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  1. Looks great. But those tires right on the edge of the railing made me a little nervous!
  2. You may also want to consider some upgraded steering tie rods. My boys were constantly bending the stock ones.
  3. I also just received my Top Force. Ordered 4/30, arrived 7/1. About 60 days from HK to NJ.
  4. Just wanted to say, this post encapsulates what I love about this forum: a specific question answered with an equally specific and highly detailed answer. Well done @ChrisRx718
  5. Room335

    Rebuilding dn01

    Thank you for the advice!
  6. Room335

    Rebuilding dn01

    For someone getting ready to build this car, is there anything you feel are essential upgrades for durability? I have a slipper clutch and aluminum motor plate already on order. Thanks in advance!
  7. Those are great. My boys wanted a USA theme and a Nike sneaker. I think they enjoyed using spray paint more than driving them!
  8. Congrats on your first R/C kit! The Lunchbox is a perfect place to start...very durable and loads of fun. I recently built 2 of them that my sons drive. May I suggest aluminum body posts. After a couple of hard rollovers you are going to need them. They've also managed to bend the steering rods a few times, so I upgraded those as well. Aside from that, have fun!
  9. Great info, thank you!
  10. Looks great Manix92. Thank you for the detailed build notes. How did you decide on hop-ups for your Zahhak? Mine will only be used for bashing so mainly interested in durability upgrades. Also wondering, is a slipper clutch recommended with a 10.5T 3600kv brushless motor?
  11. Also, the Zahhak I just ordered came with white wheels
  12. Thank you both for this validation. After much research here I went with a Top Force for myself, a Zahhak (DN01) as a future project, and Manta Rays for my 2 sons. The parts compatibility between the TF and Mantas is an added bonus.
  13. Looks awesome. Great color choice. First post for me too...I'm another in the "lockdown brought me back" club!
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