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  1. I realy like this mill and I'm happy that i can use it after work. There are a lot of cheaper ones out there. This one accept workpieces (sheets) of 1meter x 1 meter. Thats a lot more than you need at home.
  2. So I'm not alone If I can keep the TF arms I would be happy, but I think I have to design a mix of TF and DB01. The DB01 arms will probably be to long for the TF suspension parts. I use the mill here at work. It's a VHF Premium. So more a professional machine and a bit to expensive and to big for milling at home. https://www.vhf.de/en/products/industry-sign-making/cnc-milling-machines/premium/
  3. A TA-02 as RWD can be compared to a modern 2WD Buggy with the motor in front of the rear axle. They build this, because modern carpet off road tracks have a lot of grip. So grip in the back was no problem. Also a bit of a problem with the TA-02 is the toe in at the back. This makes the car very stable at the back. So a way to reduce this will help.
  4. After my parental leave and holidays, I went back to my TF project. At first I fired up the CAD and designed some new wishbones. I started with the rear ones, because of another idea, where I might need the data. Here is the first result with my old Makerbot printer. Not the best finish, but ok for testing. In the weight department I lost 9 gram. Stability seem better, but will test it with new parts in better quality and print orientation. As anybody know, the DF-01 lags the needed adjustability at the rear for anti squat or toe. I missed it at my Manta Ray and the TA-02 Chassis I owned, so for this build I searched for a solution. When I was randomly searching at the shop of Modellbau Seidel, I found the suspension mounts of the TRF419/420. After some research, the system seems perfect for my needs. A lot of adjustability and different mounts are available. With the next order I added a 54881 adjustable A mount for testing. After some measuring here is the result ( was good to keep the prototype chassis and the old gearbox ). The front mount was the easier one. At the rear I'm not sure how to mount it. I can extend the chassis or use existing mounting points. Extending the chassis will be much neater. Using existing points made it possible for other users to modify their TF (if anybody, except for me, need this mod ) I think I have to design both to choose the right one. Let me know, if you have any suggestions and your opinion.
  5. I have a lot of different brands. Brands like HPI, Schumacher, Asso, Yankee, Kyosho, BoLink. But, I have to say the most cars are Tamiya. I like the overall quality, the hop ups and the long time available spare parts. I want to restore my SST'99 Pro and my TC3 but couldn't find NIB Chassis etc. It's a nightmare. Currently I'm collecting parts for a TA02 Racing Special replica and that's much easier than to find parts for the Asso or Schumacher. No comment about parts for the Yankee Cross Control
  6. If the reciever in the car is the original one, yes the transmitter an xtals musst be 40MHz AM
  7. The Futaba reciever you use, is a 40MHz and you use 27MHz xtals. Is the Acoms transmitter also 27MHz? In this case you should test a 27MHz reciever.
  8. I don't think people want to replicate the Evo because it's that much better. They build it because the Evo is much more sought after and to replicate is much cheaper than to buy an original one. The TFE was ( in my opinion) the first public available TRF Buggy at that time. It has a few good Hop Ups out of the box and was a good starting point for racing. It's like the later TA02 Racing Special Chassis (58157). If you nowadays want to race the TF, you can use some Evo parts but there are better an cheaper options available. I currently build an TF and I think it will be much better than an Evo.
  9. The last missing bit for the Zahhak was the pinion gear. Missed it to order the last time. So first drive on Monday. The TRF419 adjustable suspension mount is for testing purposese. Will see, if I can adapt these parts on the Top Force rear suspension.
  10. Finished painting the Zahhak. Now the Decals. The Zahhak is a setback for the Top Force rebuild, but I need a car to drive at the holiday
  11. Are there any informations about the Grasshopper? Which parts used etc.?
  12. The last bits for the Zahhak. Realy like the cherry red. Also ordered the HD Power R12 after a lot of positive recommendations. Only downside of the servo is the short cable. Could be a bit to short in the Zahhak.
  13. Converted the TBLE-02S ESC to LiPo cut-off voltage. Changed the 33kOhm to 47kOhm. So i got a cut-off voltage of 6.4 Volts. Needs some good equipment, but is much nicer than putting in an additional resistor.
  14. Thank you! It's also a pleasure to give something back to the Community. Definitly much better for the look. I have assembled the diffs with only this part lightened for now. But with my Ta-02RS replica I will pick that project again. The main problem to produce new diff parts is the toothing of the diff joint. The 3mm cutter arrived today, so after work I fired up the CNC. Parts fit really well. Only the rear damper mount need minor adjustment. After assembly of the whole car with no hassle, i will upload the all files to the Forum. Next steps are to order the Lipo saddle pack from Hobbyking and design a bracket. Other step is to check the control arms how these can easy and cheap be produced in one piece.
  15. Sadly time is at a premium at the moment. With a 4 month old baby there is not much free time. So the TF involves slowly. Was thinking a bit how the diff halfes could be improved in weight especially since the TF Evo parts are hard to find. And some time later... As you can see, I only saved 3,3 gr. At first I was a bit disappointed, but for only 40 min of work the result was ok. I was a bit conservative with the wall thickness and if I would use a mill to bring down the material around the hex there would be some grams lost. I also think the TF EVO Parts are of another alloy. Some days forward I digitised the EVO damper stays I found in the forum. Next week I will produce a first batch of parts out of FRP to test the fitment. At the moment I still waiting for the 3mm mill.
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