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  1. Assembled the front axle of the Topf Force /DB01 Frankenstein for final fittment test. Next step is to assemble the rear axle and the rest of the chassis with the FRP parts before milling the CF parts.
  2. Constructed a new lower gearbox cover for the Top Force. The wider track will solve my problem with the length of the driveshafts in my DB01 TF Frankenstein
  3. Printed my Stadium Thunder rear one piece control arms with carbon filament. Also redesigned the front ones to have build in clearance for the popular steering mod.
  4. Test fitted my printed one piece suspension arms for my Stadium Thunder. But will redo the fronts tomorrow with additional clearance for the bumpsteer mod. Printed with carbonfiber CF-20 Filament. Much stiffer than the original 2 piece parts
  5. Like that too. Like the predecessor of the XV-01. Was a very radical design change in comparison to the TA01/02 Definitely in my list to have.
  6. Back in the days we ran mainly TA03 on our schoolyard races. I never owned one, but I know the others had problems of understeer. Especially with the F setups.
  7. This could be possible. Have to open the Transmitter on Monday an check this out.
  8. I work in Pforzheim, so I will check it out on my way home I never thought about using google maps @ruebiracer i think this will be a big step ahead to organize a meeting in Sonneberg. But, a very good target for the future
  9. Everything's fine On the concrete I also think grip will be minimal. The paint on the floor make it a bit more sticky if it's clean, but not that much. In this case a carpet would be the solution, but then a indoor track would be better, easier and far cheaper. They also race 1:10. I also wouldn't be happy to be overrun by a 1:8 tractor. In this case only 1:10 should get a slot. But your right with your concerns. Do you have a dedicated Offroad Racetrack?
  10. I have to say, I'm very very very impressed with your race car engineering. Especially since you backup your improvements with great race reports an results. Keep up this great work. That's real engineering. But now I don't want to race against you in an onroad race
  11. I think an easy brushed setup will be enough. Just as Quincy said, we can adjust the top speed on the radio. I have two ideas. For Offroad, I have a RC Offroad course 3km from where I live. Before Covid I wanted to check the course out, but they had to close. Now they should be open. It's an astro turf track normally for 1:8. I know someone there and he told me for 5€ you can use the track for the day. http://www.rcc-flehingen.de/ For onroad, it will be a bit more effort. I and some friends have rented a hall for our 1:1 cars. I have measured the free space where my car stands and between the lift. I think it could be possible to made a temporary indoor track. Otherwise there is a yard in front of the hall. It's paved with Knochenstein These are my ideas. What do you think? Electric, Toilet etc. is no problem.
  12. As alredy discussed in the FF01 thread of wtcc5 , it would be nice to meet some other Tamiya ethusiasts from germany. So for this purpose i opened this thread. For a driving meet, it would be interesting so know if the interest is more in offroad or onroad. On this knowledge we can discuss the options. I probably have for both some ideas. @wtcc5 and @Tizer do you know any other from the south of germany? Probably @Quincy? The discussion can begin
  13. Recieved my original Stadium Thunder today. It's in pretty good shape and the price was very hot. Complete with period correct radio (but with the sticks on the wrong side).
  14. @wtcc5 I live in a small city between Karlsruhe and Stuttgart (nearly in the middle) This would be nice. Maybe we can arrange something. Very nice! In my opinion the best looking dampers! Cool new concept.
  15. Absolute German, but ironically both companys don't exist anymore I was more the GMracing or LRP guy. Really like your FF01 fleet. Sold my FF few years ago after my friends left the RC car scene (Still have my 2 AWD TC). Now I only do Offroad on my own. Sadly you guys life 2 hours away from me. But there are some good offers in ebay Kleinanzeigen
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