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  1. I loved the car in gran turismo, I'm pretty sure they are still available from tbg, I saw one for sale on ebay.
  2. When I used to race touring cars back in the early 2000's, I used a variety of body shells. The ones that had the most grip in corners were the corvette c5 and the hpi honda nsx. I had a honda accord on my nitro touring car which was a good all round body. There are a lot of touring car body shells that are high down force, but are not real world cars. I just choose a body now on how it looks as all my cars now are shelf models. I would suggest maybe a super car like the lamborghini or pagani.
  3. I usually cut the clear part out of the window stickers and just use the black part, it takes more time but I prefer the fully clear look.
  4. After a lot of thought about how I ruined the paintjob, I decided to take a gamble on removing the paint from the roof. I decided to order the carson paint remover, and it worked great. It only took a small amount, and a lot of rubbing but the test will be how good the new paint sticks.
  5. All my cars are shelters for now, due to lack of space to use them. The nitro touring cars need a big smooth track, the nitro truck is in pieces, the rally car is just too newly painted to damage, the 3 electric buggys and electric truck are waiting on the local track to reopen, the zonda is too low to use in the street. All of them would be capable of use apart from the nitro ones that havent been started up for at least 15 years.
  6. As it's nearly the start of the offroad outdoor season, I have decided to dust off and rebuild my old buggy. I had converted it to a rally car during lockdown 2020, now I have decided to rebuild it to its 2003 spec apart from some changes, which are; Hobao 12mm big bore shocks, for adjustability and the same springs as my 2wd buggys. Wing is now screwed on instead of clips. Rear pin drive is now 12mm hex, again to keep it the same as the 2wd buggys. Front is still on 10mm hex, but I have a few sets of wheels with tyres, so no big issue for now. The steering servo is now on the opposite side to help weigh more on the battery side. I was going to change the driveshafts for the losi 22-4 as it uses 12mm hex all round, but for some reason losi used weird driveshafts on the xxx4 and they are twice as thick as 2wd ones, so anything else is too loose in the diff outdrives. I am just waiting on some more steel outdrives, as it uses steel on the front and I want them on the rear as well so I can fit brushless. The bodyshell will need to be ordered, but I have the original one.
  7. In my pit box is 5.5mm spanner, 5.5mm nut socket, 7mm nut socket, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3.0mm hex driver. I find that's all that's needed for modern chassis. The multi tool that comes with most kits is great, I use them all the time.
  8. I decided to put the stickers on and it seems to have gone okay. I sorted the roof ripples out and used most of the stickers. The headlamp stickers went wrong so I removed them. I would love to paint the wheel spokes gold, but I'm not brave enough to attempt it.
  9. The postman brought me the required vinyl for the roof, it's not as perfect as I had wanted, but I think it's fine for sitting on a shelf. Once I sticker it up, it should be ok.
  10. Ok, just for now it's back on the shelf waiting for a few little bits to finish it off. The one thing I'm unsure about is how to mount the shell, magnets might be the answer.
  11. Now with the black bits screwed back on, I still have the lower parts of the doors to paint and fit, the rear diffuser to paint and fit and the front air intakes to fit. Once the roof and windows are sorted then I can drive it around a bit before it gets put on a shelf.
  12. As it was a warm day, I decided to give the copper color a try. I still need to fix the roof issue, but so far it's getting better. The roof will be black when its finished. It still has its protective film on for now.
  13. So far the paintjob has been a nightmare, I thought it was warm enough but apparently it has not been. I have masked it up a few times, finally I found a warm enough area at work to get some paint to stick. The silver paint decided to lift the black paint that had dried, so I have an idea to fix it, but it is in the post, hopefully next weekend i can fix the roof part. The next layer of paint should be the copper color, hopefully it goes on better.
  14. They are 1/8 ,buggy onroad wheels, with 12mm to 17mm adapters.
  15. The purple green tamiya paint is nice, I painted a truck with it and a mustang a few years ago.
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