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  1. Ok, the paint has arrived, I ended up ordering copper, translucent silver, bright silver and black. I do have some metallic white, white, silver and metallic blue, so the paintjob could end up weird.
  2. The nice postman brought me some tamiya paint.
  3. These are standup in the picture https://www.modelsport.co.uk/smd-long-life-motor-brushes-for-smd-power-tuned-motor-w-eyelet/rc-car-products/428010 There are quite a few springs for sale on ebay, different ones for modified or stock.
  4. Most transmitters have an ABS feature, which does work but is tricky to set up easily.
  5. I usually just tap them out with a 3mm allen driver, I tap the centre gently. If you are replacing the upright, can you not get new bearings, I was lucky and my old bearings came out when I replaced my front hubs last year.
  6. Does it still have the issue with the original shocks fitted.
  7. I would try moving the top shocks in as far as possible and the lower shock as far out as possible to limit the amount of travel. For a better fix I would put a spacer in the shock to limit the travel. Are they definitely buggy driveshafts, not touring car ones, on full compression they should nearly touch the inside of the outdrive, if not then they are too short.
  8. I had a few sets but sold them last year. Are they standup or laydown brushes you need.
  9. It is made by carisma, I bought it from modelsport, but a few places list it.
  10. If you can find one for sale, I like the pagani zonda r body.
  11. I think I have decided on a colour, it will probably be tamiya copper for the main body, Matt black for the front splitter, rear diffuser and rear wing.
  12. Is this tamiya one the right one, as they are available. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-51291-Toyota-Supra-Body-Parts-Set-TT01-TT02-TT01D-TT02D-NIP/383938402180?epid=2254506498&hash=item5964831784:g:EAcAAOSwIXdgHXEM
  13. I had a bit of time to fit the electrics, I had to put the wires under the rear pod which moves in 4 directions.
  14. The only thing I can suggest is to unplug everything, and just plug in the speed controller in ch2, leave the servo unplugged. Turn on the transmitter, then plug the battery in, then hold the bind button then switch on the speed controller. If it doesnt then light up the receiver then it might be damaged due to being plugged in the wrong way before.
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