't too bad as I would have thought so. Interesting thing is that TBLE-02S instruction manual says to switch throttle input to 'Reverse' and then set up ESC...I tried that, it didn't make much difference...
  12. Just digging a bit about this ESC, there seems to be some reliability issues with it. I guess some people have good reasons not to use it so I think it's not worth the bother to contact Tamiya, just get it replaced with different ESC like Hobbywing 1060.
  13. Just tested other car motor and it is also jerky. Re-connect other motor back to its own ESC, a bit smoother and less jerky. But the issue remains: Is that a normal behavour of TBLE-02s? If not, I will have to contact Tamiya about this.
  14. Yes, although I have the spare, I'll try the motor on other car tomorrow, which has the same ESC so it should give me idea how it normally runs.
  15. It is with Tamiya stock motor which is brushed. I checked the cables and they are all seemed ok. Although I could do pull out receiver plugs and put them back in...however, the fact remains that it stopped working a few months since new. I suppose ESC might be faulty if car doesn't move with tiny throttle input, just a bit more and it jerks off.
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