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  1. Today I started my DN-01 Zahhak build. Rear gearbox fitted with optional TRF201 motor plate 54276, and slipper clutch 54260.
  2. These are great. We were using them with a pair of Lunchboxes, and I noticed that they would cause the occasional rollover. With some careful cutting (you can do 2 at a time), I doubled the number of cones. Eliminated the rollover issue, and created a new set of mini-cones for the micro cars.
  3. Hi, probably a dumb question but can someone tell me the real-world implications of converting to long-damper spec? I just bought a standard XV-01 kit (the Lancia Delta), and I'm starting to look at upgrades...because why not?? I assume the increased travel fares better in rougher terrain. Since this will likely be a casual runner on varied surfaces, should I consider the long-damper spec when upgrading? Thanks!
  4. That looks amazing @topforcein. It looks like the buggy version of a stealth bomber. So aerodynamic.
  5. Yes front motor, belt driven 4wd, and gear diffs. Members here really seem to like this chassis.
  6. Been eyeing the XV-01 for a while, I was just waiting for it come back in stock. So much love for that chassis here, I had to find out what all the hoopla was about! When I saw the Scorcher was available too, I went full-on Tamiya zombie mode and mindlessly added it to the cart. I’m convinced Tamiya box art does something to my brain 🤪
  7. Looks great @Yoshimitsu. Is that the HPI body? Team C?
  8. This popped up on my Instagram today. Apologies if it was already posted elsewhere. Caption said it was designed and built by Billy Yip with a 3D printer. I think it's amazing and thought it was worth sharing!
  9. Love seeing those vintage buggies together @wtcc5. The Dyna Storm just looks so nimble. Cool little track too!
  10. Awesome job @Juhunio. Always enjoy seeing your finished work. Are those decals just a color variation from stock? I’m a big fan of non box-art, with a nod to the original design.
  11. Thanks @Ferruz and @Re-Bugged. This was his 3rd “build” and I think his experience started to show. First kit was a Lunchbox, that was mostly me while he watched. Then a TT02 where he did about 50%. I think the Manta Ray was a natural progression and he surprised me with how much he did on his own. A little help on the wiring connections, a few screws that needed extra “muscle”, and that was about it from me.
  12. Thank you @svenb. Paint scheme was inspired by Tamiya Legends YouTube channel. He did a Manta in white, with black accents, and we thought it looked really sharp.
  13. My son (8) finished his Manta today. It was a proud moment for me, as he built it almost completely on his own, including paint and decals.
  14. The Team C version is made for 225mm M-chassis cars. Body width is 165mm.
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