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  1. Is it not for spacing the pinion to line up with the spur.
  2. Matty36

    Xray T2

    I have had to return to some old wheels as the new ones dont have enough clearance around the inner face, they catch without spacers, then they stick out too much. The original wheels are a perfect fit, or I have some multispoke ones which fit the same but have slicks glued on.
  3. Matty36

    Xray T2

    It's not too neat yet.
  4. Matty36

    Xray T2

    I have some stickers still to fit, and adjust the wheels in a bit by taking spacers out of the wishbones, I will take a pic of it with the lights on tomorrow
  5. Matty36

    Xray T2

    I have had my xray t2 since new in 2006, it has had some good use in 2007 then it sat on a shelf since then. I only have lipo batteries and this model only had a nimh or nicad chassis, so I modified it by removing the front drive belt and fitting the battery across the chassis. I wanted to put some lights on it but didn't have any light buckets, so used some aluminium and made my own fittings to put some lights on. I have used velcro to mount the body for now, but I may put some posts on at a later date.
  6. Thanks for the info, but in the end I painted it differently. I actually did not realise there was a legend Facebook page.
  7. I had the same problem when I wanted to build a truck out of a body I had already bought, the wheelbase was too long. In the end I used the cab and attached it to a bed made from aluminium which I'm still waiting to finish. I would say that the second body and some bigger wheels would look good, if you are going to alter the chassis anyway.
  8. You can buy extra receivers and just bind them. I use a transmitter with multi vehicles so I can set each one up separately, I'm pretty sure that they can all do the same.
  9. If it's made of lexan then it has been painted from the inside, so it's not easy to change. I believe there are ways to remove the paint, but I have no experience of that.
  10. The tyres arrived, I wasn't expecting them to be solid tyres, they had to be boiled in water to allow them to fit. Here is the chassis next to my 2006 x ray chassis, which I've changed to rear wheel drive.
  11. I would have to choose my TA01 as it was a birthday present when I was 12, all my other cars were just bought to race. What would you choose.
  12. I'm from the uk, and schumacher is in my collection as expected, but so is associated, tamiya, x ray, losi, hobao and mardave. My first buildable rc car was tamiya, I still have it, but for me it wasn't race ready, so I ended up with a b3. Pretty much all the local race drivers had either a b3 or xx when I started racing, the odd one had a schumacher cat. Tamiya for me was a car to play about with as it was too nice to bash about off road, parts weren't as easy to get from my local model shop, so I just went with the favoured buggy. When i raced touring cars, i went straight to schumacher, but reliability issues got me to change to x ray. I did buy a losi xxx4, which didn't like the bumpy off road track, but it did go good in a straight line, and had a distinct click on braking, but it was probably me driving it too hard. My TA01 is still in pretty good condition for a 25 year old car, so tamiya must have used good materials.
  13. Does it have 2 servos, if so, just move the throttle one by hand to see if it is the mechanical speed controller that is at fault, it may just be that either the speed controller is burnt out, or the servo is faulty.
  14. Does it not have a mechanical speed controller, or did all the QD cars have an electronic one.
  15. I like the older subaru imprezza, that cover looks good, I hate having a dirty chassis.
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