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  1. Well I’ve never done it before so that’s why I was asking. Not buying a reamer that I’ll likely never use again, but I have a couple of tapered dremmel bits so looks like that’s the way to go.
  2. Recently bought a Kamtec shell and now have it rough trimmed. Next stage is to decide on mounting position and make the holes. What’s the best way of doing it cleanly? Have a cordless drill and selection of bits, or a dremmel with some engraving and sanding heads. Also, is it worth using masking tape where I intend to drill to stop any skipping before the bit bites?
  3. Have a look at 2.2 Schumacher truck tyres. I’ve just fitted them to Blitzer wheels for your dt03 truggy build. Nice fit and much nicer compound (yellow) than any Tamiya tyre I’ve seem.
  4. Yeah, unhook the cables from the motor so it doesn’t go ballistic when you calibrate the throttle. Controllers differ in how much travel the levers have. The esc need a reference of where full travel is is each direction. Without this it may never be giving max output. Trim is different and set where the neutral point is. Try and find a manual but the reset procedure is worth a try just as you typed. Not had a chance to run full set of truck tyres as I’m waiting on wheels coming. Only ran a rear set so far. Good traction but fronot overwhelmed by rear grip. Hopefully be better with full set of truck tyres. I went with mad bull axles as they were the cheapest I could find. Actually, I bought a while steering linkage as it was cheaper than just the axles.
  5. I’m a newbie at rc, so I may be way off, but here’s what I see. Pinion shouldn’t matter, in fact smaller should be better if you are running truck tyres. Tyres sound fine, I’ve used Vee 4 trucks and like them. Motor is getting up to speed, so it’s not that. Lipo should deliver enough current to do what your after. All that leaves ESC, or more precisely the settings. Have you set the throttle end point correctly? These esc don’t seem to have a set button, but googled it and MSUK forum was talking about same thing. They suggest unhook motor cables. Turn on Tx, hold full throttle and then turn on esc. This should give it max travel info. Some people say this only enters set mode and you then there to release, full throttle, release then full reverse. Others say just turn it off again. Worth a try. If you have a fancy transmitter you could try turning throttle range settings all the way up. Seems like anything more complicated needs the programming card, but esc seem to come set up fairly aggressively anyway. As always, read the manual. Often there’s a quick step you overlook in your hurry to get things built.
  6. Something sounds wrong with something I have a Absima branded Hobbywing 3400kv in my racing fighter running off a Nimh with Tamiya connectors. I’ve got the punch setting turned down to it’s softest and it will still wheelie in gravel and dirt. Stock setting was three out of four and it was uncontrollable.
  7. Thanks for all your advice. This thread was one of the reasons I went for a Racing Fighter. Planning my next project which is a a Kamtec Baja Bug shell for a truggy makeover.
  8. Stunk out the kitchen baking all my wheels and tyres (yes the wife was at work!j) Have been running mismatched random wheels and colours until I got a combo I liked. Placing some tyre orders today and wanted a blank slate before glueing up.
  9. Replaced springs all round on my Racing Fighter with the soft option from the DF01 kit. These are still stiffer than dt03 build springs. Tried the medium in the rear which improved bottom out on jumps but lost traction, so went back to the soft. Also tried slightly thicker oil (500cst] but didn’t like it and went back to original. New tyres should definitely be on your list. Kit front tyres are crap. I went with Schumacher Cut Stagger in yellow and these have been great. Rears are good on grass but not anywhere else. I’m just away to order some Proline Blockade, as I do a lot on dirt tracks. Also tempted by some of the Proline Dirt Oval tyres, but none in uk so postage is looking pricey. Have been running some Schumacher truck tyres on rear as I ordered wrong size, but they rolled a lot on buggy rims. Need to get some truck rims and fronts to match. Already got Mad Bull steering arms ready to go on. Definitely go with ball bearings from the start. Big improvement for very little money and saves the hassle of pulling gearbox later on which dismantles half the car. Make sure you get rubber shielded ones though, cheaper sets come metal shielded and won’t last as long. I also found the diff quite loose so part filled it with 500000cst diff oil. Helps both wheels spin together in soft conditions (great on beach). Again a cheap fix at £5 a bottle that’ll last forever. Avoid carbon and bling upgrades until you’ve run it a bit. Very few around at the moment and prices are silly. This is my first build and I knew it wouldn’t be the best car around, but it’s cheap which left money for eventual upgrades. It’s still way better than I am. I’d spend your upgrade money on few sets of wheels and tyres for different conditions.
  10. Looking at Mad Bull wheels for a truggy experiment. Do truck tyres fit these? Currently got Vee 4 truck tyres on buggy rears but looking to fit Vee 2 on the front but want matching rims. 2wd buggy by the way. Thanks.
  11. Loving my Racing Fighter and being tempted by brushless and other upgrades. It’s great on firm sand and grass, but not so good on dirt. Brushless could make this worse. Other problem is that when I price up the upgrades, they come to more than the kit was! Seen some 4wd kits without esc at a good price and these already come with turnbuckles. Would get spare receiver to match current set up and share handset and battery to save some cash. Anyway, my question is which would you chose between TT02b and DF03 and why?
  12. Had lots of grass to run on with the local golf course being shut but that won’t last. Enjoy the jumps at bmx track but hard to line up properly when the back end won’t stay straight. Forest tracks round here all pretty dry as well. Will check out the Prolines, already have Sand Slingers for the beach.
  13. Hi, first post here. Have recently built a Racing Fighter but hate the rear tyres on dry dusty surfaces. They work great on short grass but just spin like crazy on hard dirt and make the car really hard to control. Already changed the fronts to Schumacher Cut Staggers and was wondering what a decent rear would be? Already done a search the Carson’s that come up are all out of stock. UK stock preferred to keep post costs down. Thanks for any suggestions.
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