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  1. I used coral blue and racing white different but similar to box art
  2. HAd this on my frog too. I superglued it and it seems to have worked
  3. I ve been looking on the usual sites for either a hotshot or grasshopper with no luck anyone seen a shop with stock?
  4. Great picture and advice I shall wd40 the screws etc for sure.
  5. Agreed what colour did you go for?
  6. This is great. Did you template the vinyl?
  7. We are away on holiday this week and I took the lunchbox down to the beach with us today and I was really surprised how much attention these 30+ year old cars still get. The kids were mesmerised by it and the dads too. The amount of people asking me where I got it and how it works. If had a car load of lunchbox kits for sale I d have cleaned up! Also anyone with a lunchbox take it down to the beach I know sand isn’t good for the car but it’s so much fun!
  8. Me too I ve order from them and arrive quicker than expected no custom charges either
  9. Congratulations on finding one Great looking car the Fox. Definitely on my list
  10. It’s great I m really enjoying it. I started a hornet build today. Sounds like you had a nice collection back in the day. What didn’t you like about the clod buster?
  11. Which shop sites can you pre order from?
  12. Same here in the Uk let’s hope more come through. Is the rough rider discontinued?
  13. Hi as someone new to the rerelease tamiya world I ve been making a list of potential buys and the wild one come very high on that list but it’s unclear if it’s bedn discontinued or just low/zero stock in the Uk
  14. That lot will keep your busy. I might have had a hornet arrive today....
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