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  1. Yes, I have it. Are you thinking of glueing it on again?
  2. New question arises after "flying" the Falcon: I found the gear box broken (one screw broke out of its fixation). Is there any possibility to get a new/unbroken gear box? Are there identical ones to the ones for the Falcon which I could use? Thanks in advance guys!
  3. Yeah, the braces are from AMPro. For the switch I used double-sided tape...
  4. Thank you very much! You made my day! I was sooooooo stupid.... just forgot one of the ball bearings.... Now it works! The Falcon flies again... I just need a switch for the third channel to use my headlights...an upgrade... So long...
  5. The pinion is 18T (counted each of them...). What do you mean with 32dp? Unfortunately the plastic gear is not really fixed (does it need to be?) but a little shaky (I can push the gear some milimeters (one or two))... nasty! Grrrrrrr............
  6. Hey guys! Thanks for all your comments....the project is almost coming to an end...as you can see: But I have a real big problem! After more than 30 years, I made the new "maiden voyage" (could you really say this?)...unfortunately the motor pinion every now and then (definitely more "now" than "then") wouldn´t grab the gear. I don´t know what to do...grrr....
  7. I installed the Upper and Lower Braces as well as the Rear Suspension Arms and the Bulkhead of AMPro. Everything looks fine...
  8. You made progress... looking forward to seeing the fixed and ready Falcon...
  9. Hey guys! Thank you for all the help! Now I´m almost ready...tomorrow would be the day to "fly" the falcon again... But I definitely need a shell for the shelf, project is going on... Oh...and I got the Thorp set, hope it will work.
  10. Yeah, thank you! I looked around, but could not really find fitting coil springs. I think I need 80mm x 17mm x 1mm for the rear ones... I tried oil 400, but it is too hard. Next I will try is 300...
  11. Driver and wing are ready...but this would only be the driving shell. I will definitely paint a new one (for the shelf)...;-))
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