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  1. An old coworkwr told me:" Always take it when it's available, not when you need it" Really nice project. Always hat a soft spot for the TA03. In my parking lot racing days ,all others run TA03.
  2. Selling a Tamtech Ferrari Testarossa. Car is complete, without the transmitter. Comes in a Lamborghini Countach box and some spare parts. Looking for 50€ Shipping international.
  3. Had some time today and thought about the chassis on the TA02. As I have a lot of Top Force parts left, I will convert the plastic tub to a TF style chassis. Now heres the point. I have to reengineer my original TF design anyways and mill the chassis plates, so why not use a complete new design. What do you think? Thought about a slim one for a shorty lipo or a central mount lipo. It would also be possible to set the battery on the right side and the radio + motor on the left.
  4. Some parts for the DF01 Frankenstein from Bulgaria Thank you custom rc parts for the great quality!!
  5. Thank you. That's also a good solution with the Losi CVD's! After I saw your post/picture I had to check my clearance. I've never checked this before It always seemed enough. Here you can see the clearance with the old Top Force adjusters. They reinforced ones I normally use, give some more clearance. But, as you can see, I also have to shorten the U-shaft. After that everything seems fine. I think you cut the mounting tab on the gearbox in the front? So your suspension arm moves backwards
  6. Bringing the thread back from a long break. In the meantime I received most of the missing parts. As you know I've ordered the TRF501X CVD. After assembly an test fitting the CVD I ran into some problems. In the front the CVD were about 5mm to long. The perfekt length isn't available so what to do. At first I thought about shortening the CVD and friction weld the two parts together, but this would be really complicated. So the second option wins. Let's construct a lower diff cover with wider mounting points for the lower suspension arms Here the new diffcover printed out of carbon fiber filament Looks a bit rough, but I only need a functional prototype to test everything. Later I print the parts at shapeways etc. As you can see the wider mounting points also needed a ne U-shape shaft. In the back the CVD's fit perfect. No binding or anything in the desired travel range of the suspension. Here with the old case, so no worries about the broken tab. The last days the chassis saw some progress, so I will update this thread in the next days. I also wait for the aluminium parts from Bulgaria
  7. Really like the TA02. It's such a nice driving chassis and looks so great, even in stock form. I think it's time to put my old chassis on the list to be restored. It really had a hard time including the C-Class body @wtcc5 really nice looking chassis. Love the silver shocks. Always hard to choose between silver and pink.
  8. I have some Tamtech parts and a Testarossa. Bought it long time ago, but never completed or drove it. Box isn't in best shape. The car is complete.
  9. As for a simple TA02 I would oreintate on the TA02 Racing special chassis kit 58157. Most of the parts you mentioned are used in this kit. I don't think a FRP Chassis or other fancy parts are really needed in this chassis. More caster will definitely help. I heard the TG10 parts will fit, but haven't tested it. Also a very good but rare part will be a stabilizer in the back.
  10. Oh, i already have a thread I'm not so good in keeping it updated. That's really sad. I hope for you the TD4 is equal to your expectations.
  11. Long search for the original TA02 universals. Found them in Japan. Now I only miss the rear diff parts for my TA02 Racing Special replica. But these are luckily reproduced with the TF evo
  12. It's a Top Force/DF01 with the Suspension and Driveshafts of a DB01/TRF501. The rear mounts are from a TRF419/420. Call it a restomod or a Frankenstein
  13. The first prototype is taking shape.
  14. Assembled the front axle of the Topf Force /DB01 Frankenstein for final fittment test. Next step is to assemble the rear axle and the rest of the chassis with the FRP parts before milling the CF parts.
  15. Constructed a new lower gearbox cover for the Top Force. The wider track will solve my problem with the length of the driveshafts in my DB01 TF Frankenstein
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