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  1. Yup, the fronts are pretty awful in anything other than soft sand or deep gravel. As above Schumacher Cut Stagger, I like the low profile version as it rolls less.
  2. I’m loving my Proline Blockades for that sort of running. Soft grippy compound but wearing pretty well as they don’t spin up too much. Find that harder spikes actually wear faster on hard surfaces as they’re constantly wheel spinning. A bit dearer than Schumacher tyres but come with foams. Stagger rib low profile front with no foam.
  3. Agree with the rest of the replies. A crawler may not be ideal for you. My recently finished GS02 has a 55t motor on nimh and is not particularly quick. Suits me as it’s perfect for rocky beach driving when walking with my young son. Would be very boring on flat ground. There is a 2 speed option for it, and the new GS02F kits come 2 speed as standard.
  4. Chassis looks amazing but the thought of trimming that body makes me queasy.
  5. Poop, that looks rather good. Only got one pack through mine and it’s outdated already! Wonder if the front fenders will fit a BOM? Already planned the 2 speed for mine when it’s back in stock.
  6. Found part of the reason for my lack of speed. Slipper wasn’t nearly right enough and motor was just spinning at higher rpms. Difficult to properly tighten in initial build phase as the gearbox output shafts so small to hold. Much easier to tighten once installed in complete chassis with wheels to hold. Luckily the pinion is accessible with just 4 screws to come out. Lesson learned and much better performing crawler.
  7. Just finished mine off properly today, can‘t say I noticed anything wrong with the tyres. Lovely build, but a bit worrying that there’s so many left over screws. Generally only one of each, so I’m guessing it’s meant and I’ve just not totally cocked up every stage of the build. Suspension took a few goes to get all the joints pointing the correct way, but satisfying.
  8. JIS screwdrivers indispensable for Tamiya stuff. Recently bought a set of hex drivers in small sizes (1.5 - 3mm). Much stiffer an easier to use than small allen keys. Weirdest tool is a set of toe nail pliers for removing parts from bulk mouldings!
  9. It’s a GMade GS02 BOM, pretty decent choice of gearing. Think I’ll stick with the 55t just now, can always for the other on in at a later date. There’s also an optional Hilo box but it’s out of stock just now. Get what you mean about terrain, I live on the coast and am always out walking with my little boy. No need to make up courses when I’ve natural rocks and stones to play on. Some steep sided woods on one of our other frequent walks as well.
  10. Just built up my first crawler with a 55t crawler motor. Does the job but a lot slower than the buggy I’m used to. Have a spare Torque tuned can and wondered how it fares in a crawler? I know that crawlers aren’t supposed to be fast but just wondering.
  11. That’s why you do it while they’re at work. Never done it with pre-glued tyres, but definitely works with CA tyre glue. First attempt got concerned by the smell and didn’t leave them in long enough, put them back in and left for full 20 minutes and they came off cleanly leavings rims and foams ready to use again.
  12. Glued rims and tyres can be baked in the oven for 20 minutes at 160deg ( with your other half out of the house. My god it stinks) to soften the glue. Tyres come off easily and cleanly, just use oven gloves or a towel to handle them. Did my whole collection recently to finally get matched sets of preferred tyres on the same rims.
  13. I know nothing about crawlers and very little about rc in general, but for what it’s worth my BOM arrived today. Like you I also looked at the Axial, but the builders kit was expensive considering what else you need. Also didn’t want rtr as building is half the fun. Had also read about the transmission problems but according to rccrawler site, all new kits come with redesigned parts which solve the issue. Spares look non existent at the moment but that’s pretty standard for any rc at the moment Modelsport list them all and a lot have a prospective October arrival date In the end, I love the looks and I’m sure it’ll be more than tough enough for my needs.
  14. I’m using double sided 3M extreme tape used for hanging pictures. Rated for 10kg picture frames which is plenty for keeping body secure and allows magnets to be pulled apart. Easy to cut to shape and hasn’t affected paint.
  15. Nothing wrong with the actual damper, just the spring rate. They work really nicely with a stiffer spring front and rear. I used DF-03 spring pack which come with three choices, all stiffer than the stick ones.
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