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  1. My other hobby are 1:1 cars. My own cars are a Honda Civic, Accord Type R, Celica GT4 St205 and a Lexus IS200. As a side job i do wiring harnesses for all kind of cars and sell Haltech stand alone ECUs. I found back to RC with the birth of my daughter, as I can do the build an restoration at home after she went to bed. Before I always wanted to, but didn't found the time.
  2. Time goes by. So last week I had some spare time to mill out the reworked lower chassis plate. Here yo can see my mock-up gearbox and the 2 mounts for the suspension. At the back I also constructed a stiffening for the chassis plate. As the chassis is only mounted on 2 points on the underside, I felt the now longer back need some more stiffness. The first mounting of the DB01 parts. It's really interesting to see, how similar are the suspensions of the DF01 and the DB01. Later I will change the tunbuckles , but at the moment the old ones do their job. When I receive my ball bearings I will test fit the original TF universal shafts. This will keep the costs down and I have a new set of these I also want to keep the conversion more attractive for others to do the same. For the conversion we have to cut down the old suspension points at the gear case. So I fired up the CAD and constructed this... With this jig, I can mill down the suspension points and a small portion of the gear case cover ( for clearing the suspension mounts). I use a milling machine, but you also could use a dremel or something. Next will be some test fitting, and measuring of the damper and turnbuckle length. I also changed the thread title, as this is no longer a restoration. After the conversion there are only some screws, bushings etc. left of the old Top Force, all other parts are new or have changed from the original design.
  3. As ist was my first Tamiya, I vote for a re-release
  4. Don't know the ICS, but after some research the ICS seems to be the US counterpart of the LRP IPC. So it's from the beginning of the Millenium or so.
  5. As i'm a LRP fan I would prefer the AI runner reverse 2.0 https://www.lrp.cc/en/product/ai-runner-reverse-v20/
  6. There are a lot of old / vintage ESC out there, which will definitely perform better than the Tamiya ESC. I think of old LRP Runner or F1 ESC. You also could get Novak or GM Racing for really cheap. I like the old ESC's. They had al lot of technology for that period.
  7. For 2021 the main goal is to complete my TopForce DB01 Hybrid. With the current slow speed in updates I hope to be ready in June. The other project is to build my TA02 Racing Special Chassis replica. At the moment I only have a few parts, but hope these will getting more for Christmas. I also want to do some racing at the local track. Normaly for 1:8 Off Road, but just for fun it will work for 1:10.
  8. Yes, these are alloy steering arms in very great quality. I already broke 2 of these steering arms in my Manta Ray and the used Top Force also had a broken one. My steering arms always broke at the ball connector.
  9. Recieved my Willspeed steering arms for the Top Force. Realy nice machined pieces. Looks much better than the other arms available.
  10. Had some time to think about the options and came to the conclusion to go full restomod. Will use as much of new suspension components as possible. So the next step is to produce a new FRP Chassis for testfitting and to order some parts for the suspension. Oh, this could be an option. The flats can be produced much easier. Thank you.
  11. Some progress on the Top Force. Have ordered the DB01 rear and front wishbone. As you can see, the DB01 and the DF01 wishbones have identical dimensions. The different dimensions at the gearbox doesn't matter. With the conversion of the rear attachment points I need the smaller width. The TF has the Dampers in the back so there will be no attachment points at the DB01 wishbones. After some investigations ( i looked at my Zahhak/DN01 😁) I found out the DB02 and DN01 has the same wishbones except they have attachmentpoints in the front and the back. With the new wishbones you can use the old DF01 or the new DB02 knuckle. I think I use the new one ,but have to test the fitment of the TF driveshafts In the front things look a bit different. The DB01 wishbone is much longer, but I don't know if the overall length is the same as with the original suspension. Here I don't know what I want. Stay with the oldschool suspension or switch over to the new one of the DB01. I don't know if I destroy the "spirit" of the original TF What do you think?
  12. I realy like this mill and I'm happy that i can use it after work. There are a lot of cheaper ones out there. This one accept workpieces (sheets) of 1meter x 1 meter. Thats a lot more than you need at home.
  13. So I'm not alone If I can keep the TF arms I would be happy, but I think I have to design a mix of TF and DB01. The DB01 arms will probably be to long for the TF suspension parts. I use the mill here at work. It's a VHF Premium. So more a professional machine and a bit to expensive and to big for milling at home. https://www.vhf.de/en/products/industry-sign-making/cnc-milling-machines/premium/
  14. A TA-02 as RWD can be compared to a modern 2WD Buggy with the motor in front of the rear axle. They build this, because modern carpet off road tracks have a lot of grip. So grip in the back was no problem. Also a bit of a problem with the TA-02 is the toe in at the back. This makes the car very stable at the back. So a way to reduce this will help.
  15. After my parental leave and holidays, I went back to my TF project. At first I fired up the CAD and designed some new wishbones. I started with the rear ones, because of another idea, where I might need the data. Here is the first result with my old Makerbot printer. Not the best finish, but ok for testing. In the weight department I lost 9 gram. Stability seem better, but will test it with new parts in better quality and print orientation. As anybody know, the DF-01 lags the needed adjustability at the rear for anti squat or toe. I missed it at my Manta Ray and the TA-02 Chassis I owned, so for this build I searched for a solution. When I was randomly searching at the shop of Modellbau Seidel, I found the suspension mounts of the TRF419/420. After some research, the system seems perfect for my needs. A lot of adjustability and different mounts are available. With the next order I added a 54881 adjustable A mount for testing. After some measuring here is the result ( was good to keep the prototype chassis and the old gearbox ). The front mount was the easier one. At the rear I'm not sure how to mount it. I can extend the chassis or use existing mounting points. Extending the chassis will be much neater. Using existing points made it possible for other users to modify their TF (if anybody, except for me, need this mod ) I think I have to design both to choose the right one. Let me know, if you have any suggestions and your opinion.
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