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  1. Shaved some weight from the original Top Force Diff on the lathe. Saved 3,3gr (from 11,9 to 8,6gr). Could be done a bit more, but want to keep some safety margin.
  2. Was a bit creative this week. Have transferred the original TF FRP parts in the CAD. The next step is to alter the design a bit with the inspiration of the Evo etc. The rear damper stay will receive a provision to strengthen the weak 2 screw points. If it's possible I will put the DXF of the original an modified parts in the forum, so everyone can use it as a base to modify.
  3. Recieved a new GM Racing Brushlsss Pro 13.5t sensored motor. Absolut bargain for 50% of normal price at a clearence sale from an internet shop here in germany. For 30€, I can't say no
  4. Nice build. Really like the custom cnc parts to stiffen up the weak parts of the TF. The rear suspension is a good idea. It's like the team cars of the time. Can you explane why you use parts from the super astute? The can become really rare.
  5. Recieved the parts for my 2 ongoing projects. The parts for my original Top Force runner. Never thought to get the black cases so easylie. Now I can build the gearboxes. The other parts are for my TA-02 RS replica. All parts are from Modellbau Seidel. They must have a really big storage or a direct line to Tamiya to get all these hard to get parts. If someone need something from them, just feel free to contact me.
  6. The 3 with the laydown damper are M01. The one on the right is a M03.
  7. It's my first thread here in the forum, so I hope I can contribute something to this community. 2 weeks ago I purchased a used 58100 Top Force. On the pictures the car seems used, but could be easy rescued as a shelf queen. Since I was a kid, I always wanted a Top Force. But when the car was unboxed and inspected It seemed this wasn't a good deal. So, after the first shock the car was disassembled and the parts were cleaned in the sonic cleaner. The car must had a hard life. The front gearbox covers were red, all ball connectors have a lot of play, screws were missing, the chassisplates are yellowed, rear gearbox was cracked, front gears are damaged etc. Only to list a few. The plan to build it as a shelf queen is now obsolete. At the moment I think the best way will be to build it as a modified runner. If I would restore it to new, not much original parts will be left. The first parts were ordered when the car was on it's way to me. At this stage I thought these were the most parts I need The black front gearboxhousing will be used for my TA02 Racing Special replica as for a runner the black ones are to hard to get. I will use the silver gearboxes for the runner rebuild. For the FRP Plates I will check if I can produce these out of carbon on the CNC Mill.I also will test if the original Ball Diff aluminium parts could be lighten a few grams Let me know what you think about my thoughts? I'm open-minded for your suggestions.
  8. Dissassembled my new aquired 58100 Top Force and cleaned the first parts with the soniccleaner. As it seem the car is not suitable to be a shelf queen, so I think it will become a runner. Gearboxes cracked, Chassisplates yellowed etc. Seem to be used a lot.
  9. One of the last from Tamico. It feels good to buy a new Tamiya kit after 18 years.
  10. Got some parts for my 58100 Top Force restauration. Hope to find some time to take it appart.
  11. As i'm from germany I can give you first hand details In the video he said, the carbon fiber is a normal carbon decal cutted out from a big roll. The mesh is the same as used on car parts for optical tuning. Mostly out of Aluminium.
  12. Me too, so you get your part defininitly.
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