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  1. I run it in the higher setting, but the shocks I use are slightly shorter. Don’t think that makes much difference though. Can get over short grass but jumps and skips. Same on gravel. Ok for small patches but not much control over direction. If stopped on it, difficult to get started again.
  2. I’ve the Escort version and ground clearance isn’t great. Great on road and firm smooth dirt but anything gravelly or grassy and it really struggles.
  3. Loving the black fenders! Glad I’m not the only one that struggles to cut the chrome parts. Ended up using a pair of toenail pliers! Got it nice and flush but chipped a bit of the chrome off. Get out out and find some nice big rocks, it’s a really fun drive. Bit of extra weight on the front is good. I used the electronics box on the bottom and filed it with as many wheel weights I could cram in there.
  4. Good fun build that one. Rear suspension had me scratching my head more than a few times. Four arms and associated ball joints to align and get on the correct place. Shocks not as nice as even CVAs though. Found it very hard to get a consistent feel. Never a fan of box art paint jobs, way too predictable for me. I went for Tamiya’s Camel Yellow and am really pleased with it.
  5. Thanks Jon. Went ahead and ordered them and got them fitted today. Well chuffed with the results, much quicker but still good acceleration. Add bonus of extra engine braking giving a nice bit of lift off oversteer, mimicking handbrake turns. Change to 60D radials helps with rally style slides as well.
  6. Wanting to make my MF01x a bit quicker, how much difference does these make? Have swapped out stock motor for a 21.5 Brushless I already had to improve run time on a smaller battery and while initial acceleration is pretty good, top speed isn’t that great. Already running a 20t pinion. These gears look a cheaper option than yet another motor.
  7. Had similar issues at local bmx track I run at. Front I went for Schumacher Cut staggers and very happy with them. Rears I went for Proline Blockade. Quite a small block but good grippy compound. Might be an option for you depending on how deep the sand is. Work well if it’s just a fine coating. If deep can always go with a pair of sand slingers, I have them for beach running.
  8. Not very experienced driver but found the mid power sensorless brushless combo I had was too powerful for my DT03. Not much throttle control with a very on/off feeling. Cogging was very noticeable. Only place it was fun was the open beach. Changed back to the kit ecu with a 21t sensored Speed Passion brushless and it’s completely different. Very controllable and no cogging. Not hugely faster than Torque Tuned but good initial punch and longer run time. Standard ecu settings give same feel on neutral throttle but not as good braking. Sure this can be tweaked but it’s a lot of awkward button pressing on a Tamiya ecu. Posher ecu with programming card or similar would make this much easier.
  9. Nice. I was recently looking for the same but went for the Phat Bodies version. £14 including delivery for a set of 4. Seems very good so far. Just desperate for the delivery of UK parts so I can get a set of road tyres for my Escort. Some on eBay, but not at those prices.
  10. Direct from them. www.phatboddies.co.uk
  11. Took a punt on these and they arrived today. Very happy with them. Went with black but also available in silver. Would recommend for a second set of wheels for the Escort.
  12. Looks like Tamiya yellow is 400cst. Don’t think I’ll be far off with the 350 I already have. Can always do a 50:50 mix with the 500 if I need to. I know it’s cheap, but postage tends to double the price of these small items. Thanks for advice.
  13. Escort arrived today along with a set of 54000 dampers. Didn’t realise the dampers didn’t come with oil. What weight would be best for general bashing. Have a bottle of 350 and 500 already. Also, are the stock springs from the friction dampers and ok weight to use with oil dampers? Car will be used for cul de sac cruising and car park crashing, so not bothered about chasing the ultimate set up.
  14. Looking at a set of tarmac wheels for my upcoming mf01x build. Anyone used phat bodies mini lites? Look pretty decent and not to dear for a set of 4.
  15. Ordered one of these this morning, can’t wait. Any recommendations for wheels/tarmac tyres?
  16. Thanks for all the advice. Buggies are just too similar to what I have already Ordered a MF01X Escort this morning , with bearings and a set of alloy dampers. XV01 was tempting but pre cut and painted body of the Escort plus the fact I can have one now, swung it for me. Think I’m going to build it with the 21.5t BL Speed Passion motor from the DT03.
  17. Yeah, cheeky brushless on sand paddles is good fun as long as you’ve lots of space. Kind of unpredictable when you hit a stony patch though.
  18. Doesn’t have to be Tamiya, but does have to be a kit. Building is as much fun as bashing! Local park is hardly used and has big areas of firm grass. Probably gets a bit long for a rally build. Also have a military firing range nearby with miles are rough tarmac and gravel parking areas. Not completely set on the brushless combo, bought it for the DT03 but was too much of a handful. Eventually went for a 21t speed passion BL motor that suited it better, but this could be swapped out for original torque tuned and used in new build. Does sound like like I might be better sticking with buggy, as much as I love the look of the Escort and Lancia. Or just get both or all three. Think I’ve been on this site too long.
  19. Got a hankering for a new build and kits due to come in stock soon. Have a DT03 and a Gmade BOM and wanting some kind of fast 4wd build. Love the buggy look but with the 2wd buggy already also looking at a rally build. Got a few in mind. New iridescent green TT02b Plasma Edge looks amazing and I absolutely hate bodywork. Mk2 Escort also avoids any major bodywork and looks good. Dark Impact comes with bearings and better tyres than TT02, so price difference would be very close to TT02b. XV01 looks good too and seems pretty sorted out of box. Don’t intend any big upgrades, but do have a 3500kv brushless combo that I’d like to use with it. Thoughts?
  20. Yup, the fronts are pretty awful in anything other than soft sand or deep gravel. As above Schumacher Cut Stagger, I like the low profile version as it rolls less.
  21. I’m loving my Proline Blockades for that sort of running. Soft grippy compound but wearing pretty well as they don’t spin up too much. Find that harder spikes actually wear faster on hard surfaces as they’re constantly wheel spinning. A bit dearer than Schumacher tyres but come with foams. Stagger rib low profile front with no foam.
  22. Agree with the rest of the replies. A crawler may not be ideal for you. My recently finished GS02 has a 55t motor on nimh and is not particularly quick. Suits me as it’s perfect for rocky beach driving when walking with my young son. Would be very boring on flat ground. There is a 2 speed option for it, and the new GS02F kits come 2 speed as standard.
  23. Chassis looks amazing but the thought of trimming that body makes me queasy.
  24. Poop, that looks rather good. Only got one pack through mine and it’s outdated already! Wonder if the front fenders will fit a BOM? Already planned the 2 speed for mine when it’s back in stock.
  25. Found part of the reason for my lack of speed. Slipper wasn’t nearly right enough and motor was just spinning at higher rpms. Difficult to properly tighten in initial build phase as the gearbox output shafts so small to hold. Much easier to tighten once installed in complete chassis with wheels to hold. Luckily the pinion is accessible with just 4 screws to come out. Lesson learned and much better performing crawler.
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