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  1. I don't know about the rusty motor, but the other one has a demon power motor.
  2. It does look pretty cool, Ill be keeping this one almost as is for the shelf and some bashing, the other chassis will be rebuilt for bashing.
  3. Haha yes, I don't have them currently about 250 miles away, but i should have them in the next week or so,Ill get some close up pics when received. This is the best I can do for now I wonder if the motor will still work haha
  4. So it's going to be Christmas soon for me. my cousin has just dug out his old Tamiya monster beetle he had as a child back in the 80s been buried in an overgrown shed for the last 20 years. Ill possibly have an Original lunchbox too soon. both free. really looking forward to restoring it.
  5. Hi all so I have started converting my nikko f150 to brushless, so far it's been very fun to bash so far. Everything has worked out pretty well except my biggest worry being the gearbox, it's not the most healthy sounding, it has a really loud whine. I am hoping to ball race the whole thing at some point in the future I have been following @nowinaminute builds but without access to a means of lathe that will have to wait. I was wondering does anyone know if the gears in this truck clone any tamiya gears and is so what ? I know Nikko used to use Tamiya gears around the time of this truck.
  6. Hawksquawks

    Nikko Vulcan

    I just managed to bag a vulcan for £5 I could not help myself and fitted a brushless setup. Pretty fun in a somewhat outrageous way.
  7. Hello I recently bagged a Nikko f150 with the intent of changing out the junk electrics, anyway the chassis seems odd for this f150 when compared to the others I have seen. I am hoping someone can provide some information on the chassis and perhaps compatible replacement parts ETC. I plan on hobby grading it to some degree and it worse comes to it i can easily 3d print parts.
  8. Evening all I managed to grab Mad fighter for £50 today, needs a little work to restore to it's former glory. Anyway the images were pretty grainy on the sale, but upon turning up to the address to purchase it, I was not expecting a clear gearbox with a clear mechanical speed controller cover!. I hear these are pretty rare ?
  9. I have figured it out now haha, turned out the RC needs both a nimh battery for motor and AA batteries for the receiver part of it. After a full rebuild of the battery box and replacing one of the pads that was eaten away by acid it works perfect.
  10. Hello since My last post I have managed to power on the MRC road winner, unfortunately as soon as it power up, the wheels just spin and max RPM and does not react to and controller inputs. it also spins the wheels with the controller off. Any solution to this ?
  11. Thanks Ill cross reference between these models in an attempt to find spare parts, I has found a tube of Poly Cement to fix the chassis with it's ideal as it melts the plastic together. hopefully Ill will run, looking at the batteries i am a little worried as they have leaked.
  12. Thanks for the response I am not sure what plastic this car is made from, My guess would be ABS. I am sure someone here will know for sure. if it is ABS that will be ideal as I have plenty of filament and scrap parts from my 3d printer. as a curiosity what parts can be fitted across these cars IE the arms ETC, may give me a better chance at finding parts in the future, not that I really plan on running this car to much it's going to be more of a shelf filler
  13. Hello All this is my first post on the Tamiya forums. I have just acquired a rare MRC road winner from the late 80s to restore I paid only £25 for it Anyway the chassis has a crack in it looking for glue recommendations. Many thanks
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