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  1. Thanks all, noted on all the points made. ive ordered an Absima and will install that and recalibrate the ESC as suggested. Thanks again, T
  2. Thanks so much JJ, thats what I’ve been thinking too T
  3. Not sure, thanks I’ll check. Also, with the old MSC in, the vehicle did the same thing. Ie was erratic and zoomed off, steering glitching etc.
  4. Hello everyone, I’ve just joined as like others (I expect), the lock down has caused me to go down memory lane and get back into RC cars. My first was a Falcon back in the early 90’s. I am hoping someone could provide me with some much needed advice, please. Im currently trying to get my mates Lunchbox to run. He bought it off eBay, it had an old MSC (now replaced with an official Tamiya ESC), but every time I turn it on, it keeps flinching/glitching, with some of my commands being met, then it gets erratic, and can zoom off by itself. Please, does anyone know what a solution could be? Servos are still the originals from when it was first assembled, and the transmitter is an old Acoms 27MHz with matching crystals (No. 6, Blue), stick type. Reciever is the old one, maker is ‘Beat2’. Should I replace the steering servo and also transmitter/receiver. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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