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  1. Also finding a battery for the HOR was a little tricky. I used a Turnigy 1300 mAh 2S Lipo. In case it helps!
  2. @Pylon80 is correct, that's the servo I used. And yes, you may end up with multiple HOR's. I built the NSR500 and I have an RGV in the queue! You will really enjoy this build. The linkage for the rider movement is really clever. My best advice is to paint as much as you can before assembly. Including the wheels, which appear to be white on the box art. The decals require "next level" patience, but the end result is very rewarding!
  3. Amazing collection @joeling! I have an affinity for Kyosho as well. Over the last year I've built a Turbo Optima, a Fantom, and an HOR motorcycle. I have an Optima and a 2nd HOR in the queue; all great kits and so much fun to build. Do you run your cars? I was always curious if the Kyosho buggies were similar in driving dynamics, or unique in some way? The number of buggies with "Optima" in their name makes my head spin!
  4. Sounds great. Reminds me of a 201 I saw a while ago. Credit to @Aussie Top Force:
  5. Wow, such a creative and well-planned build @BuggyGuy. I loved building my DN01, and it's cool to see a hopped-up 201 coming together. What are you planning for paint? TRF colors?
  6. Stunning work as always @Juhunio! So realistic. 👏
  7. Not sure about the fit, but PlazaJapan has the Baldre body in stock. Shipping was reasonable to the US. Just FYI... @Juls1 did an excellent build thread comparing these 2. You might find your answer in here:
  8. RCJaz has it. Not sure if shipping is a dealbreaker...
  9. Tamiya: FF03 Non-Tamiya: Kyosho HOR motorcycle
  10. Great job @Aerobert. I think you’re onto something by conjuring images of those old fighter planes. I think this color scheme is so much more pleasing than box art (no disrespect to Avante purists!)
  11. Love the inspiration @JeffSpicoli. Your post took me down a rabbit hole of those old school skateboard deck designs…Powell Peralta, Caballero…I had forgotten about all the great artwork. I was never any good at skating, but man did I love the skate culture for a fleeting moment in my youth. Thank you for the reminder!
  12. Mon-Tech makes a couple of FWD bodies that fit the FF03. I used the GTI Vision on mine and thought the quality was pretty good (no paint yet or else I would share). They’re not quite Tamiya level, but better than some others I’ve tried. They also make a Peugeot 308 TCR which looks pretty sweet. You’ll have to get creative with livery, since these bodies come with limited decals.
  13. Awesome work @Xeostar. Very inspiring for those of us who want to do a non box-art C11. How did you do the pin striping? Great job!
  14. +1 to that. Great job @Kol__
  15. This is quite a stunning pic @Juhunio. Obviously the car looks great…but the shooting angle, composition, and the background bokeh is just perfect. Nicely done!
  16. As usual Mr. @Nicadraus has set the gold standard in clean & coordinated wiring! I ordered some of that blue braiding recently but I bought the wrong size
  17. That looks great @moffman! The body panel lines really make it pop. Not sure where you’re located but if you have access to a hard surface tennis court, that’s a great place to run a pan car.
  18. Hey guys, this thread is too quiet! Looks like a few of you have already built this kit @moffman@Chaosfruitbat@Nwc100. Any thoughts on the build? Motor & servo choice etc? I will probably go non box-art, curious to see what you guys have done. Does this kit include bearings? Any other hop-ups out there? I'm looking at you @Juhunio
  19. Love this thread. It’s uniquely comforting to have a stockpile of unbuilt kits. Quite possibly some post-Covid psychology going on there 😀 Here’s mine. Top left is an M-07R:
  20. Great pics @silvertriple! How did your Fantom do with the custom chain guide? That car is such a blast to drive.
  21. Thank you! I used PJ as well. Also Tamiya USA…they have the double slipper and the motor mount in stock, and some other DB01 goodies as well.
  22. That's a stunning pair @Juhunio. Great work!!
  23. These are RS3's but I thought they looked pretty cool...if you want to go with a racing theme this time around.
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