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  1. Thanks for the advice guys. Cleaned the diff and reassembled it again and the diff now works properly! Still got the clicking sound though and no obvious reason I can see. Have got some bearings on order to replace the std bushes to see if that cures it. After that it’ll be on to replacing all the gearbox internals in turn I guess!
  2. Hi, thank you for replying. yes it does it with the driveshafts removed, it’s definitely diff related! There’s no sign of anything inside the cover either. Its as if the gears in the diff aren’t meshing properly all of the time. It does feel very notchy when you turn it by hand, but I’m not sure if this is just how they are supposed to feel..... I never had this problem with my good old Falcon back in the day !
  3. Hi Guys, Have just finished building a Racing Fighter with my son. It’s run for about 1.5 hours but has now developed an annoying clicking noise from the gearbox. It does it when driving forwards and backward but its worse when going backwards. It has no effect on the speed that the car moves at though. Also, the rear wheels only spin in opposite directions intermittently when being turned manually. The rest of the time only one wheel spins and the other doesn’t move at all. To be honest I didn’t check the diff was working properly when I first built it so don’t know if it’s always been like this or has developed this problem at the same time as the clicking noise. Ive stripped and rebuilt the diff and box 3 times now and can’t cure either problem. Any ideas or tips would be appreciated as my son is rapidly losing interest! Thank you.
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