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  1. Congratulations on finding one Great looking car the Fox. Definitely on my list
  2. It’s great I m really enjoying it. I started a hornet build today. Sounds like you had a nice collection back in the day. What didn’t you like about the clod buster?
  3. Which shop sites can you pre order from?
  4. Same here in the Uk let’s hope more come through. Is the rough rider discontinued?
  5. Hi as someone new to the rerelease tamiya world I ve been making a list of potential buys and the wild one come very high on that list but it’s unclear if it’s bedn discontinued or just low/zero stock in the Uk
  6. That lot will keep your busy. I might have had a hornet arrive today....
  7. Wow what have your brought?
  8. Wild willy looks great am I right in saying the re release isn’t the same at all?
  9. ‘Getting the bug’ is Uk way of saying your kinda getting hooked on something I d say is best way of describing it.
  10. Wow those pictures sure do take me back! I m liking the blue edition brat that will have to go on the ever growing list!
  11. Hi all this is my first post during the lockdown here in the Uk I ve rediscovered tamiya. Being born in ‘76 I was the perfect age for the 80’s r/c boom and still remember vividly seeing grasshopper and hornet in the shops and being in awe. I remember the first built tamiya I saw was a Subaru brat painted blue that one of my fellow scouts had and my neighbours cousin playing with his hornet in my street. I had a tamiya catalogue which I used to spend hours just looking at. I wasn’t lucky enough to get a r/c in the mid 80’s due to family divorce but I manage to get one of the first bullheads when they came out pretty sure that was ‘90. During start of lockdown I raised some money via selling some old unwanted items on eBay and I picked up a lunchbox reissue built it and really enjoyed it and I ve got the bug! I ve now built a sand scorcher too and am in the process of painting the shell in coral blue and white.
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