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  1. Mechanical engineer designing packaging lines for the food & beverage industry. In layman’s terms…I help clients make lots of beer!
  2. Room335

    Kyosho Fantom

    Awesome job on the body @lowspot. I’m typically a “non box art” guy, but the Fantom just looks amazing as Kyosho envisioned it.
  3. Thank you @lowspot. I drew inspiration from the Optima below. The green actually looks pretty good with the gold IMO… @silvertriple What are you doing about the windows? Strangely, those decals are solid gray instead of clear, which is odd because the kit includes a driver!
  4. Looks good @silvertriple. I’m excited to see another non box-art Optima. Here’s mine just in case you’re still looking for inspiration. In hindsight I wish I had used a little more gold paint, but pretty happy overall.
  5. Room335

    Kyosho Fantom

    Enjoy the build @lowspot. Good choice on the LeMans motor; I could not get a Sport-Tuned nor a Hobbywing to fit, and I ended up using a LeMans as well. You will also need a mini servo, just in case you didn’t know. I also discovered that the Newman Porsche 956 body (from the RM01 kit) fits quite nicely on the Fantom. Here’s mine:
  6. I always enjoy your builds @Juhunio. What are you planning for those shells? Box art or custom?
  7. Not sure if you already purchased @museguy, but AsiaTees has 58631 in stock for $98 with $45 shipping to the US (I’m in NJ). I’ve used them many times and their shipping is usually more reasonable than RCMart/RCJaz. Good luck and welcome to the hobby!
  8. Love it! Great job on the narration and music!
  9. Porsche 956 body (Tamiya 51491) on a Kyosho Fantom. Pretty excited to see this one come together.
  10. 225mm version made by Team C. Thanks for the feedback on livery!
  11. Ferrari Dino body (trying to decide between LeMans race livery, or the Camel livery below)
  12. Finally got some paint and decals on my Turbo Optima. PS49 Sky Blue with pearl white and gold accents. Still deciding on how to use the window decals. The rere has them tinted in solid gray, which doesn’t look quite right to me.
  13. I recently saw an old thread where @GooneyBird used a TT01 set to the 251mm wheelbase. It turned out amazing. Here’s the thread:
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