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  1. I love your taste in music @Frog Jumper. Off to listen to some live Dead now. Check out 4/16/78 for a great underrated show with an amazing soundboard.
  2. Wow almost can’t go wrong with any of those. Forced to choose, I would go with the last one. I don’t love the huge Alfa logo on the others, but that’s just me. All of them look pretty sweet, and I love non-box art.
  3. I think it looks great @Killajb. Why are you unhappy with the body? I’m building a TO now myself and I was curious why you don’t like it.
  4. Completed Step 8 of my Turbo Optima build. Yes folks, all of that anodized goodness installed at once! I think I have gold fever.
  5. Love this. When my wife complains about the growing number of bodies in my workspace, I can now say “but there’s this guy on Tamiyaclub...”
  6. I think a Chick Hicks car would be fun. He's based off a '87 Grand National and there's a few companies who make that body (JConcepts for one). The decals will keep you busy for a while
  7. Bumpety bump. First off great thread and great videos @mr crispy (if you're still on here!) Since I can't stop buying kits during this "stuck at home" era, the Kyosho motorcycles have now caught my eye. I love the idea of a challenging build and unlimited paint options, not to mention you just don't see them very much. Just curious to hear other's experiences with them. The build, upgrades, painting, running...all opinions (positive or negative) are welcome and appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  8. Your wiring...is inspiring @Nicadraus. The color-coordinated brading, the shrink-tubing, the shortened servo wiring...really great work. Have you ever considered doing a tutorial?
  9. Thanks for the reply @Killajb. I previously ordered some 7k and 10k diff oil. Honestly for my purposes, I'm not sure I would even notice a difference in grease vs. oil...but I wanted to get it right (or at least close) on the first try! Looks like a good choice for motor. I have a Hobbywing 10.5T 3600kV laying around. Do you think that motor would be too hot for the Turbo Optima?
  10. Very nice @Killajb. Just started a Turbo Optima myself. Curious to know what diff oil weight you used? Also what motor are you using? Thanks!
  11. Great work @Snakehands. Love the attention to detail. I just built this same kit and I agree the box art is pretty boring. I'm going to do a variation on the GT1 Le Mans car, with some MCI decals in an alternate color scheme. Not sure how it will turn out but I know it will be unique!
  12. Have had this kit sitting on a shelf for about a year. Today the fun begins...
  13. If it has to be 90’s vintage, I like the DF01 chassis buggies, more specifically the Top Force or Manta Ray. Shout out to @Ferruz’s Manta Ray for the best looking “fluorescentiest” 90’s buggy.
  14. +1 to this. I’ve bought from them before and their prices have been very good, in my experience. I’m also in the US.
  15. Thank you for the nice words. Means a lot coming from someone who puts a lot of care into their builds!
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