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  1. PS49 Sky Blue Anodized has a metallic look. Not sure how it compares to PS3 but it's one of my favorite colors.
  2. That looks sweet. A proper top deck for the Fantom. I’m surprised the Kyosho ESC didn’t work out, especially since it was paired with a LeMans motor.
  3. Just an idea, I’m personally a big fan of box art with a different color scheme, especially with a custom-color decal set. It keeps the box-art look so enthusiasts know what it is, but makes the car unique. edit: a great example is @Willy iine with his Super Astute.
  4. Always been a fan of this Lexus body. Had to be a challenging decal job. Looks great!
  5. Here you go...I tried searching the part #'s but couldn't find any dimensions. Weird. Kyosho EFTH005W Rear Wheel: Rim Diameter ~36mm, Tire Width ~35mm Kyosho EFTH001W Front Wheel: Rim Diameter ~36mm, Tire Width ~23mm I don't have calipers so consider these measurements plus/minus 1mm or so. Hope that helps! Here's mine wearing a Tamiya disguise
  6. Ahh you have the EXT! I should have realized. Mine is original Fantom re-release, I guess there are more differences than I thought. Looking forward to those gallery pics!
  7. Interesting…my Fantom manual shows the ESC mounting to the top plate. I assume you are referring to the 240s manual? I don’t think I even checked that 🤔
  8. Hmm, good question. The ESC mounts to the underside of the top deck. I think the only place where you would see a sticker is the side facing the chain.
  9. Ha! Hope you enjoyed it. Seems like the TA06 didn’t get the same love as the 05 & 07, based on the feedback here. I think that’s why I was drawn to it!
  10. Enjoy your Fantom @Willy iine, they are a blast to drive. FYI the RM01 bodies fit quite nicely on the Fantom chassis; I used the 956.
  11. Also finding a battery for the HOR was a little tricky. I used a Turnigy 1300 mAh 2S Lipo. In case it helps!
  12. @Pylon80 is correct, that's the servo I used. And yes, you may end up with multiple HOR's. I built the NSR500 and I have an RGV in the queue! You will really enjoy this build. The linkage for the rider movement is really clever. My best advice is to paint as much as you can before assembly. Including the wheels, which appear to be white on the box art. The decals require "next level" patience, but the end result is very rewarding!
  13. Amazing collection @joeling! I have an affinity for Kyosho as well. Over the last year I've built a Turbo Optima, a Fantom, and an HOR motorcycle. I have an Optima and a 2nd HOR in the queue; all great kits and so much fun to build. Do you run your cars? I was always curious if the Kyosho buggies were similar in driving dynamics, or unique in some way? The number of buggies with "Optima" in their name makes my head spin!
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